Big Brother Australia 2020 – Pre-Season Assessment

Six years after one of the most successful Reality TV formats went off air, Big Brother Australia is back on Seven for a new era, with a new game, and new rules set to shake up the house.

The promos have been huge, the house looks amazing, Big Brother Australia is coming back for a brand new season and brand new show. Things have changed this time, it’s already been filmed (the first season in the history of the show worldwide to be completely pre-filmed before airing), there’s a new Nominations Challenge where the winner can nominate three people with the house voting to evict one of those three every episode. And in the final two, Australia will decide who walks away with $250,000 and the title of winner for this glorious revival.

How many housemates? 20. In what has been compared to another Reality juggernaut of Survivor, the housemates will have to strategise and win competitions to make it all the way to the end and ensure their spot as a finalist. With all of these housemates now revealed to us, let’s take a quick look at everyone that will be playing and make some pre-season predictions for how they will fare this season.




Shane’s a man of many talents, sporting DJ, MC, cabin crew member, father-of-three and marriage celebrant to his resume. Much like many parents want to do on Reality TV shows, Shane hopes to prove to his kids that anything is possible. Shane describes himself as easy going and full of energy, but perhaps most importantly, confident he will be liked as a person and player. For Shane to do well, building solid relationships will be key to his success, as he’s got one thing in sight, winning.

I think Shane’s got a lot of potential right out of the gate, he’s likely going to form some extremely strong bonds early in the game and at least guarantee he survives a few nights. But what will be will really telling for Shane will be how he navigates the potential target he’ll get for being such a likeable person. Being too likeable will come at a cost, and if Shane doesn’t hide that from a majority of people, someone’s gonna take a shot at him. I can see Shane really hitting all three corners of the game (strategic, social, physical) at some point, but come undone in a blindside towards the end. I’ll lock in a 8th-6th place finish.



Already Hannah is showing signs of fire based on her bio, “confident, cutthroat and super competitive, Hannah is going to tackle the game of Big Brother with a vengeance”. Wow. That’s a player to be scared of. If you’re coming in with your teeth sinked into playing an aggressive game, there’s no doubt that’s going to come to life early on. Hannah will be a force to be reckoned with and will either make or break her game by choosing who she makes as enemies.

I appreciate that Hannah has a lot of fire. She’s determined to make this season hers and ensure victory is at the end of the road. She’s strong, so she’ll probably win challenges and have the capability to use that power wisely. But damn, if Hannah is going to stay so aggressive, she won’t have a chance. She’s going to have to pull the saddle back when things get rough to not ruffle any feathers, but I think that will be easier said than done. While Hannah will likely last a few nights, her aggressive personality and skill in challenges will probably make her an early target, so I think she’ll exit before we even hit the top ten.



Who doesn’t love a surfer boy in the Big Brother house? Xavier is the all around good guy coming in to be a, “cracker of a housemate”. He’s got charm, he’s cheeky, but he’s got a kind heart with a background as a paramedic. He’s not afraid of conflict and big personalities, seeing his primary strength as his social charm and ability to get along with people. But Xavier won’t shy away from manipulating a situation to go his way without anyone knowing.

We’ve seen a lot of players like Xavier do well in Big Brother, so I think we could see Xavier make a run to finale night. What hurts the most is that I think people will expect Xavier to be such a likeable person that he’ll be tough to beat leading up to and at the end. Xavier will become a threat if he’s true to his word of sticking with genuine people and forming social bonds with everyone. Xavier’s biggest obstacle will be just how good he is at strategy. I can see him being narrow minded and focusing on one goal without listening to other sides. This could cost him. There’s a chance Xavier sees an earlier exit, but I think it’s more safe to say he’ll at least crack the top ten, if not the top five.



The go-getter that was born to stand out, Angela moved from Kenya to Australia when she was 17. She’s got a wickedly strong personality and she’s not afraid to let everyone know it. Angela loves control, and she’ll take out anyone in her way for it. But a key flaw to Angela’s strategy is wanting to stick close to people like herself. I’m not sure whether Angela has the right strategy for the ultimate goal of taking control of the game.

I like Angela, I do. But I can’t help but feel the game’s mechanics are going to sweep out from under her. It’s all good wanting to rule the house, but that not only will create a target on her back but it’ll alienate some people too. It only takes one outsider to win a challenge and nominate her, putting her at risk of being turned on from people who don’t want to be bossed around. I think Angela will strive to get to the top, but suffer from a monster fall from grace to the bottom. Everyone will distance themselves from a dictatorship, and ultimately I think Angela will see an early exit, possibly as early as the first night.



I love Ian! He’s got it all worked out down to the science for his application to Big Brother. Fascinated by biology and ecology, Ian enjoys fossil hunting with his family on their annual holiday. Ian hopes to stay to his true self while staying interesting and adaptable in the house just as he is at home. He’s not so hopeful he’ll succeed in challenges, and admits he can be gullible and distracted easily. But Ian asserts he’s got some strategic backbone to lift him through where his weaknesses lie.

Ian’s after a fun time, and I like his character that will no doubt evolve over the course of the show. There’s a part of me that thinks he could be a real wildcard and end up being a great strategic player in the game, but that gullible comment makes me believe he will be carried through much of the show. If someone can identify Ian’s weaknesses and use them to their advantage, Ian will struggle to see where his true allies lie. In the end, Ian’s likeable character will probably hurt him once the housemates realise Australia is voting to win, so someone will wanna take him out before losing to him in a final two. I say Ian finishes in a shocking blindside at the final ten.



Promising that she’s not the average 22-year-old woman, Talia works in construction and was a homeowner at 19. Hoping to smash through gender stereotypes this season, Talia’s strong leadership and communication skills will be key to her outlasting some of the others. Although she cautions herself to sometimes being too stubborn, Talia is ready to hit a rebellious streak when she needs to. Her physical strength will help her when it comes to those challenges too.

I love that Talia is coming in really wanting to prove a lot of assumptions that people might have about her are wrong. She’s got a lot of tools in her skillset that will potentially see her do well in the game, and I think we could see her either be best pals with someone aggressive like her (cough, Hannah, cough), or come at odds with someone who’s just as much of a fighter as her (cough, Hannah, cough). I think Talia will have her time to shine at some point in the season, really being a master at challenges and the social game, but ultimately, there will be a band of people who will take her out, and she might fall sooner than expected. I think we’ll see Talia finish somewhere in the middle of the season.



Even at 50, Garth is well aware that the Big Brother adventure is an opportunity to prove himself with his fab, fun and naughty personality. As a recruiting agent, Garth thinks he’ll do well at reading other housemates using a competitive strategy that will bring him much success. But he also loves a bit of gossip and attention, which may just see him grow a target on his back. What’s going for Garth is he’s well aware his personality could cost his game, so he’s hoping to dial it back as much as possible.

There’s a lot to like about Garth and immediately I think he might come in too strong. I hope he can dial back his bitchy side to stay in the game, but even from night one, I can see Garth landing in hot water. While I think he’s likeable, Garth might suffer from being the odd man out early amongst the young guns and could go home quickly because of it. Equally, I think Garth can relate to some other housemates better than others at first glance, given he can keep his mouth shut when he needs to. There’s small hope for me that says Garth could get to the end and be a threat to win, but I think it’s safer to assume he’ll bow out early and not crack the top ten.



Laura’s got ‘good vibez’ to bring into the Big Brother house, hoping her experience as a dancer will be advantageous to many aspects of the game. She asserts that she’s observant and intuitive, quickly working out who will be good and bad for her game. Ready to play tough and rough, Laura’s ‘my way or the highway’ attitude might just see her in trouble with some other housemates. There isn’t much evolving strategy Laura talks about, but her personality will for sure be one to watch this season.

I don’t know what to make of Laura. I think she’s a lot more of a closed book than some other housemates, but not to worry, I think we’ll all enjoy her this season. She is a strong personality, and I think we’ll see her clash with someone if she’s not already a threat for winning one of the first few challenges. I can see her being confrontational at times, and that ultimately making her an easy vote when nominated. If she can reign in from acting out, Laura could survive for a while, but I do think we’ll see her out within the first few weeks of the show airing.



The country bloke born and raised in Broken Hill thinks Big Brother might be the ultimate test to show what he and his background can be made of. A sports nut who’s extremely close with his family, Mat thinks his humour and wit will give him a fair ride in the season. Conceding that he can be naive, Mat might struggle with the lies and betrayal that comes with this game. He’s well aware of how to play though, wanting to have a voice in the house but not be the decision maker.

I really like Mat and I think he’s going to end up doing pretty well this season. He is likeable, he’s got a strong understanding of the game and how he should personally play it, although I think he won’t be able to avoid people coming to him with their ideas. He’s got a quality about him that screams leader, so he’ll have to really avoid that making him a target if he wants to survive. I think Mat can win the game and get to the end, it all depends on how the others perceive him. I can’t see him going early though, he’s gonna be around for a while.



Former 80’s aerobics icon Marissa is the oldest housemate appearing on this season. She’s energetic, motivated and generous, but make no mistake, Marissa is determined to climb to the top of game when she needs to. She will come after anyone who lies to her, and I think Marissa will probably convince others to do exactly what she wants too. Don’t underestimate Marissa, she’ll be right where she needs to be when push comes to shove.

Here’s hoping Marissa isn’t targeted for her age, because I really see some potential for her. I can even see Marissa winning a challenge at some point, and making some big moves when she’s got the power in her hands. She’ll form alliances, she’ll make the bonds, and she won’t be afraid to take out the big threats. That’s some super strong qualities for Marissa. I don’t think she’ll outlast everyone though, once she makes a name for herself in the house, it’ll be all over and they’ll come after her. I think Marissa bows out right in the middle of the season.



A high-achieving corporate salesman, Allan will do whatever it takes to win Big Brother. He’s a master manipulator who will use every ounce of strategy to ensure he’s got everyone going against each other and not a single eye looking at him. He’s hoping to be a trailblazer that plays the game on a high calibre, thinking the game will be a, “walk in the park”. He might struggle with some of the basic household chores, but Allan assures he can adapt to anything thrown at him.

This is the guy that’s going to really make an impact on the season. He’s got a big strategy to play and I think you’ll find Allan will be running the show for a good while. There are some red flags for me, thinking the game will be a walk in the park might be a sign of overconfidence. But if Allan is really true to his word of playing a high strategic game, I think we’ll see that play out for a long time this season. I think Allan’s got exactly what it takes to win this game, he’s just gotta take it one step at a time and not think too far ahead, otherwise, someone else will clinch his spot as a finalist.



She’s a former elite gymnast who’s a massive Big Brother fan, Sophie’s everything you want in a housemate. There’s no doubt her athletic prowess will help her survive for a while, but Sophie’s currently studying communications at university that will see her excel at the social side of the game too. Sophie’s major flaw is an inability to lie, so she hopes to keep her cards close to her chest to ensure a longer stay in the house. She thinks failing isn’t an option, and is ready to play a strategic game.

Sophie’s touched on each aspect of the game in her bio, so I think she can no doubt do well at each aspect too. It’ll be interesting to see her strategic game come out, I think that’s what will need to flesh out most for her to succeed. But what worries me is the rumours of a showmance with another housemate, that’s a big target and it could see Sophie go sooner than expected. If all goes well, I really think Sophie could make it to the end, or fall just short getting there.



Sophie’s rumoured flame, Chad is a male model who promises to make his time in the house a great representation of his roots in Sydney’s west. He’s travelled the world, and loves the outdoors, so being locked in a house might not be quite what Chad is suited for. He does believe he has some tricks from his career that will help his strategy in the house, thinking he can adapt to various personalities while being a chill alpha male.

Yeah, Chad’s got the challenges on lock. He’s gonna walk out of the house with a win or two, or three. I think that’s his biggest asset and it will see others gravitate toward him because of a string of power. But notice how I said walk out of the house? Chad’s got to watch his back because the other housemates will come after him right when they can find the numbers to overthrow the alpha king. It could be an upset before the final ten if Chad is too threatening, but he might be able to survive until the final six IF he forms some strong alliances.



Wanting to bring the ‘real’ to Reality TV, Danni calls herself a typical Aussie who’s proud of her lifestyle and achievements before tackling the Big Brother dream. She thinks she’s got a strong eye for reading people and situations, hoping to sit back and observe the other housemates before making her moves. Danni hopes her likeable personality will put in her in a lot of favour with the other housemates.

I’m really loving Danni y’all. Like legit, I hope she wins it. And the good news is, I think she can! She’s got a lot of life experience that’ll see her as an interesting person to talk to and watch, but I also think her social skills are just right up against some of these stronger and aggressive personalities. I can see her avoiding conflict and keeping an open mind in the game, so given she does form those necessary relationships with all the varying personalities in the house, she could go a long way. I think Danni can be a finalist, but at least crack the top ten to make a real impact on the game.



Adelaide’s worst driver is in the Big Brother house! But maybe he’ll be better at driving the game than a car. He’s outgoing, he’s bold, and he has a strategic mindset that’ll play out well in the game. He’s a superfan of the game and I think we’ll see a lot of him no matter how short his stay is in the house. He’s got a great strategic outlook for his future, and will face up to anyone to make sure he comes out on top. Winning means everything to him.

I’m always a fan of the big strategic players and I think Kieran’s gonna make quite the strategic impact from the jump. He’s going to be in everyone’s ear and making sure his name is left out of every eviction conversation. My biggest fear for Kieran is that he will play himself into a corner and won’t have any allies that will trust him. If he’s going around and whispering to everyone, they might catch on and turn on Kieran before he can pivot it back in his direction. He might see an earlier exit than expected, and could be a massive threat taken out before he even finds his footing. And frankly, the housemates should act before they’re sorry.



The self-described bogan Casey wants to give the game a red hot crack with her clumsy and creative personality. She holds strong family values with such a tight unit at home, but says she can be annoying and hyperactive at times when her chaotic energy runs wild. She doesn’t like fake people, admitting she can be too truth-telling herself at times. In the end, Casey thinks she can roll with the punches and come around on some housemates in the end.

Casey’s biggest flaw is that belief she will grow on her other housemates after a while, she doesn’t have time for people to eventually like her, she has to be likeable from the beginning. If her personality is as brash and chaotic as she says it is, many housemates will probably want to distance themselves from her and send her packing sooner rather than later, simply because she can be an easy vote. I can see Casey either being a big pawn to be nominated frequently, or just taken out very early to save the trouble from happening later on. I doubt Casey makes it past two weeks in the house.



A man of many talents, Soobong has a long list of key jobs on his resume that might help him out on Big Brother. He asserts he’s one of the happiest people alive, and has a crazy personality that brings out his fun side. He sees the house as a playground and expects everyone to find him funny and wise, I can really see the show having a field day with Soobong. Hoping to do whatever it takes to win, Soobong is ultimately looking forward to having a good time.

He’s a bloody wildcard, I don’t know if the housemates are going to love or hate him! I think his personality is really fun and that’s going to be just amazing to watch this season. If we were under the old rules, Soobong could take it all the way to the end. But with the housemates having so much power this season, Soobong could strike out early and be a major loss to the season. Given he can mesh with the others though, Soobong could make a likely run to the final eight, where his likeability causes him to be evicted for being such a big threat. Only time will tell!



At only 19, Sarah is a pocket rocket who served as a Regimental Sergeant Major with the Australian Army Cadets. Her bio reads, “what she lacks in height, Sarah makes up for with personality, passion and positivity”. She’s had a tough upbringing but an incredible story to tell, which just might her see the light when it’s dark in the Big Brother house. Hoping to represent young people well, Sarah asserts she is respectful, hard-working and consistently motivated.

Sarah doesn’t have much strategy to her game, so I think we’ll see her just ride as a floater for a while before she needs to act. But, I don’t think she will quite act quickly anyway, she’s here for the experience and I think some of the more strategic players will just pounce on her right away. If some alliances begin to form, I don’t think Sarah will find her place with anyone and might be an outsider from the rest, this could see her finish around 15th place, and what I’ll lock in for a prediction.



As a former AFL player, Daniel hopes to make his mark on the game known. He’s a class clown who went from footy to real estate agent, hoping Big Brother is the next big leap for his life journey. He wants to be seen as unique and funny, playing to his strengths of making people laugh and being an honest and genuine man. He’s all about making people happy, and is a great addition to the house this season.

I think it’s fair to assume Daniel will be alright in challenges, I can see him working hard and really wanting to succeed in them, having a lot of hope for success each time. I also think he can adapt socially where needed, and just own that side of the game for a while. I don’t know if he’ll be in the strategic seat of the game at any point in the competition, but Daniel could make a good run to the final ten if he can get there. I’m not too sure where he’ll land, but Daniel should be fun to watch.



A fun mum, woodwork teacher and lifestyle blogger, Zoe’s got quite the roles at home that she’s having to let go to play this season of Big Brother. She’s easy-going and wants to be super fun in the house, ready to be the prankster to keep the house alive. But she’s competitive when she needs to be, ready to be a leader and delegator in the game. Ultimately, Zoe hopes her kind and generous personality will be key to her success this season.

Zoe’s going to be a lot of fun to be around and watch, so I think we’ll see her last a while in the house. I don’t think she’ll make too much of an impact though, and could be everybody’s number yet never anyone’s main ally. She might see a lot of the nomination chair if she’s too chill, so I hope Zoe’s ready to play hard when she has to. While I think Zoe has the potential to be quite successful in the game, I do think she’ll be someone who sees a relatively quiet and emotional exit, rather than being taken out for being a big threat to the game.

That’s the 20 housemates who will be entering the house when Big Brother Australia returns this week. We’ve got a lot of large personalities and fun aspects to look forward to, along with some real physical beasts, cunning strategic players, and adaptable social warriors. My main picks for who we might see take it home are: Mat, Allan, Sophie and Danni. But of course, it’s a new game with unexpected things to be thrown at us and the housemates, so I can’t wait to watch how this new era unfolds, and wish the best of luck to the cast and series for a positive future beyond this year.

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