Survivor: Island of the Idols Draft – Week 2

Idols were everywhere you look as we saw two claimed in the latest episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols. There was another visit to Rob and Sandra’s snug, and points were varied! Let’s see the update to our draft!

This season, I am joined by three former Survivor contestants to draft five players between us. They are: Carolyn Rivera, Survivor: Worlds Apart Co Runner-Up; Jessica Lewis, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X Contestant; and Bret LaBelle, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X & The Amazing Race 31 Contestant.

Here are the current standings after Week 2:


Once again this week, there was a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, and when Lairo became victorious, here’s how the points were distributed: Carolyn gained 24 points for her three Lairo tribe members; Jessica 16, for her two Lairo tribe members; I only got 8, as Dean’s my only Lairo tribe member; and Bret gained 24 for his three Lairo members.

Kellee was selected (randomly) to visit Rob and Sandra at the Island of the Idols, where her challenge was all about memory, with the reward being a hidden immunity idol valid for three Tribal Councils. She decided to play, and won, earning 2 points for just visiting the Island, 2 points for winning the challenge, and 5 points for picking up an idol, a total of 9 points that were added to my team.

Chelsea on Lairo was able to find a hidden immunity idol at her camp, which added 5 points to Bret’s team.

At Tribal Council, Vokai blindsided Molly in a 7-2-1 vote, which removed 10 points from Jessica’s team keeping her in close quarters to last place.

In the end, Kellee’s successful trip to the Island of the Idols put me in the lead on 49; Carolyn survived on Challenge wins, sitting in second with 40; Jessica was tied with her until Molly was voted out, taking her down to 30; and Bret’s large point claims this week saw him jump out of the negative zone, but still in last (only just) with 27.

Now that both tribes have won Challenges and seen Tribal Council, all of us are pretty close in these early weeks. Whichever tribe takes out the win next time might be the difference between first and last, as well as the looming trip to the Island of the Idols.

The point system used for the draft is as follows.

This draft will be updated weekly as the season progresses.

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The recap and review will be up soon, and I’ll break down the second episode and the changes to the top five!

Survivor: Island of the Idols continues in Australia on Thursday at 7:30pm on 9Go!. If you’re not an Aussie, check your TV Guide!


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