Matthew Simmonds and Survivor contestant, Angelina Keeley.

Matthew Simmonds is the founder and editor of Reality Review, and a final-year university student at the Queensland University of Technology, studying a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism). His passions include writing and Reality TV, and hopes to combine both through this blog.

Reality Television has always been a staple in the Simmonds home. From a young age, Matthew was captivated by the competition structure used in several Australian shows like, beginning with Big Brother, and continuing with shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Australian Idol. But it wasn’t until he was introduced to the most extreme social experiment in TV, Survivor, that Matthew truly fell in love with the episodic elimination format where, each week, “the tribe has spoken”.

Journalism on the other hand, became a passion later in life. Despite pondering future careers in either acting or law, Matthew chose to extend his skill in writing and journalism by studying a Bachelor of Communication at the Queensland University of Technology. The course has only ignited further love for the industry, and he hopes to use every asset possible during his years of study.

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And on Instagram at: @matthew.simmonds

What is Reality Review?

Reality Review aims to analyse, discuss and break down the week’s events and highlights of specifically chosen Reality Television shows as they air nationally or internationally. While the main focus is on Reality Television, at its core Reality Review is a television review site, and some Scripted Television may be found in the miscellaneous section on the ‘Shows‘ page.

Currently Reviewing:

  • Australian Survivor

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