Lego Masters 2020 – “We Can Catch Up”

Get your build on! The 2020 season of Lego Masters Australia launched this week with three massive episodes of family-friendly fun!

Three monster episodes of Lego building fun, two men fronting the season providing hilarious moments and detailed judgements, one team already waving goodbye. Let’s break down the first week of Lego Masters 2020!



As host Hamish Blake narrates what’s to come this season, we are gifted flashes and clips of what Lego Masters will be in 2020. All eight teams are officially welcomed by Hamish and Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught, as Hamish promises a lot will change and stay the same in the sequel season of the Australian Reality TV hit. Already, the comedian is well and truly back, and I’m reminded that the jokes will be continuing all season, as expected, instead of some fierce strategic competition that I’m so used to watching. Jordy from the 2019 season returns, holding a box that contains the golden brick, which allows the holder to stay safe before the next elimination. But there’s a new brick too, with a lightning bolt on the side, which allows the team that holds it to use Jordy as a runner to and from their stations to the Lego brick pit. The winner of the first challenge will receive both the golden and Jordy brick.

Hamish reveals to the teams their first build of the season will be to make their own world from an island that surrounds a giant volcano, with the Brickman explaining that he’s looking for storytelling and creativity in the winner. The teams are given 15 hours to build, and the race is on!

Jay & Stani plan on building a tourist world, working on a hotel and more, hoping to take the build to the next level. Annie & Runa, the psychic and scientist, hope to use their island canvas as a turtle island. Damian & Andrew work out that Hamish, is in fact, real, and theorise building an isle of eyes with a cave and a creature hidden inside. Tim & Dannii plan to build a wizard tower on their island, and after a late start, Jackson & Alex begin to build their design, a steampunk world. The team of Trent & Josh hope to build a ‘wowing’ newtopia island while Summer & Iona have made little progress thus far, but eventually gain some inspiration and decide to build a dream home, one they could never afford.

Andrew & Damian consult with the Brickman while building their first Lego piece.

At 8 hours to go, Jay & Stani build a rotating observation deck, while Damian & Andrew’s take advice by the Brickman to make the eyes located on their own tower move and appear spooky. Hamish pays a visit to Jennifer & Jodie who questions some of the logic of their build, as it conflicts between under and over water. After 12 hours of building time, Summer & Iona are concerned over the structure of their Lego, before it all comes crashing down! Well, just some bricks on the side, not the house itself… oh wait, no, yeah it does fall anyway.

Other teams rush in to help and pick their fallen pieces up off the floor, but the girls know their build is in danger with 15 minutes to go. All the teams manage to get their sets in place, and it’s time for the Brickman to make his judgement.

All the teams receive some praise and some criticism for their first build of the season, with some teams even getting mentioned for taking worthwhile risks so early in the competition. Before the winner is revealed, Hamish issues a twist, the teams must build a gift from one world to another by boat, representative of their main build.

The gift must tell the story to the Brickman, with the teams only explaining what they couldn’t gather before. The judgements made on this gift are paired with the main build to decide a winner. In the end, Jay & Stani and Andrew & Damian are named as the top two teams, and while I lock in Jay & Stani as my favourites for tonight, the Brickman claims Andrew & Damian as the winners. They receive both the golden and the Jordan brick.


It’s build two for the season, and the winner will earn Immunity from the Elimination build next episode, and we’re putting in a massive explosion to the build this time. Each team will be given a hero, and each build (and explosion) must be cinematic to the mini figure. There’s also an element that can be included in each explosion too, either slime, water, chalk, or glitter. The teams are randomly assigned an element and hero character, and 10 hours are set on the clock!

Damian & Andrew, last episode’s challenge winners, plan to build a fairy queen’s castle, while Summer & Iona hope to gain a better grasp of their concept early this time, working on a secret lair council. Tim & Dannii design a space alien eradication, Jennifer & Jodie – a secret agent’s escape, Jackson & Alex – a wild west bank heist, and Annie & Runa – a dragon’s lair. Jay & Stani are going for maximum carnage with their viking fort, and Trent & Josh build an 80’s alien action film. Hamish offers all the teams a head for their figure, something to really sell the story of their set piece.

At the halfway mark, Hamish and the Brickman begin to discuss the battle of the aliens and who will win between Trent & Josh and Tim & Dannii. They’re also concerned about Summer & Iona’s build and whether the explosion will be exciting enough to watch. With one hour to go, Runa grows close to her awesome dragon build for her set, but it comes too close when it breaks and collapses in her hands. Jackson & Alex also gain advice from Hamish to rig a hat flying off during the explosion from their hero figure. All the teams finish, and it’s boom time!

Summer & Iona’s exploding secret lair council Lego set.

As everything explodes, we see some great blasts that see towers and people flying out of shot. Equally, there’s some missed opportunities and unlucky moments. But damn, these explosions are so cool! Slowing them down and really seeing pieces spiral out of control is just so much Lego fun. There were hats flying, slime oozing, water droplets blasting, and it was just all jam packed in a fun and exciting half of the episode. But my favourite ended up being Summer & Iona just over Jackson & Alex, because of their awesome shark landing pinpoint on another mini figure. Thankfully, the Brickman agreed, and while both teams landed in the top two, Summer & Iona ended up winning Immunity and a spot in the top seven.


With one team going home after this challenge, Damian & Andrew decline to play either the golden or Jordan brick for the first elimination. In today’s build, the teams must construct a classic fairy tale scene within 12 hours. Art and aesthetic ability are on display according to the Brickman.

Damian & Andrew decide to build a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk, also chosen by Tim & Dannii, although a different scene. Jay & Stani design the castle and Rapunzel from, you guessed it, Rapunzel, as Jackson & Alex plan on building the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel. It’s business time for Trent & Josh, who design Cinderella and her trip to the castle, Annie & Runa building a scene from The Little Mermaid, and Jennifer & Jodie working on The Ugly Duckling. The Brickman worries about Trent & Josh’s focus on the castle and not Cinderella herself, but Josh begs to differ as he convinces Trent to go full steam ahead on building the perfect castle.

Shots are fired between the two Beanstalk teams, while Annie & Runa gain some much needed advice from the Brickman after having issues with scaling and sizing. The Brickman has some major worries for several of the teams during the build, with some playing too safe or others being too risky it will cost their place in the game. Jackson & Alex worry they won’t have enough time to finish their build, while Andrew & Damian have concerns their build is too heavy and their beanstalk won’t hold its weight.

With one hour to go, Trent & Josh are still working on their castle and are significantly worried that not taking the Brickman’s advice will see them going home. Annie & Runa decide to place the head of their mermaid in the final few minutes, although Hamish cautions them against it in case it won’t hold. Damian & Andrew work on their giant and beanstalk, hoping it won’t collapse and see them out of the season. Amazingly, it holds up, and the boys are feeling comfortable, for now. Jackson & Alex have limited time to place the roof of their house on, which proves to be more of a struggle than anticipated. Annie & Runa’s mermaid falls to pieces with only minutes remaining, forcing them to come up with a contingency for any chance of surviving to next week. Time finishes, and now the judgements must be made.

The Brickman gives feedback to all the teams, including commending detail and telling teams less is more. He particularly expresses concern over Trent & Josh’s storytelling, and Annie & Runa’s flopped over the edge mermaid. In the end, my personal favourite build is Tim & Dannii’s scene from Jack and the Beanstalk, I just loved the scaling of their giant to Jack, it looked awesome! The Brickman however selected Jackson & Alex as the winners of the challenge. And for the first elimination, an emotional Brickman ultimately decided Annie & Runa’s run in the competition would come to an end.

Annie & Runa are first team eliminated from Lego Masters 2020.


What a fun first week to the 2020 season of Lego Masters Australia. We had three fantastic episodes full of epic Lego builds, and of course, one elimination. This is a great, family friendly Reality TV show, fit with enough building drama to keep it interesting, but even more fun and comedy to keep it light for an evening.

Annie & Runa’s elimination seemed imminent. None of their builds turned out to be amazing, although their skill is certainly commended and I enjoyed their time on screen. I thought they had an interesting dynamic, and equally enjoyed Annie’s bubbly personality and consistent positivity. It was a good balance in comparison to Runa’s more grounded and calm approach for the season. I think their last build just turned out to be a disaster in comparison to the others, they had a good idea but execution was their weakness. It’s unfortunate to see them go, but already there are a couple of teams who just seem to be beyond their abilities to win.

Andrew & Damian are our front runners, they’ve done extremely well in all three challenges, and are also given this narrative role throughout each episode. We often cut to them first, and they are shown much more prominently than the other teams. I think given everything stays the same until the end of the competition, Andrew & Damian will probably end up winning the competition. While none of their builds have been my personal favourite, they have always ranked highly with me and the Brickman, so I expect them to go deep in the season. Jackson & Alex have a similar edit as well, consistently doing fairly well in the first week to be shown prominently and delivering great masterpieces. There’s decent communication between them, and they bounce good ideas off of each other. There’s room for improvement, and they’re on their way up. And how cool was their hat flying off in Episode 2? That was epic! I really enjoy this team and I still think they’re gonna end up winning. It’s the vibe and the edit I’m feeling.

Summer & Iona had quite the turnaround from Episode 1 to 2, really getting stuck that first challenge. They still produced a great build in the premiere, so I’m not counting them out at all. In fact, I actually liked their build in Episode 1 better than 2, but you can’t deny the perfect shark fall on a figure to seal the win and guaranteed Immunity. Other than that sheer moment of luck, it wasn’t the best build or explosion, in my opinion. I still enjoyed it, however, and am looking forward to how they’ll progress through the season. They’re a fun team, I hope they stick around. Jay & Stani really impressed me in the first episode, and I wish they won the challenge! The tourist world just seemed amazing, and I really like the rotating element they included from the beginning of the season. It showed they had guts, which didn’t come out in Episode 3. I don’t think their Rapunzel piece was too safe, but it certainly wasn’t going to buy them a win. If they take on the Brickman’s advice, they could go to the end and win. I really love their dynamic too, so that’d be great to see!

The next three teams certainly didn’t get as much coverage in the week than the others. Trent & Josh had a close call to elimination in Episode 3, so I imagine they certainly won’t make the mistake of not taking on the Brickman’s advice again. It’d be interesting to see how they’ll go from here. I like them, but they’re equally hard to read – probably because of a lack of screen time. Tim & Dannii show a lot of skill in their builds, and I think it’s only a matter of time for a breakout episode and likely challenge win. I actually really enjoyed their build from the third episode, so hopefully we see more from them soon and they can pull off an epic win. Fingers crossed. Jennifer & Jodie have a really fun dynamic that I enjoy watching. I actually think they could do really well this season but we’ve probably seen the least from them thus far so I’m only betting they’ll go eventually. Their builds have been really good, albeit not amazing enough to sit in the top two. I love watching them, I’m just worried their run will come to an end soon. I hope their screen time turns soon!

Tim & Dannii’s fairy tale creation for the elimination challenge in Episode 3.

There’s no doubt the Brickman and Hamish’s dynamic is amazing! They’re such a good pair, and the Brickman is really knowledgeable and skilled at what he does, it shows when he pulls out the really small details (either good or bad) about each build. He’s a great judge, perfect for this show. He’s also caring about the teams and feels for what they’re working on and helping them improve. That’s a quality we don’t often see in Reality TV shows, so it’s refreshing to watch again this year. Hamish is comedy gold, also the perfect host for this fun show. When the Lego building can grow somewhat boring and repetitive, the show stays alive with his antics and stokes of comedic genius. I think the show’s already got an awesome format and concept to each episode, Hamish is the cherry on top to make it really stand out as a great performer in this year’s batch of Reality TV hits.

Lego Masters Australia 2020 is off to a great start, and it’s only looking to get better next week as the competition continues and the teams battle to be Australia’s best Lego builders of the year! In the mean time, check out some other great content we’ve got on Reality Review!

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The 2020 season of Lego Masters continues on Channel Nine at 7:00pm on Sunday, and at 7:30pm on Monday!


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