Big Brother U.S. All-Stars – “I Guess It’s Gonna Be Personal”

Triple eviction time! Three houseguests swiftly exited the house when Big Brother introduced it’s first ever triple eviction, in one night!

If you wanted something to spice up the remaining few weeks of Big Brother 22, maybe the triple eviction was exactly what you were looking for. With so little numbers left to target outside of The Committee, those in power all season began to look at one of their own. There were tears, there were fears – but most of all, the house began to self destruct. Let’s dive into all of it, now!


After Da’Vonne was sent packing, it was a do or die HOH for both Kevin and David this week. With one chance left to play her ‘Replay’ power, Dani gave Memphis the opportunity to play in back-to-back HOH competitions. But even more importantly, Dr Will gave the houseguests a chance to win prizes or power at both the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions. Battling for HOH, Tyler and Dani secretly claimed $5,000 each, while Cody gained power for the second time this season, dashing any hopes we had of a real shake-up.

With The Committee alliance staying loyal to each other, and Enzo just as much apart of the group as the group itself. There were little rumblings of a potential blindside on the alliance ahead of the nomination ceremony. So, as expected, David and Kevin were nominated for eviction, with Kevin as the primary target.

Cody nominates usual targets Kevin and David for eviction.

At the POV competition, knowing he was safe and seeing the opportunity in front of him, David grabbed $10,000 and lost the competition, much to the annoyance of Cody and Christmas, who felt it was a risky move given he was nominated and potentially could be sent home. Eventually, Cody won the competition as well, giving him full control of the week, leaving the nominations intact.

With suggestion to flip the vote on David for taking the money at the POV competition, the house settled on evicting Kevin, in a unanimous 6-0 vote. Keeping the triple eviction under wraps for now, Julie informed the final eight they were about to play a week’s worth of Big Brother in one hour.

At the immediate Head of Household competition, Memphis claimed victory and a third HOH win for the season. Forced to make nominations, Memphis throws longtime rival David and former winner Nicole on the block.

Nicole and David are nominated by Memphis in the first round of the night’s triple eviction.

Competing in the POV competition, Christmas snags victory and chooses not to use the veto, despite Nicole’s pleas to do so. The choice between big move (Nicole) and safe move (David) is given to the houseguests, but in a 3-2 vote, David is evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. Tyler and Christmas’ votes against Nicole already place the first crack in The Committee alliance.

When Julie officially reveals the night is a triple eviction, another week’s worth of game plays out. With The Committee and their one affiliate now having to target each other, it was a crucial HOH competition to win. Eventually, Tyler wins HOH and after talk all season Dani and him are at odds in the game, he’s ready to strike. Tyler nominates Dani, and her ally, Nicole, for eviction.

It’s a full power trip for Tyler, when he also snags the POV competition, and chooses to leave the nominations intact. Despite a passionate speech to stay, the house unanimously agrees to evict Dani in a 4-0 vote. Meaning the former champion of the game, Nicole, survived two chances to go home in one night. Wow.

Remaining: Tyler, Memphis, Christmas, Cody, Enzo and Nicole. All six have made the final three in their previous seasons, but only one is bound to win.


A pretty subpar triple eviction, and I’m not surprised that it was, look at how the season has played out. I can say I predicted the three evictees prior to it. David and Kevin were done, even if The Committee considered keeping David as an ally, I knew not everyone would budge on a big move within an hour, so David was an easy vote. Dani on the other hand, she was talked about for a LONG time for a blindside option, because she is such a savvy player (with a couple of hiccups). Clearly those three would be evicted, which made for a rather uneventful triple eviction. The best part was watching Christmas and Tyler fall flat on their face for voting out Nicole during the second round, and creating that rift with her. Had Nicole have left, the former winner might I add, then maybe Dani survives the third round. Now, there’s barely anyone left to root for. But let’s break it down anyway.

The fan-favourite OTEV competition played out in the week, where Cody was the eventual winner.

I feel bad for Kevin. He just got pipped every week as a pawn and finally got turned into a target this week. He didn’t have much of a chance unless he won a comp, but that’s all The Committee and nobody all season has had a chance to infiltrate that alliance. I mean look at every Head of Household – with the exception of Dani (who is just the most recent evictee) – every HOH is still in the game. Not a single HOH has been evicted prior to Dani, so this just proves The Committee was a very strong alliance, yes, but also an unbreakable alliance despite where it may have benefited people. Kevin wasn’t always the bets player, and had terrible reads early in the season. But when he became a last hope for anything fun to happen, it was hard watching him go.

I also feel for David, a prior winner up against a prior first boot on the block, and the first boot goes home. I’m sure it’s as maddening to him as it is to all of us. Even if The Committee wanted to stick together as far as possible, surely ONE extra is what you need to help break up your alliance and ensure you’ve got a chance to progress forward. But no, it can’t work that way. Which sucks.

Now the only lasting person to possibly root for on my end was Dani. But I knew her number was gonna be up soon and likely in the triple, given she wouldn’t have the chance to flip it around. Dani was figured out to be the strongest member of the alliance that would likely win the game at the end. And at least I understand why keeping Nicole over Dani was a smarter move. Only just though. Dani made some big mistakes, she worked with people who ultimately would betray instead of bigger threats and targets like Da’Vonne, Janelle and Ian, who also would keep her further too. I think she half recognises this, or at least recognises keeping Tyler the week she was HOH would backfire. The firey Dani of Big Brother 13 kind of went stale this season. But I still enjoy her tenacity and strength in the game. She is a grea player, one of the best, but she never quite fine tunes her moves/actions, which cost her. The first time she played, she played with someone who took (rightfully) credit for all the moves. The second time she played, she made the moves too early and it got her evicted. Now, the third time she played, she made the moves too late and it got her evicted. It sucks. But it’s the game.

Allies Nicole and Dani faced the eviction together, where Dani was evicted in a 4-0 vote.

In the final six, there’s a lot of intercepting alliances, deals and relationships that will make for an all-important HOH and POV win coming up. I think Christmas is losing jury votes by the dime, she’s pissing people off and then sending them to the jury house. And yeah, it is personal Christmas. She’s played such a hypocritical game and it gets worse when she thinks she’s the mastermind behind it all. I have zero respect for her, and truly don’t appreciate her gameplay. Because I think she’s playing a losing one. Everyone can beat Christmas in the final two, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the goat that makes it there. Similarly, I also think Memphis isn’t playing the best social game with those he sends to the jury. What WORKS for Memphis is I think his game hasn’t been half bad. He’s centred himself well between a lot of alliances. And even when people roll their eyes at his antics, they target his surrounding allies instead of him. He makes questionable moves, but they are far superior than Christmas’. But it’s safe to say this would be the most dreaded final two for the season’s finish, even if it’s clear Memphis would deserve the win.

I really appreciated Enzo‘s gameplay, up until now. All he’s done is preach big moves and making something happen, yet when it’s delivered to him on a silver platter with the vote against a former winner over a former first boot, Enzo fails to make a bold decision. Even if he did evict Nicole, yeah it hurts his relationship with Dani, but that was over soon enough anyway. He definitely would have been on a winning path had he made the move, but now, I’m not so sure. This could be pivotal to Enzo’s future loss in the game, ESPECIALLY if he sits next to Cody. Speaking of which, Cody has played the most dominant game this season. He’s had control of nearly every action and move, and I think he’s everyone pick to win the season if he gets to the end. My only hope is that someone FINALLY makes a move against him soon and reigns supreme over him to become the winner. How cool would it be if Nicole took him out? But she won’t. And I’m not so sure Memphis or Enzo will either. It’s clear Christmas and Tyler are the only people wise enough, and I use ‘wise’ loosely, to possibly consider taking him out. But Cody isn’t all too likeable, so I’m ready for literally anyone to take him out. We don’t need another Big Brother 16 original take home the win in a season with veterans.

A lot of people are having a hard time giving Tyler any respect, unless you’re one of his absolute superfans who can’t seem to shut up about the fact they love Tyler and don’t wanna see him go. I don’t quite get the overwhelming appeal of Tyler, although he is certainly the most tolerable houseguest remaining in the season. He plays a great game, not as good as he did two seasons prior but it’s still working for him as he dodges the threat level he came into the season with. Wanting to leave the game on a few occasions is pause for concern, but overall, I think Tyler has played a solid game and if he makes it to the end with the right person and on the right path, he’ll probably win it… this time.

Tyler clinched the HOH competition during the triple eviction, sealing himself a spot in the final six.

Which brings me to Nicole. I gotta hand it to her, she does play a good social game by consistently hiding behind other targets to make it further and further and further. But I don’t know if she can win it this time. She’s got herself mixed up in so many lies and deals, I don’t think the jury will quite respect her unless she can win an HOH, make a big move, and really sell it to the jury. And that HAS to be the winning formula for her, because the jury is going to need a real good reason to hand a former winner another $500,000. Perhaps sitting next to Christmas is her best move to get there, because I don’t see the jury respecting Christmas’ game all too much. But nevertheless, it’ll be a tough road for Nicole. And even though I really can’t stand her, I put her above a couple of others that are left in the house. And that’s saying something.

If we’re looking at the game objectively, Cody is at the top of the list for likely winner, with Tyler next if he can make it to the final two. I still put Enzo in at third, but it’ll come down to how these final few weeks play out. Nicole and Memphis are pretty interchangeable for fourth and fifth. Again, it depends on how the rest of the season plays out. But can Memphis’ lack of a social game prevail over Nicole’s lack of a physical/strategic game? I’m not all too sure. In the bottom, Christmas. I could be wrong, but I really doubt Christmas can win the season. She’s just pissed off too many people without the backup of, “playing a good game” to help her. So yeah, I’ll keep her in last.

Only a few weeks left, let’s see how this trainwreck plays out, lol.

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