Australian Survivor 2021 – Fantasy League Point Distribution

With Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn beginning this week, Reality Review is hosting a fantasy league for readers to draft their top four players and grab an opportunity for some Survivor themed prizes.

Only two nights remain until the 2021 season of Australian Survivor begins, which means only two days remain to register for the Fantasy League competition hosted on Reality Review.

In today’s post, you’ll find the point distribution breakdown for all the varying events that occur in the game, and how much value they can add to a player, and thus a team. Also, we’ll tease what might be hidden in the Survivor prize packs which will go out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the Fantasy League, with the winner claiming the biggest in value, and runners-up taking smaller-in-value packs.

You can find all information and details of the Fantasy League on this post here: Australian Survivor 2021 – Fantasy League, a registration form is available there, but one will also be attached at the bottom of this post at your convenience.


Each player will score a certain number of points per episode. Whatever they total for an episode will then be added to whatever team they have been drafted to. So in all, every team will earn points according to how their four drafted players perform, and will earn four ‘lots’ of points each episode.

It’s impossible to cover every event that may occur this season, nor is it possible to predict what may or may not happen, especially with Australian Survivor‘s frequency of game-changing twists. But this will be how the fantasy league will be scored this season.

Nothing will be added, nor will an event be removed. If it happens, it scores.

All events range from a score of 1-3 points, based on significance, with being named Sole Survivor the only event that is worth more, at 5.

For one point, I decided some of the more minor events or less rewarding occurrences were worthy. This includes:

  • A player winning a tribal or team (once merged) reward challenge. Given they are only one person competing in a group of people, I don’t deem it significant enough to warrant any higher in point value. Duos, Trios or Teams all fall under this category.
  • Finding an idol or advantage, while momentous, has little impact on the game until it is used. For that reason, it is only worth one, but an additional two points are added if played for the person it gets played on.
  • Correctly voting out the eliminated player at Tribal Council is worth one point, but not more because it isn’t as significant as other events that may occur. Correctly voting as part of a split-vote plan will NOT reward the player with a point. It must be correctly on the eliminated player. This is a black and white rule to negate any discrepancies. If a tied vote has occurred, someone switching their vote to the eventual eliminated player WILL count for a point, as will someone who originally voted the eliminated player but switched at a revote. In short, if someone votes for the person that goes home at that Tribal Council, they score a point.
  • Returning to the game after being voted out is only worth one point. I don’t think it’s entirely significant to return to the game, considering someone is still voted out, but I’m commending the luck nonetheless with a point. Now, this only applies if a tribe think they are voting someone out of the tribe and after the vote has happened it is revealed they are not exiting the game. For votes to Exile Beach (or similar) this will count, but this will obviously not count for a vote for reward or variation. If the intent of the players is to send this person home or away from the tribe, and the voted out player returns, it counts.
  • Points are also given out for anyone making it to the tribe swap, merge, or voting for the winner. Because they are significant moments in the game.

For two points, most events will fall under this umbrella for their significance and potentially game changing ability. This includes:

  • A player winning tribal immunity. It’s more significant than winning a tribal reward, thus takes the two points. Any combined Immunity/Reward challenges will be allotted 3 points, 1 for reward, and 2 for immunity.
  • A player who claims individual reward will earn two points. This does not count for someone who is CHOSEN to join the reward as well, just whoever wins the challenge for it. This is more significant than a tribal reward because it is won by a sole person.
  • Playing an idol on self or having an idol played on self will each earn 2 points. This is to negate discrepancies where someone has been given an idol, keeping it even and fair no matter how the exchange happens. If it is played, it matters for the person who’s votes are not counted. The same goes for an advantage.
  • Winning a duel, hero or variant challenge will earn a player two points. Even if players have been voted out, if they return via challenge they will earn these points as well as the previously mentioned one point for returning. This can be decided on in a case by case basis, and will be explained why when necessary.
  • Drawing a safe rock, as luck-based as it is, is significant to the game and will earn a player two points. This is primarily because it is unlikely (although possible) for anyone to successfully cast a vote for an eliminated player at a Tribal Council where a rock draw occurs. Giving two points for those who draw the correct rock will allow some players to earn some points at Tribal Council.
  • Winning a fire-making tiebreaker or other similar tiebreaker or instance will give the winner two points.
  • Being named as the Runner-Up (or 2nd Runner-Up if a final three) will give the finalist two points for making it to the Final Tribal Council.

For three and five points, one of two events would occur for their ultimate significance on the game. This includes:

  • For three points, winning an individual Immunity Challenge. Because this is won individually and grants that person immunity for an entire Tribal Council, it is worth the high value of points.
  • For five points, winning the game and being named as Sole Survivor will grant the player with the most points possibly earned in the Fantasy League

Each week during the Fantasy League update, a breakdown and explanation of why points were given to each player will be given, for maximum clarity. The league is designed to be simple, although taking into account various game events and twists.

No player will lose points for being voted out, which means no team will decrease in point total either.

I hope this keeps the Fantasy League close, fun, and worthwhile.


The top three finishers at the end of the season in the Fantasy League competition will each receive a Survivor prize pack. The winner will receive the largest in value and size, the runner-up with a smaller pack still valuable in itself, and third place taking home a minor prize pack to mark their success in the competition.

All prizes are subject to change depending on availability, and I will work all season to ensure they are most worthwhile for Reality Review readers and Fantasy League entrants.

Right now I can tease that we will have some former Australian Survivor players contributing to these packs in some form, as well as some recognisable goodies you might have seen from either the Australian Survivor or American Survivor versions of the show. Products made or designed from the show are also featured. It is all completely Survivor themed one way or another.

When I have more confirmation on some items and am satisfied with each pack, the prizes will be announced in full before the Fantasy League ends.

Enter now!

If you haven’t registered for the Fantasy League yet, you can do so by filling out the registration details below. You have to be in it to win it!


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Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn begins on Sunday the 12th of July at 7:30pm on Channel 10!


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