Big Brother Australia 2020 – “Ew, I’m Crying”

Big changes and big players – Big Brother Australia wasn’t backing down this week as the house turned strategic and the Alphas reigned supreme.

If you thought there was any chance these housemates would slow down, you’d be dead wrong. Three of the game’s biggest threats walked out the door one by one, leaving those in charge firmly at the top of the house while others lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce. Let’s dive into Week 4 of BBAU.



It’s been over 20 days in the Big Brother house, and Casey has spent much of it battling a bout of constipation. Medication hasn’t proven successful, and Casey is concerned for both her health and the future of her game. Meanwhile, emerging strategist Shane talks to Sarah about failing to evict Mat out of the house at the previous eviction. This has fuelled a revenge-seeking Mat to take down his nemesis’ group of Shane, Chad, Sophie, Hannah and Sarah.

For the episode’s task, Big Brother assigns the housemates pre-determined pairs, as the duos must navigate themselves around the house together under cardboard boxes for as long as they can. The pair that remains under their box for the longest time wins the task and receive a seafood buffet. Despite their large size in the small box, Mat and Daniel win the meal, and choose Angela and Xavier to join them.

Taking the opportunity while it exists, the four housemates enjoy their buffet in the green lounge room and discuss the next nominations and having Shane as their next target. Choosing to join forces with them, Angela pledges her allegiance to them in aid of eliminating their biggest threat. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Shane, Sarah and Hannah agree they are at risk of being nominated if the Alphas win. After dinner, Angela informs Marissa of the plan to evict Shane, but Marissa is concerned it may backfire for her and her ally’s game if they go along with the boys.

For the Nominations Challenge, housemates stand next to conveyor belts delivering coloured boxes. When the housemates’ assigned coloured box arrives on the conveyor, they must use it to form a horizontal stack against a platform. If the stack falls, the housemate is out of the challenge. The last housemate to keep their stack intact wins. In a battle between the two opposing big dogs, Mat outlasts Shane to win the challenge and immediately nominates him, as well as Angela and Marissa as pawns to ensure Shane’s eviction is sealed and their secret alliance is still protected.

Angela and Shane argue over their threat status while nominated for eviction.

Wanting to secure Shane’s safety, Sarah offers to talk to people and convince them not to vote for her ally. Mat warns Angela that he is going to continue the illusion they are not working together at the eviction. At the eviction, Shane calls out Angela as a manipulative genius and thus, a strategic threat. While Mat says that the seafood dinner only brought him closer to Angela for a couple of hours. Despite Sarah and Shane’s efforts, Shane is evicted in a close 6-5-0 vote.


After several days of suffering from illness, Casey has finally been able to go to the toilet and overcome her constipation. Later, Angela discusses with Big Brother in the Diary Room yesterday’s deal with the Alphas. For now, she trusts them. Xavier, however, doesn’t trust her.

In the episode’s task, housemates must each wear a balloon filled with confetti on their waist and not let it pop until sunset. If it pops, they are to remain in the backyard until sunrise and eat, wash and sleep there. Housemates that keep their balloons intact at sunset get to enjoy exclusive access to the house and a home-cooked meal. As the task almost finishes, Big Brother requests one of the housemates to visit the diary room. Mat does so, and is given a secret mission to pop the others’ balloons, in exchange for inviting one other housemate back into the house to enjoy the meal. Mat succeeds in popping Angela’s and Marissa’s balloons and selects Daniel to join him inside. The rest of the housemates camp in the backyard Angela sleeping on camping beds and eating dehydrated meals. Although Mat and Daniel happily enjoy their hot roast dinner.

Later in the night, Daniel and Mat decide to dress up in Angela and Marissa’s clothes from the bedroom and parade in front of their housemates to the amusement of all except the two women. The next morning, scared of the wildlife, Angela pleads to go back inside. Once inside, Angela declares that camping isn’t for her. In the bedroom, Mat starts rallying the housemates to evict his short-term ally Angela, but Marissa overhears this and alerts Angela, who has a chat with Sophie about this.

Yes, she is the queen. Angela raises a glass while inside the Big Brother house.

At the Nominations Challenge, housemates will test their endurance by using their feet to rest a cylinder against a board in front of them. If they drop their cylinder, then they are eliminated. After 45 minutes, Big Brother instructs the remaining six housemates to use both feet on the cylinder, eventually leading to Sophie winning her first challenge. She nominates Angela, Kieran and Casey for the eviction. Confronting the person in power, Angela has a chat with Sophie to understand why she was nominated, as Sophie declares Angela her biggest threat in challenges.

Needing to save herself, Angela targets Casey for eviction and tries to convince others to vote for her too. But at the live eviction, Angela lashes out at Mat for being two-faced and Casey for not earning her place in the house, leading to her near landslide eviction in a 9-1-0 vote, sending Angela home for good.


Reaching the final ten, the housemates celebrate as Kieran believes he couldn’t have made it here if events had taken place differently. But whilst the rest of the house and Kieran are celebrating, Daniel is not. Talking with Sarah and Chad, Daniel says he misses his girlfriend, Anna. Sarah recognises that Daniel has fallen in love with her from being apart for so long, and in the diary room, Daniel reveals the couple broke up because of his immaturity. Before entering, they rekindled, but didn’t make anything official. Daniel declares Anna as the greatest thing that has happened to him, prompting Anna to appear on screen in the living room where they commit their love to each other, much to the amusement of the other housemates.

Later, the house begins a small cricket game, but realise Hannah is missing. Hannah, who feels like she might be next to go, is strategising and wants to get rid of one of the alpha boys – Mat, Daniel and Xavier. She gathers Marissa, Sarah and Sophie and says the boys will target Chad for being the next big male threat. But while a concerned Sophie relays this to Chad, he takes it with a grain of salt.

For the weekly shopping task, housemates are given twenty minutes to complete a series of tasks for shopping money. Big Brother would call each housemate up into the diary room with a task to complete, and all the tasks had to be completed within twenty minutes. If they were successful they would get $250. Kieran’s task was to eat five chillis. Sarah and Mat had to thread five needles whilst wearing muscle stimulators. Xavier and Marissa had to wrap presents whilst wearing oven mittens. Chad had to eat some wheat biscuits dry. Casey and Dan had to blow a series of balloons until they popped. And finally, Hannah and Sophie had to clean up a mess of confetti in the diary room. Everyone is successful, and the house earns $250 and a Mexican feast.

The next day, Kieran talks with Daniel to discuss Casey as being the next evictee but Daniel, disagreeing, tells Casey immediately, prompting her to blow up and target Kieran for this. After a fiery exchange between the pair, Xavier warns Casey about her move to tell Kieran as it broke some trust between Kieran and Daniel, forcing Casey to apologise to Daniel for what her strategic mistake. But the damage is done, and Kieran is hungry to win the challenge and nominate Casey for eviction.

Competing in pairs in the Nominations Challenge, housemates are to assemble a domino stack across a large track. The first team to build and knock their first domino stack to hope that the domino run would fall in succession and knock the last four large dominos over. Daniel and Xavier win the challenge, keeping the Alphas in power, and they nominate only two housemates for eviction (a change in the rules at this stage in the game). They choose Sophie and Hannah. Before the eviction, Hannah has the numbers against her. But a conflicted Casey forms a deal with Hannah to evict Sophie.

Only two nominations this time, as Sophie and Hannah battle to stay in the house at the eviction ceremony.

At the eviction ceremony, Sophie grows emotional after Sonia asks her about her relationship with Chad. She says that she wasn’t looking for anyone in the house until she met Chad. Chad expresses similar feelings and says he would protect Sophie. Some housemates are scared that by voting Sophie, Chad will seek revenge in her honour, as Chad agrees this is exactly what will happen. Because of this, Hannah is evicted in a 5-1 vote.



What are these guys thinking? Not only is the house pretty much protecting the Alphas and ensuring they make their run of victory imminent, but they left an obvious and solid pair in the house together! Hannah was a clear number for anyone, she had no true allegiance to most housemates and would strategically align herself with the right people at the right time. Sophie and Chad were constantly attached at the hip and will continue to ride the game together. Showmances are the biggest, 100% most threatening pair in the house. Breaking up two tight allies should be everyone’s priority, but they’re letting the couple sneak by. But I have to hand it to Chad and Sophie for managing to make people feel that evicting either of them would cause a backfired ripple effect. That’s strategic gameplay, especially from Chad who makes it known at the eviction he will seek revenge for Sophie. Chad’s a big guy, a potential threat to win every challenge if he feels like he is next to go, that’s fantastic intimidation to make the others vote how they want. But come on, Mat, Xavier and Daniel don’t necessarily need that couple out because it is keeping their alliance low, but the outsiders – Kieran, Marissa, Casey and Sarah. The four voting Sophie out would have kept a five VS three VS one. Chad teams up with the boys? It’s five VS four, but even then, Mat and Daniel could be manipulated into voting out Chad, so I think the group made a bad decision that’ll hurt them in the long run. Right now the solid groups are sticking around, so unless someone’s got a big idea to win challenges until the end, Chad and Sophie or Xavier, Mat and Daniel will sit at the end of this game, at least one from each pair.

Lovebirds Chad and Sophie are proving to be a power couple in the 2020 season of Big Brother Australia.


Let’s discuss the evictees, who were probably my three favourite housemates just strategically this week. Shane, he had the right idea, he really needed that challenge win to send Mat home and it sucks it couldn’t work out for him. He is a solid player and I could tell that from Day 1 but he was definitely in charge of that other side, so when Mat held the power it was going to take an enormous effort to save him. I don’t think his eviction is entirely his fault though, these Alphas should have been targeted last week, instead, it was the weaker allies of the group (Zoe, Ian). Shane’s group and the Angela/Marissa duo needed to come together but when you had the Alphas in power for two of three episodes, and the other episode sending home queen Angela, their chances of survival have diminished and I think the true strategic players to aid them to staying have left the game. Speaking of Angela, the legend has gone! But it was only a matter of time. She was extremely likeable but also such a strategic and manipulative threat. I understand Sophie’s decision to take her out, and it probably might be wise given how the game has since unfolded for her. I do wish Sophie took the shot against the Alphas, but it probably hurts next episode when the boys now target Sophie and she would go home. In hindsight, she made the right move, and Angela’s game simply wasn’t going to get her to the end. She was a great strategic player, no one could let her get past. It sucks, but that’s the game. For Hannah, who I really enjoyed this season and wish would have stayed, again, it’s not really her fault. The others didn’t wanna take the shot against the couple and it was a poor strategic move. Hannah could have been the front target for a while, and she was decent in challenges, she could have pulled the trigger against the Alphas herself. What could Hannah have done? Maybe she could have convinced her group to save her more and really pull the card that Chad isn’t as threatening as he might seem. That’s about it. It was a losing battle for her, but most certainly a losing battle for her allies.


Sarah is probably the best player left in the house, except for the fact she’s on the wrong side of the numbers. She has won two challenges, yet hasn’t been nominated once. She’s managed to always keep a bigger threat in front of her while she hides behind them. She’s got a killer instinct for social bonds and forming good relationships, that’s so pivotal to her success leading up to now and in the future. They’ll figure it out though, so Sarah needs to cut some deals. She’s gonna have to go to the guys and get them on side to vote with her, and I think she could get them to work with her if it’s against Sophie and Chad. I’m really impressed with how Sarah has grown throughout this game, she’s one of my favourites now. Chad brought out some real strategic guns this week, but his failure to care about the Alphas targeting him worries me. He should be concerned, it’s a likely possibility. There’s some good potential for Chad, and I also enjoy him quite a lot. I’d like to see him take down some key players and really sell himself as a big threat until the end. Go big or go home. For Sophie, she’s done well to lay low while staying in a couple and eliminate her threats when needed to. I think she deserves a lot more credit for her strategic gameplay, but is she high enough on the totem pole to make it to the end? I again, see potential, but I also see the Alphas taking her out first because she can be a good strategic player but because she also hasn’t formed enough of a bond with them. Time will tell how Sophie does, but she can’t touch that nominations block again, she needs to sit back for a couple more days. Just to air it all out and let the Alphas and outsiders target each other. Mat really surprised me this week with his strategic prowess, forming a deal with Angela and then going back on it. I think Mat might be a bit of a dark horse in this late game. He’s likeable, he’s charismatic, and he’s got a small strategic edge to him. What hurts Mat is he works more in retaliation to events, loyal until he needs to react to someone’s disloyalty. Being such a reactionary player, I don’t buy it that much. It could cost him for that so I’d like to see Mat play a bit more aggressively in the strategic and social area of the game. That might up his chances of getting to the end, and winning. I also think Xavier is one to watch, the secret brains behind the Daniel and Mat trio, probably. He’s got good awareness and could be a bigger target than it seems. His edit is what convinces me he isn’t finale material, but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna have a breakout eviction episode. There’s something more about Xavier we need to learn.


I just don’t see where these four are aiming their game at: I feel most positively about Marissa, who at least shows some excellent strategic thinking and is working hard to make good decisions for her game and move forward without getting seen for it. But she’s got no strong ally, no real allegiance to anyone. I can’t work out why this is, has she not built the necessary relationships with others or is she shut out from others for being who she is and possibly a strategic threat. I don’t know where Marissa is going, and I’m worried she might be the next easy vote BEFORE Kieran, who seems to be playing better socially than her. I think Kieran does have good social bonds, he is likeable. but damn, his strategic decisions really shock me sometimes. It’s not strategy when you tell an obvious ally to Casey that you want her out. It could be an editing fault, maybe Kieran was working Dan was a swing vote and not just approaching him straight up first. But given how poor Kieran’s strategic game has developed thus far, I think he’s a goat who’s just gonna get cut when there’s no one threatening left to take out. I don’t know about Casey, she’s hard to read. Likeable, but also blowing up with Kieran seemed confusing strategically. I’m still trying to figure out where her head is at. It’s rocky for me. And Daniel, I don’t know. He’s doing well at staying in the game despite being seen as such a threat to begin with but what’s his game plan? Stick it out with Mat and Xavier? Probably. I don’t see this being smart and given how the audience reacts to Daniel 90% of the time, he’s gonna want to sit next to Casey and Kieran if he wants any shot at winning. But, I like him for the most part, I will say that.

Two of the season’s quieter housemates Hannah and Xavier made their presence in the game known this week on Big Brother Australia.


This game really could go anywhere. Some of the outsiders might rise and take down the big dogs, the power couple might have their head on a stick and must fight to secure their place in the game before a bittersweet goodbye to a lover, or maybe the Alphas will just steamroll the whole damn thing proving that every strategic legend that went home this week and before really were right this whole time about who to go after. I think the game’s about to get real exciting, hopefully the collective strategy improves and loyalty isn’t such a factor when there’s $250k on the line. I can’t wait for next week. Let’s get to it already!

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Big Brother Australia continues tonight (Sunday) at 7:00pm, and runs through on Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel Seven!


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