Big Brother U.S. All-Stars – “It’s A Really Nice Picture”

I don’t even wanna talk about the disappointment of the week. One of the biggest and best players ever – out the door! So just how did the all-white, all-ego alliance control the week? Let’s break it down!

With Tyler in power, the massive alliance of himself, Cody, Dani, Christmas, Memphis and Nicole (along with loose allies Enzo, Ian, David, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh) completely locked their eyes on the Big Brother 6 duo Janelle and Kaysar. But was the execution against them fatal or were the gameplay of the veterans – or that of the recent newbies – really telling the story for Week 3?

This is an Australian fan’s review of one of the USA’s biggest and best (although not right now) Reality TV shows!


After claiming the Head of Household power, Tyler and his band of allies in ‘The Commission’ were aiming and ready to pull the trigger on Janelle and Kaysar. Unable to align themselves with the new players of the game, the Big Brother 6 duo has been targeted from Day 1, and everyone was in unison now was the time to strike. But before the game events of the week went down, it was time for the Week 2 Have-Nots to name the four replacement Have-Nots for Week 3. Nicole, who has shown every sign of ‘Janelleousy’ since the season began on the live feeds, decides to get one back on Janelle by naming her as a Have-Not, saying, “she loves talking about me”. UH… WTF? Janelle doesn’t have a bar of it however, and isn’t afraid to confront Nicole about her comments, although the moment fades quickly. Nevertheless, we love Janelle and can’t stand Nicole. That’s how it is in this house. And I’m not even sorry about it.

Week 3 marks the end of the Safety Suite competition, and the only remaining players with passes to play are Dani, Nicole, Enzo and Memphis, although the strategy of winning (or not) is poignant for each. With Memphis throwing it, and Nicole just being plain old bad at it, it’s between Dani and Enzo for who takes out the win. Ultimately, Enzo wins safety in the laser focused challenge, his second competition win of the season (already beating his record in Big Brother 12) and chooses to save Christmas, a loose ally of his, as not to show all his cards by exposing his main alliance, nor to save someone completely out of the blue.

We get to the Nominations Ceremony, and with not much of a surprise, Janelle and Kaysar are named the nominees for the week. But, there’s still a chance for the Power of Veto to save one of the two legends, and all they gotta do is win it.

Janelle and Kaysar are nominated by Tyler to face the Week 3 eviction.

As the house settles in on ensuring one of the two nominees exits the house by the end of the week, even if the POV is used to save one of them, Janelle initiates an effort to keep herself safe in case she remains on the block. Close with Bayleigh, Janelle hopes her relationships with others in the house will swing many votes to her favour. Unfortunately for both Kaysar and Janelle, the house is all aligned centrally together and against the pair, so even for those outside of the core alliance, no one is willing to make a move and save either Janelle or Ksyar in fear of pissing off those really in power. And yeah, it’s a good testament to how great of a player those central houseguests are (Dani, Cody, Tyler, etc.). But it’s certainly not great TV, and it’s dooming those on the outside.

In the POV competition, Tyler, Janelle and Kaysar are joined by Cody, Memphis and Bayleigh, all of whom are unlikely to use the POV (maybe Bayleigh), making it essential for Janelle or Kaysar to win it themselves and secure their safety. The competition requires the houseguests to rearrange cupcake pieces in a particular order to advance on until two houseguests remain to battle against each other. Our favourites Kaysar and Janelle are eliminated quickly, including a possible saviour in Bayleigh. Meaning Memphis, Tyler and Cody will win the POV, and likely not use it. Spin the wheel, roll a die – it doesn’t really matter who won. But for record’s sake, Cody won.

Cody declines to use the Power of Veto to save either Janelle or Kaysar.

What surprises many of the houseguests is Memphis’ loss, believing he attempted to throw the competition. Dani and Nicole bring these thoughts about, mentioning their perception Memphis is playing the game for himself, possibly still aligned with Kaysar and Janelle, especially after he failed to nominate them during his HOH reign last week. A backdoor is proposed, but it falls on deaf ears within the alliance. Cody declines to use the POV to save one of the nominees, making either Kaysar or Janelle the third evictee of the week, facing the block together for the third time in their 15-year Big Brother career.

With Kaysar made to feel comfortable he will last at least one more week in the house, Janelle puts in the hard yards to ensure she can flip the script and stay in the game. An occasion she’s gotten used to after four times playing. Janelle gets a lot of conditional yes’s from a lot of people, even Tyler who somewhat regrets targeting Janelle as it isn’t great for his personal game, but great for his alliance. THIS IS WHY BIG ALLIANCES WITH NO BOLD MOVE MAKERS SUCK! Cody’s central to any house flip, and while Janelle attempts to convince him to help save her, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to go any further than their conversation of false promises.

Away from this week’s handling of the eviction, last week’s eviction escapee David is showing his rookie cards early with some terrible reads on some situations and exposing his ally Tyler to Da’Vonne when he confronts her with the information she tried to lead the eviction campaign against him. Once again, Da’Vonne feels betrayed by David’s confrontation with her, swearing up and down she’s made a conscious effort to keep him in the game, wholeheartedly trusting him but not receiving the same back. David brings it all back to Tyler who’s pissed he has been exposed, and now he, Da’Vonne and Cody all have mistrust in David, not necessarily because of him, but because of his rookie gameplay and simple slip-ups.

Eventually, we get to the somber eviction, where Dani and Enzo cast hinky votes against Kaysar, but the rest of the house evict Janelle, sending her home in a 9-2 vote. Janelle sits down with Julie, surprised to learn who saved her (unaware Dani and Enzo are setting up for the next week, and aren’t acting in any loyalty to her), and her ally Memphis has really been working with the opposing alliance all along.

The houseguests then begin to compete in the Head of Household competition, but the winner is to be shown in the next episode.


And I thought last week was a bit of a bummer week, this one was just… depressing. Watching Janelle campaign all week to try and save her spot in the game, to an alliance who completely ignored her pleas – and pretty valuable offers. They’d bitch behind her back, discuss the various deals she made, and blow it up 10x higher than it actually was. Janellousy, mark my words, is real. All of these houseguests suffer from it, and Janelle hasn’t even done anything memorable this season. She’s feared based on what she did back 15 years ago, instead of two winners, four former runners-up. It’s mind-boggling. The only positive, and it’s very small since they’re still coming after him anyway. But Kaysar remains in the game and gets a further chance to try and progress further than his previous two attempts at the show. As it stands now however, it looks unlikely.

Group shot! The remaining 14 houseguests took a group photo in the backyard this week.

I’ll start the review looking at Tyler, who was crowned Head of Household and will always be remembered for taking the shot for his alliance against Janelle. I like Tyler, I think he’s playing fine and handled the HOH well. As much as it sucks to see Janelle go down, and it would have been better if Tyler did something different. He’s not being a jerk about it, he even expressed remorse to Janelle, acknowledging taking her out isn’t the greatest of moves. He’s in the main alliance, and he’s got great surrounding allies. There are some rumblings of what he can do in the future and how he’s a massive threat to win. But that’s little to worry about right now, especially as the alliance just wants to stay intact for a few more rounds. As unfortunate as the week was, I like Tyler, and hope to see him do well going forward.

Enzo coming in clutch with the Safety Suite win, that’s two on his belt so far. I’m surprised he’s done so well and actually delivered on his opening package claiming he’s in better physical shape to win the competitions. I thought the competition was pretty fun too, so far, only the Safety Suite comps have really been fun to watch. HOH and POV need to pick it up on the entertainment value. Enzo’s decision to save Christmas was a fine one, although I would have thought he’d save someone who wasn’t just safe the previous week, much less someone in his group that competed. But given the slim pickings, and aim to not save someone too close or too distant from him, Christmas was probably the okay choice. Speaking of Christmas, while I’m not enjoying her overall in retrospect, she’s playing a good game. She’s in and amongst those who are calling the shots, and her only threat level is on her ability to win competitions. I think she’ll be in trouble soon, but it’s too early to tell just when the house might really look at Christmas as a potential threat.

I’ll discuss our main alliance: Memphis, Cody, Dani, and Nicole. Memphis, kind of a lost puppy dog who’s getting dragged along. Winning HOH last week didn’t do much for him, he hasn’t built anything out of it to set himself up good, and more people are just pissed at him for not going after Janelle and Kaysar. He’s not great to live with either, evident in watching the live feeds, so I think when the alliance is ready to turn on one of their own, and most specifically the boys, they’ll use him to a certain point before cutting him at the final five. It’ll be interesting to see if he can do anything to prevent that. Cody is the real master behind the show right now. Everyone knows he’s at the top of the pyramid yet no one is really wanting to act on it. But if they don’t even consider it soon, Cody might steamroll it to the end and I think he certainly could win the whole game. He seems the typical archetype of late to win the show. I hope someone strikes against him soon. but it’s wishful thinking right now. Dani is playing a messy, messy game. her unnecessary lies and hunger to be the new queen is just really clouding her game right now. People are catching on. She’s being perceived as a threat and she hasn’t done anything to warrant it action-wise, it’s just what she says. They’re starting to work out she’s the brains, even her closest ally Nicole, and it’s only a matter of time before a backdoor is planned and Dani is played out the door. Which sucks, because I like Dani. What I don’t like is her extreme Janellousy chapter, which I hope is just a ruboff combination from wanting to beat the best to be the best and being so closely associated with Nicole. Who I honestly can not tolerate any longer. I don’t even know why I liked her in Big Brother 18. She’s extremely annoying, her obsession with Janelle just put a sour note on her whole experience this time and it’s sad she thinks Janelle is the root of all the drama. She talked non-stop about Janelle all week, and even now she’s gone, she brings her up. Without even attempting to converse with Janelle herself either. I think Nicole has to check herself. She’s bringing the season down dramatically.

I think David has done a lot of hurt to his game this week, but he’s possibly extended his longevity because of it. Many now see him as untrustworthy and easy to manipulate, so he’ll probably stick around if people just walk over him for a few more weeks. I don’t see many wanting to take out David on their HOH, it would be a pointless move when there are a lot bigger threats. But David can’t win – it just won’t happen. He hasn’t got the gameplay for it. Da’Vonne is making a few mistakes, and I think her reads are causing her some problems that might hurt her in future. I think she might have a couple weeks to survive, but her name is being thrown out and I certainly think someone will take a shot soon. I hope she catches on quick to the big alliance that she’s clearly not in. Da’Vonne’s usual savvy self isn’t really turning up this season. So here’s hoping she comes back soon. I really love Bayleigh and her efforts to try and keep Janelle around. Even still, she could separate personal relationships with game and still work away from her to watch her own back. She’s playing smart, one of the best, I just wish she oculd figure out her alliance isn’t really with her. There’s a problem and Bayleigh’s tight friendship with Da’Vonne doesn’t help her. There are fears for what she can do soon, and while I don’t think Bayleigh is planning anything drastic, her association with houseguests like Da’ and Janelle won’t help her future. Fingers crossed it works out soon.

On the outs, Ian and Kevin. Who are neither here nor there for me. I just don’t know where they’re heading other than playing somewhat terrible games. Ian is the shield to Nicole and it’s only a matter of time before he goes. It’s not looking good for him. And Kevin, yeah I don’t even wanna go there. His reads are what really sent Nicole A and Janelle out the door, so Kevin can go soon. I won’t be mad.

The legend herself, four-time player Janelle, was evicted by a 9-2 vote after three weeks in the Big Brother 22 house.

Finally, our nominees and Big Brother 6 duo. Kaysar has got a lot of work to do to stay, and I don’t think he’ll get it done. The whole house just isn’t on his side and it’s completely cost him the whole damn thing, I think. No one wants to budge and Kaysar falls victim to tough circumstances, yet again. He hasn’t held any power at all, and I just think Day 1 had spiralled both him and Janelle down a terrible path to their demise. I’m rooting for Kaysar, but I can’t see him getting it done. Finally, Janelle. I will miss her this season, and it’s funny because I never bought into the fanatic status of her after watching her other seasons. I liked her, but she wasn’t amazing. This season sealed it off for me. It encapsulated the full picture of Janelle and her Big Brother story. She’s an amazing player, someone who keeps it real and does it all for the fun of the competition. She’s not like many of the robots we get now, and was a breath of fresh air this season on the live feeds. Her entertainment factor is through the roof and I’m truly saddened to see her go home so soon. She deserved better. I will be keeping myself updated with Janelle, I wish her well!

With Week 4 already under way, a new HOH crowned, nominees named AND POV competition played out, it’ll be interesting to see how the events of Week 4 shape the future of the game. Stay tuned!

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