Australian Survivor 2021 – Fantasy League Week 3

Chaos seems to be the word of the week for Australian Survivor, as twists, idols and blunders were all central to how the game progressed over three episodes. And that changed the Fantasy League, dramatically!

With so much happening in Week 3, all points have been tallied and updated, with the results listed below.


Looking at the Fantasy League’s point distribution, here’s how the points laid out –

Episode 7:
All Brains tribe members picked up 1 point for winning the Reward Challenge.
All Brawn tribe members (including Cara who was swapped to the Brawn tribe) received 2 points for winning the Immunity Challenge.
Hayley received 1 point for finding the hidden immunity idol at the Immunity Challenge.
George, Baden, Hayley, Rachel and Wai all received 1 point for correctly voting out Joey.

Episode 8:
For making it to the tribe swap portion of the game, all 18 remaining players received 1 point.
The new Brawn tribe, consisting of Andrew, Baden, Chelsea, Dani, Hayley, Flick, Shannon, Simon and Wai, all received 2 points for winning the Immunity Challenge.
Laura picked up 1 point for finding the hidden immunity idol at camp.
Rachel received 2 points for having an idol played on her at Tribal Council.
Georgia, Laura and Rachel all then received 1 point for correctly voting out Daini, bringing their respective totals for the episode to 2 (Georgia), 3 (Laura), and 4 (Rachel).

Episode 9:
No tribal Reward or Immunity Challenges occurred in this episode, but instead Individual Reward/Immunity was up for grabs due to a double Tribal.
Andrew, Emmett, Rachel and Wai all won the Individual Challenge, and thus earnt 3 points for Immunity, and 2 points for Reward, making for a massive pay day of 5 points so far this episode.
Andrew, Emmett and Wai would all go onto correctly vote for their tribe’s voted out player (Laura/Shannon), and thus received 1 additional point, bringing their total to 6.
Cara, George, Kez and Gerald all correctly voted for Laura, picking up 1 point.
Chelsea, Dani, Simon and Hayley all correctly voted for Shannon, picking up 1 point (it was revealed Baden had voted for Flick instead of Shannon at Tribal, so he receives nothing despite seemingly being in on the plan).
After it was revealed the voted out players Laura and Shannon would be subject to a unanimous decision by the four Immunity winners as to who went home, the group elected Shannon to be voted out and Laura to stay, meaning Laura picks up 1 point for returning to the game after being voted out.

Here’s how the points were broken down between the 24 Australian Survivor players.

Kez and Emmett top the pack with 22 points accumulated so far in the competition. Everyone else isn’t so far behind with many along the 21, 20, 19 line.

Towards the bottom of who’s left, Baden and Georgia have picked up 13 so far, while Laura and Cara are just one in front with 14.

The league favours original Brawn tribe members slightly more due to the several wins achieved from Episodes 1-7. The four Immunity winners from Tuesday’s episode also put anyone with them on their team in a good spot, as 5 points extra to the more common 1 is enough to change hands for several Fantasy League entrants.


Here are the standings for all 105 Fantasy League entrants.

Standings may be difficult to read on a mobile phone, so please use the Zoom function or switch to a Tablet or Desktop for better viewing.

Again, we have a new leader in the Fantasy League, in fact two. Rachel Solomon and Serena Byrne. Rachel jumped from =5th place, while Serena skyrocketed from =24th place. Interestingly, both held two of the four Individual Reward/Immunity winners from Episode 9, the boys on Rachel’s team and the girls on Serena’s team. Clearly, holding any of those four paid off well, as the following ten people all also had at least one of the four on their team as well.

We did start to see some entrants lose three team members, left with one to be the sole flag bearer for the rest of the season. This includes Tanya Saunders, who unluckily has held the position of last place for two weeks now.

Thankfully, nobody has lost all four members of their team… yet. But I don’t see this statistic lasting for all too long.

Look for your name to see where you stand so far in the competition. And remember, anything can happen between now and finale night!


Later this week, the weekly Australian Survivor Review will be posted, where I’ll dive deep into the Week 3 chaos and discuss some of the biggest moments of the week, from the tribe swap, split voting blunder, and of course the double tribal which saw one of the biggest threats taken out. I’ll also choose a Top Five for the week (and it was TOUGH to choose).

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Featured Image: Network 10

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