Australian Survivor 2021 – Fantasy League Week 2

It was a jam packed week of Australian Survivor, and a lot happened which had a ripple effect on the season’s Fantasy League. We have a new leader!

Last week it was brought to my attention that two registrations were left out of the league, and now they have been recovered which means we have a total of 105 Fantasy League participants! A monster achievement that I am very proud and humbled for, and I look forward to watching it play out over the next several weeks.

Week 2’s points have been tallied and updated, and the results are below.


Looking at the Fantasy League’s point distribution, here’s how the points laid out –

Episode 4:
All Brains tribe members received 2 points for winning the Immunity Challenge.
All Brawn tribe members received 1 point for winning the Reward Challenge.
George picked up 1 point for finding the hidden immunity idol.
The Brawn Tribal Council ended up in a tied vote before Benny was sent home, however, anyone that correctly voted for Benny (whether in the first or second vote) will score 1 additional point, this means Chelsea, Daini, Dani, Emmett, Kez, Shannon and Simon all receive that point.

Episode 5:
All Brawn tribe members received 3 points for winning both the Reward and Immunity Challenge.
Simon picked up an extra 2 points, one for each idol he found in the episode, bringing his total to 5 in this episode.
George received 2 points for correctly playing his idol on himself at Tribal Council.
Andrew, Georgia, Hayley, Joey, Laura and Rachel all received 1 point for correctly voting out Mitch.

Episode 6:
All Brawn tribe members received 3 points for winning both the Reward and Immunity Challenge.
Andrew, Georgia, Hayley, Joey, Laura, Rachel and Wai all received 1 point for correctly voting out Cara, regardless if it was during the original vote or revote.
George received 2 points for having an idol played on him, from Cara.
Cara herself picked up 1 point for finding said idol during the episode, but also, after being voted out and learning she was moving to the Brawn tribe instead, she picked up 1 more point for returning to the game after being voted out. This counts as a return since the tribe was under the impression she would be exiting the game.

Here’s how the points were broken down between the 24 Australian Survivor players.

Kez still leads with the most points, so far collecting 18 just in two weeks. Daini, Shannon and Simon are one point behind with 15, and Flick, George and Gerald behind them on 14. Towards the bottom, Baden sits in last (of the remaining players) only collecting 8 points so far. Andrew, Hayley, Joey, Laura and Wai are just ahead with 9, and Cara, Georgia and Rachel are on double digits with 10.

It’s safe to say if you’ve got a Brawn (or George) on your team – you’re doing alright. The Brains suffer for all of those Reward losses.


Here are the standings for all 105 Fantasy League entrants.

Standings may be difficult to read on a mobile phone, so please use the Zoom function or switch to a Tablet or Desktop for better viewing.

We have a new leader in the Fantasy League: Jimmy Kurniawan with 56 points. With three Brawn tribe members and George, it’s a team made up of some pretty high scorers. Fred Weber drops to 2nd place this week, only just behind with 55 points. Drew Bertoldi climbs to 3rd with 53 points.

To show just how the standings can change dramatically per week, Angela Pelc who topped the leaderboard last week has fallen to =15th place, so there’s still room for anyone to catch up in any given week.

No one was unlucky enough to lose three team members this week, although those who have now lost two are more likely to see their name at the bottom, as six of the bottom seven all only have two players remaining.

Look for your name to see where you stand so far in the competition. And remember, anything can happen between now and finale night!


Later this week, the weekly Australian Survivor Review will be posted, where I’ll take a look at all of what happened in Week 2, from the several idol finds to the editing, along with choosing who finishes in the Top Five of the week (there’s been some changes since Week 1).

I’d also like to reveal one more item that will be included ONLY in the winner’s prize pack for the Fantasy League! An official Survivor board game from 2001, based on the game you all know and love! The game is themed under the 2nd season of the U.S version of the show: Survivor – The Australian Outback. You can compete in tribes, win reward and immunity, and most of all, vote off your family and friends as you outwit, outplay and outlast to become the Sole Survivor! This game is still sealed in the original wrap from 20 years ago, making it still new and a rare find.

As a reminder, ONLY the winner of the Fantasy League will receive this item.
More will be revealed for ALL packs in the coming weeks, and I am still working hard to get the best items possible! Stay tuned!

And finally, be sure to check out some awesome Etsy stores which stock some really cool Survivor themed items!
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  1. Hi! I was digging through some stuff and found some unopened starter decks from the survivor trading card game from around 20 years ago that I could donate as prizes. Maybe not for this season, but a future one? I’ll get photos of the cards if you need them. Just let me know if it would help in any way to add to fun to these in the future.

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    1. Hi Chad,
      Wow, that’s so cool and such a kind offer! Message the Facebook page or email me (, I’d love to check your cards out and maybe add them to the prize packs! Can’t wait to hear more!


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