Big Brother U.S. All-Stars – “She’s Too Dangerous”

After what was a devastating third week of Big Brother 22, did you really expect it to bounce back okay this week? As the majority grew stronger, the minority saw the writing on the wall. So here’s what happened in Week 4!

It was do or die for Kaysar this week, as his number one ally left the building, he needed everything to pull out an extra week. But with a massive majority alliance breathing down his neck, and numbers dwindling from his side, the odds of any success was going to be hard to come by. So could Kaysar pull it off? Let’s find out.

This is an Australian fan’s review of one of the USA’s biggest and best (although not right now) Reality TV shows!


The houseguests compete in the Head of Household competition, split into two groups where the three winners of each group will move onto a final round, with the winner named as the next Head of Household. Group 1 sees Kaysar, Enzo and David advance, while Group 2 pushes Kevin, Dani and Cody onto the final round. While Kaysar gets extremely close to clinching victory, it’s Enzo who wins the competition, the first time he’s Head of Household in his Big Brother career.

Tyler congratulates Enzo for winning the Head of Household competition, keeping the power within their majority alliance.

As nominations loom, the house is more concerned over the two hinky votes to evict Kaysar and save Janelle at the previous eviction were. Dani, who previously asked Cody if they should throw hinky votes on Kaysar, and Enzo are the real culprits – although they deny it to anyone who asks. Dani’s ability to lie is a lacklustre performance and it means Cody is near confident Dani found someone else to enact the plan. What was otherwise a good game for Dani is slowly starting to unravel into a glaring target.

Elsewhere, Kaysar and Da’Vonne have an authentic and emotional conversation about religion and race relations – a casual reminder this show is just a game and the human behaviour outside of the house is much more important in the grand scheme of the world. But before long, it’s time for Enzo to make his nominations, with certain loyalty to his alliance (specifically Cody), Enzo nominates target Kaysar and Kevin as a pawn. Game on.

With sights set on Kaysar, it’s hard for the house to forget about the potential of needing a replacement nominee if either Kaysar or Kevin are saved off the block. Enzo is hoping it isn’t much of an issue for him, but several options are presented to him – including Ian, for being a former winner and overall threat; and Dani, because of her unpredictability and savvy game play.

Joining the HOH and two nominees, David, Tyler and Bayleigh are selected to join them in the POV competition. The endurance competition puts all six houseguests through the ringer, with all our hope on Kaysar, we can only… nope, nevermind, Kaysar drops first. Hope DIMINISHED. Enzo, Tyler, Bayleigh, and eventually, David drop, meaning Kevin wins the Power of Veto, more than likely pulling himself off the block and forcing Enzo to really consider a replacement nominee.

Kaysar tries to reason with Bayleigh about where the power lies, but she blows him off, not even listening to his very logical and correct read on the house dynamics. Even Enzo strongly suggests backdooring either Ian or Dani, but the saviour to any plan is when Christmas offers herself to be a pawn and sit next to Kaysar on eviction night, music to Enzo’s ears. As expected, Kevin comes off the block and Enzo nominates Christmas as the replacement. Either Christmas or Kaysar is headed home.

With the vote practically locked against Kaysar, the house is looking ahead to what will happen once the last half of the Big Brother 6 duo are voted out. Enzo, Tyler and Cody all barely trust Dani, and are pointing their finger at her to be the next houseguest voted out. Just like in the week, Ian is also thrown up as a potential target moving forward, with no one having any allegiance to him or wanting to see another winner stick around (uh… hello… Nicole F?). Ian meanwhile tells Kaysar to expose the people in power in a last ditch effort to keep himself in the game, or if he does go, leave it in a state that means the remaining houseguests will start playing.

Kaysar and Christmas face the eviction, where the fate of one houseguest is all but decided and confirmed.

At the live eviction, Kaysar makes an explosive speech calling out Dani, Nicole and Cody being in a love triangle, lumping Tyler and Enzo in as well because of the boys trio. It’s all some final remarks however as Kaysar is evicted in a unanimous 10-0 vote. Let’s all mourn the depressing blow to the season, only four weeks in.

Thank god Kaysar blew up the game on his way out, because now it was going to get really interesting to see how and who acts on his parting speech. At the Head of Household competition, houseguests faced off one-on-one to answer a question based on an image flashed on screen. The winner chooses the next two to face off until one remained. Alliances start to target each other in the competition, down to Da’Vonne and Christmas competing in the final round. Despite ruling the entire competition, Da’Vonne buzzes in with an incorrect answer, making Christmas the next HOH by default. From pawn nominee to running the week, Christmas’ reign is likely to be just as upsetting as the last two.


When are these All-Stars going to start playing? Like, for real. There’s a dominant alliance, and the only two people who were clued into who the majority power group were just walked out the door. While the house targeted Janelle and Kaysar, they’ve got no other options than the next group in line. This COULD make for an interesting few weeks ahead – lord knows we need it. Mistrust is building and cracks are opening, perhaps losing these two angels was needed for Big Brother 22 to spice up.

It was somewhat of a surprise to see Enzo become the Head of Household. Considering he never managed to snag the win in his first season, winning three competitions now just took, I think, all of us by surprise. What disappoints me post about Enzo is that he talks a big game and says he wants to make a big move, but only gets out Kaysar? Someone everyone was targeting anyway. A big move would be striking against someone in his alliance, or Ian. He puffs his chest all week, yet doesn’t show anything for it. So I’m not too sold on his gameplay, but at least he’s actually tolerable from his side on the house. He’s entertaining, fun to watch on the feeds – but I wish he actually did do something wild with his HOH reign. Maybe next time.

Speaking of Kaysar. Why was he REALLY targeted? It’s all about the majority sticking together, it’s got nothing to do with Kaysar being a real threat. Kaysar hasp played twice before, he’s been evicted pre-jury both times. This season, he won one competition against his only ally, Janelle. And he had no feasible allies moving forward. Everyone had an opportunity to use Kaysar to benefit their game, and instead, the alliance made of Runners-Up, final Jurors and more will just stab each other in the back and wish they had one more person on their side. I don’t think the house was wise in evicting Kaysar, and it sucks he has to go home so early YET AGAIN. I’m just depressed at this point, I want Big Brother All-Stars. Not this crap shoot. I am glad Kaysar was able to blow up some of the game on his way out, that’s refreshing and needed. He stayed level headed all week, and was just an overall pleasant contribution to this season, as short as it was for him.

Veto winner Kevin pulled through when he needed to but I can’t stand his gameplay right now. He has no allegiance to anyone and it’s because he has an absolute terrible read on the power players and who’s in control. He’s a floater, and not a good one. He is damaging the games of people even remotely close to him, and it’s going to come back to bite him and anyone else we wanna root for. Kevin’s best game is to shut up and keep quiet, maybe then people will approach HIM for an alliance, if he doesn’t just blow up when they do anyway. I appreciated Christmas volunteering to be a replacement nominee. Although in an All-Stars season, I wouldn’t expect someone wanting to take such a bold risk. I think she’s playing a stronger game than her first time, considering she’s not being controlled by Paul. And it’s evident when she was barely picked in the HOH competition until only four people remained. Her social game is good, but actually winning the competition – it might expose where she’s at right now and who’s higher on her loyalty list. Time will tell how her reign plays out.

Christmas is crowned the next Head of Household, despite not pressing a damn button to win it anyway.

Now that Kaysar’s gone, I’m rooting firmly for Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. They’re in trouble, and have been discussed as the next house targets after Kaysar would be evicted. So now that they’re in this position, I wouldn’t be surprised if one is evicted next. It’s not necessarily that anyone else in the house ISN’T likeable (although some most certainly aren’t), it’s just that Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have gameplay I can root for. Underdog stories, we all love them. And given how entertaining they are on TV and online, it’s no surprise to me that I’m in this position. I wish them luck, especially Da’Vonne. I really wanna see her succeed.

Taking a quick look at those in the majority:
Cody – He’s still pretty much running the house, showing being the first HOH really sets the tone of the season. Even with people concerned over how he’s playing and Kaysar calling him out, his claws are dug too deep in with everyone that Cody’s gonna last a while. Unfortunately, because I don’t all too care about him or his gameplay really.
Nicole – Basically Cody, but not as good of a player. I can’t stand Nicole’s personality, gameplay or basically anything. Her severe case of Janelleousy continues to show its ugly head even when there’s been a week since her eviction. I want Nicole gone ASAP. It would be devastating if she was a two-time winner. So I plead for anyone to stop her in her tracks. I just don’t like Nicole Franzel.
Tyler – He’s actually probably the most likeable of everyone on this side of the house! Tyler shows class and respect generally, and his game savvyness is certainly evident. But what works against Tyler is that everyone knows he’s good at the game so he’s being brought up as a target a lot. So many players, including those in his alliance, knows he’s a threat and will win if he makes it to the end. So Tyler’s gotta watch his back, and not play too hard too early.
Dani – I still like Dani, but her gameplay confuses me so much. A hinky vote? What for? What did it really achieve? It’s all done for Dani is put her in hot water with her own alliance and she’s gonna have her time in the house cut short for playing too much. People are quickly catching wind of her gameplay, so I think Dani’s coming in too confident and with a larger ego than she might deserve. Dani CAN be and IS a good player. But right now, she’s got blood up to her ears. Settle down Dani.

Tyler, the previous Head of Household, is one of the most likeable and better players remaining in the game so far.

And now our, floaters or in the middle men:
Memphis – He is aligned with a lot of the people above, but I don’t think anyone realistically thinks Memphis is completely on their side or will work with them until the end. So it’s a matter of time before Memphis is just cut for standing in the way. And I don’t think he’s got all too much motivation to change this likely finish for him.
David – David’s understanding of the game, or lack thereof, is what lets him down most. There’s an opportunity for him to solidify some stuff and I think people might gravitate toward him when they need him, but David isn’t so reciprocal of opportunities for a game move or anything of a similar nature. So I think David might be his own worst enemy.
Ian – I appreciate Ian’s ability to figure out who’s leading the charge of the house, including that he needed to distance himself from Nicole, failing to trust her any further. But Ian’s laying as low as possible, and I don’t think he’s aware that it’s not enough right now. He needs some solid allies, he’s got nobody right now except Nicole, who will just as easily throw him to the curb when she’s ready. Ian’s stay is surrounded by luck and timing, which is dangerous to his chances of winning again.

Now Kaysar and Janelle are gone, who will the house target? Week 4 promises to be exciting in some way… well we can only hope anyway.

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