Australian Survivor 2021 – Fantasy League Week 5

Anybody call for a merge? Maybe add some crazy twists in too? This week saw a lot of points get distributed across the board, and a lot of people take some hits to their Fantasy League teams.

The Week 5 points have been tallied and updated, with the results listed below.


Looking at the Fantasy League’s point distribution, here’s how the points laid out –

Episode 13:
All 13 remaining players received 1 point for making it to the merge.
I considered the Reward Challenge, and how points should be divided, if at all. But since there was no official winner and it merely was a play on the ‘merge feast’ moment for making it to the merge, no points were given out.
Emmett picked up 3 points for winning the Individual Immunity Challenge.
Kez found a hidden immunity idol, and thus received 1 point.
Laura had an idol played on her at Tribal Council, and received 2 points.
Baden, Hayley, Andrew and Wai all received 1 point for correctly voting out Kez.
And Flick does NOT receive a point for being handed an idol, it wasn’t found by her, so it’s a no from me.

Episode 14:
With some very game-changing twists implemented in this episode, only three people managed to pick up points.
For winning Individual Immunity, each of Andrew, Dani and Emmett picked up 3 points.
Andrew, Dani and Emmett then competed in a special fire-making challenge, whether you’d consider this to fall under the fire-making banner or special challenge banner, it meant 2 points were given to Dani for winning.
Dani then added a further 1 point (for 6 total) for solely, and correctly, voting out Baden.

Episode 15:
Emmett picked up 3 points for winning the Individual Immunity Challenge.
Cara, Emmett, Dani, Andrew, George, Wai, Laura, Flick and Gerald all received 1 point for correctly voting out Hayley.
Hayley received 2 points for then winning a duel against Baden, and another 1 point for returning to the game, (3 total).
With Baden joining the jury, he will still have a chance to pick up another point if he correctly votes for the Sole Survivor during the finale. All pre-mergers, Kez and Chelsea (for being evacuated), are eliminated from the competition completely.

Here’s how the points were broken down between the 24 Australian Survivor players.

With three Immunity wins, Emmett has a massive lead against everyone else with 39 total points. Dani is in second with 32 after a big pay day in Episode 14. George and Andrew follow with 29. At the bottom is Laura with only 22, and with a still-decent run, Hayley and Cara share second-to-last in 25.


Here are the standings for all 105 Fantasy League entrants.

Standings may be difficult to read on a mobile phone, so please use the Zoom function or switch to a Tablet or Desktop for better viewing.

Former leader Rachel Solomon drops down to 2nd place with 119 points, as Jonathan takes the sole top position with 121. Ryan Cundall makes a huge leap from 18th to 3rd, sitting at 115 points. Interestingly, the top five all have highest point grabber Emmett, and all of the top 14 have at least one of the three Immunity winners of the week (Andrew, Dani and Emmett). Nobody was fortunate enough to have all 3.

Chelsea and Baden were very popular picks, and many entrants lost either one or both of them in Episode 15, often leaving only one person left on their team. We also had another casualty in Anish Sahu, who’s final team member Baden only stands to add 1 more point if he correctly votes for the Sole Survivor, for a potential grand total of 62. Surprisingly, nobody else lost their entire team this week… although many would have had Hayley lost the Redemption duel. One of those possibly being poor Tanya Saunders, who has been at the bottom for a few weeks now, but is hanging in there with Hayley.

Look for your name to see where you stand so far in the competition. And remember, anything can happen between now and finale night!


Later this week, the weekly Australian Survivor Review will be posted, where I’ll dive deep into Week 5 and discuss THAT twist-filled episode.

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