Lego Masters 2020 – “Are There White Hotdogs?”

Going into finale week, only four teams could make it out alive. But with big twists, reveals, and special challenge builds, it wasn’t going to be easy to secure a spot at the end.

It all kicked off with a Star Wars tribute challenge, and then the elimination build that took things to a whole new level, an underwater level, in fact. As five teams battled for a spot in finale week, our fan favs put on a masterclass of Lego perfection.



With five teams left, Hamish reveals that there’s a secret brick pit hiding in the studio, full of Star Wars specific Lego pieces for their very next challenge, the Star Wars build. No team will be eliminated this time, but the winner will earn Immunity and the first spot into finale week. With eight hours on the clock, the build is on!

With storm troopers surrounding, Jackson & Alex design an imperial tempest dropship for the dark side of the Star Wars universe. Tim & Dannii also work for the dark side, building an imperial blade. For the light side, Trent & Josh plan a heavy assault starship, and Jennifer & Jodie the ‘Rayvenger’, named after one of the main characters of the series, Rey. Working in between both sides, on the grey side, Andrew & Damian design a bounty hunter ship. Tim’s so excited about the build, it’s leading to him and Dannii arguing over the ideas they have and worrying about potentially not finishing for a failure to get on the same page and produce a strong Lego masterpiece.

The Brickman looks forward to Jackson & Alex’s ship, but fears Andrew & Damian might have too difficult of a task ahead for working on the grey side. He also is concerned, as a running theme, for Trent & Josh, who might be taking too many risks and going to big for this particular challenge. But Trent’s sheer love of Star Wars might just be the ticket to making it out alive, as his trivia knowledge is too great to take on Hamish’s rapid fire questions. Jackson & Alex come to a roadblock when the wings of their ship aren’t strong enough to support the main body, but hopes building on a larger scale can be a saviour. As the builds come to close, the final few seconds take all the teams, especially Jackson & Alex, down to the wire.

With so much on the line, the Brickman commends all the teams for what they produced. He appreciates Jennifer & Jodie’s story, but believes some of the build is lost at the base. Jackson & Alex’s ship has some minor issues, but otherwise is a satisfying build for the Brickman. Tim & Dannii’s build is a big tick for appearance, despite their fears it wouldn’t be completed. But their execution is criticised heavily from what’s on the inside of their piece, prompting the team to believe this would be their elimination if it was scheduled for the episode. Trent & Josh’s ship loses points for not sticking to the theoretical budget for the light side, the Brickman believing it’s too good and therefore, unrealistic. Andrew & Damian’s ship from the grey side is a big tick from the Brickman, who ultimately declares them the winners of the challenge, sending them through to finale week.

Tim & Dannii’s Star Wars themed Lego set is criticised for the overall execution.


In this elimination challenge, the four teams vying for three spots in finale week are tasked with building a piece that must sit underwater in a fish tank. Excited and ecstatic for the challenge ahead, the teams must build something that comes to life when submerged in water. The Brickman names it as one of the most technically difficult challenges ever, with technique, story and aesthetics all important as always.

Jackson & Alex plan to build a ‘crablantis’, while Jennifer & Jodie decide to build a mermaid, although they are warned by the Brickman after an earlier team were eliminated for building the same thing. Trent & Josh design a diver fighting a sea creature, while Tim & Dannii stick to the fighting team as well, by building an octopus versus diver. This creates a conflict between the two teams, worried they will be compared and one team will be eliminated for not being better than the other. The Brickman fears Jackson & Alex might get too wrapped up with their idea for it to make sense, while Hamish plays a game of will it float with every team.

Jackson & Alex are hoping their build will be clear enough, managing to turn Hamish to their side, who originally wasn’t sold. Trent & Josh’s squid is fairly heavy, and the boys want it to turn on an angle, but worry it will float off their base when underwater. With an hour to go, Jennifer & Jodie are pretty proud of the mermaid they’ve built, while Trent & Josh are cutting it close with some of their build still incomplete. Tim & Dannii’s details are crucial to their success when submerged underwater, before time is up and it all depends on the risks with water.

Tim & Dannii’s build survives under water, with everyone staying attached and the coins from the chest floating above. The Brickman’s impressed, and so am I. Trent & Josh’s squid lifts off from their base, but it doesn’t float completely. It’s saved, but the Brickman and Trent & Josh worry over the structural execution of their main piece. Jackson & Alex’s floating pieces manage to do just that when under water, as the Brickman commends their risks taken and has his expectations exceeded. Jennifer & Jodie’s mermaid is significantly heavy, which causes it to tilt and a seaweed piece to be broken off during the transition. While the mermaid stays intact and her hair floats above her hair, the Brickman names it their best build. But in the end, such a high calibre of Lego talent leaves it to the Brickman to name Jennifer & Jodie as the eliminated team, sending the other three to finale week to battle against each other to win the grand prize.

Jackson & Alex’s ‘Crablantis’ is a big winner for the Brickman and sends them through to the final week of Lego Masters.


What this show reinvents each week is quite remarkable, an entire Star Wars themed challenge with a secret brick pit as well as an underwater first – that’s amazing! It’s like every corner of Lego building is being tested this season, and it makes for great and exciting TV, as well as new and bold challenges for the teams to overcome. But we have our top four teams, and only one will win the whole damn thing.

Jennifer & Jodie really have been a great team this season, they just don’t have the skills that the other four have been able to produce build after build. I really love their dynamic and personality, especially Jennifer’s. They were great to watch and produced some amazing Lego pieces during their time on the show. I wish they lasted longer, it would have been a cool underdog story. But realistically, it wasn’t going to happen. Their mermaid was cool, I liked it. I think they have a lot to be proud of, and are going to be missed in these last couple of episodes. But for the other teams, there’s nowhere to hide. They are the four strongest teams and they’re gonna have to fight to make it out alive.

Jackson & Alex are going to be my pick to win. They’re really strong Lego builders, and I think they’re the unexpected choice in this lineup. A part of me still believes they’ll crash and burn next build, but I also think their communication and keen eye for detail and making bold choices are what sets them apart from the other teams. They know how to innovate, we saw that twice just this week alone. I’m really impressed with their work and I would love for them to take it out. They’re really strong competition, they have done well every week. I see a great future incoming, both edit and skill wise. Take it home boys!

Trent & Josh have been under the Brickman’s thumb all competition. Risk after risk, concern after concern – even I’m unsure how they made it out alive. Are they a pair of cats with nine lives? Will they finally come undone right down to the wire? I think so. I think they’ve got some great and really wild ideas, that’s gonna be perfect going into these last two episodes. But they make some mistakes and while they often recover, I just don’t think the luck will last until the end. The boys certainly have the talent and skill to make it all the way to a first place finish, but I don’t think they’re a sure bet. I’d put them in as my 3rd place pick, but I also don’t wanna call it as an all-male final three (again). So I’m gonna have them as losing the next elimination build, with one risk just not paying off in time. But, will be equally surprised if they can win the whole thing. They’re a great team with a lot of hard work in them, they CAN pull it off. It’ll be huge if they do.

Tim & Dannii are so fun to watch. They work well together and both come up with some great ideas to see them do well in the competition. Compared to a couple of other teams, their consistency has been off and while I always appreciate what they build, the Brickman identifies little mistakes often with their pieces. I do think they’ve got what it takes to make it to the final three. That’d be awesome if they did so we have a woman standing there as a finalist. But I don’t think they can go beyond third place. They’re a great team, they’ve got huge heart and a lot of skill. But I don’t think they have enough to pip the others at the post and take it home. If they can, it’d be amazing! But given how the show has gone thus far, I have to call it as I see it and right now, I am sending them a whole lot of luck just to survive until the finale. I love them a lot, but someone’s gotta win.

Andrew & Damian have pretty much been the team of the competition, right from the get go. Their builds have a nice touch to them every challenge, and it always shows they’re here to win and have the capability to do so. If I was a betting man, I’d say these guys are odds on favourite to win the show. But I see an upset at the end, with Jackson & Alex winning the season. This bumps Andrew & Damian down as the Runners-Up, and I think it’s safe to call them there. They are great builders, some of the best we’ve ever seen. But it only takes one challenge to win it. I think we’ll see them there on finale night, I’ll be shocked if we don’t. But unless they can really pull out something that can wow the Brickman, which I still think they can do, I don’t think they’ll be the winners. That said, if they manage to take out the title and grand prize, I’d be ecstatic for them and their hard work and progress all season will be a tribute to their ultimate win. They’re a strong team, and they’ve been fun to watch all season long.

The final four teams in the competition include: Jackson & Alex, Andrew & Damian, Tim & Dannii, and Trent & Josh.

Hamish and the Brickman are still fun, although I’ve heard feedback about the show needed another judge – Yes! I think this is a great idea, someone to balance out the Brickman’s decisions and we can have each of them weigh up the various aspects in a build (technique, execution, story, aesthetics). It can solve any disputes between fans and the Brickman himself. It’s an interesting idea worth thinking over for season three. Plus, it can prevent the format from going stale. Keep it fresh. Otherwise I’m loving the duo and Hamish is always a laugh. Just what you need at times. He’s a great choice for host, as is Brickman for judge. We just need another one. Or even a guest judge each challenge. Ex-contestants, themed guests (imagine a Star Wars cast or crew member), other Lego experts. You could vary it up, and draw in an even bigger audience than what we have already. What is guaranteed – this show is awesome. So much to look forward to and be impressed about. It’s over just as soon as it started, but I like that it goes quick. It’s so fun to watch.

Finale week is upon us and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. It looks BIG. Colossal big. There’s gonna be some great stuff coming out of the hat from these four teams, and no doubt it’ll be tough to call a winner and three losers out of them all. But I’ve certainly enjoyed the Lego Masters ride this season and hope the finish is just as strong as the start. Only two episodes remain, don’t miss the massive finale that will be gold television.

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Lego Masters Australia concludes with finale week on Channel Nine at 7:00pm on Sunday, and at 7:30pm on Monday!


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