Lego Masters 2020 – Pre-Season Assessment

After a massive first season in 2019, Nine’s surprising and enjoyable family hit, Lego Masters, is returning to screens in 2020 with a second season built for all Lego fans!

With over one million viewers every night it went to air last year, it’s no surprise that one of Australia’s favourite Reality competition shows was going to come back bigger and better. Eight teams of two from across the country will battle to build Lego masterpieces and ultimately be named the winners of the 2020 season and take home the $100,000 cash prize that comes with it. Funny man Hamish Blake returns as host, while Lego designer Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught stands alongside him as series judge.

Judge Ryan McNaught and host Hamish Blake are prepared to welcome back Lego Masters for a second season on Channel Nine.



Jackson & Alex

These Western Australian best mates are walking into the competition with their close friendship and a passion for Lego that’s existed for almost as long as the length of their hair. They already try to challenge themselves at home with what Lego masterpieces they can build, but the big stage is where it will matter and Jason and Alex are gonna have to really get thrown in the deep end. Jackson has travelled the world chasing creative inspiration, while Alex enjoys solving the problems and thinking outside the box when building. This team of two may just be the winning formula to take home $100,000 and be crowned the champions of Lego Master‘s 2nd season. Both of them are up for the competition and hope to win it by putting their two heads together to truly create some incredible Lego surprises. They’ve got big ideas, big hearts, and even bigger skills in building, if there’s any show these boys are going to win, it’ll be Lego Masters.

I can see these boys going big, bold and creating some truly amazing pieces that’ll take the Brickman’s breath away. I think by having years of friendship under their belt too, we can expect them to work extremely well together because they are aware of the other’s skill and how to navigate challenges that they will inevitably face in the competition. I expect these guys to go deep, possibly even win it, so I’ll lock in a prediction that sees them heading to the finale.


Summer & Iona

With a year’s difference between them, Summer and Iona are the youngest team to compete on the season. For 18 years these two have been friends, and that’s a bond that’ll be tough to crack in any situation. But it’s what separates them most that brings them together. Sunny’s the extrovert, and Iona’s the introvert – perhaps these two opposing qualities working together is the key to success to win Lego Masters in 2020? Summer studies engineering at university, a male-dominated world that keeps her empowered and ready to shine through the clouds. Iona on the other hand has had her heart set on competing on this show because it’s the years of letting her imagination run wild that will be useful in a competition like this. They self-describe themselves as ‘Lego nerds’, so they might just have the tools in their back pocket that will see them soar to the top podium finish.

I really like Summer and Iona, I like that another young team has appeared on the show, showing that age is just a number. In fact, it might be the best number in a competition like this, so I expect the girls to do really well this season. I think there’s a huge chance they can be finale bound and even win the whole competition, but I also think their varying personalities may clash in one challenge that will ultimately take them out. I’ll sit for 4th, but won’t be too shocked if they can go even further.


Damian & Andrew

The big kids are here to play and Damian and Andrew are fit for the competition that Lego Masters has to offer. After meeting at a Lego show where they both complimented each other’s castle, the two have been best mates ever since and are ready to be crowned the champions of their favourite show and activity. But while they’re ready to have fun and jump into building some great Lego masterpieces, they’re coming into the show with a game plan and hope that a well executed strategy will propel them forward. Attention to detail and working together is key to Damian and Andrew’s success, with the show promising the team to be serious contenders. But they have their own preferences as well, disliking set builds and instead preferring MOC’s (My Own Creations). They hope to go epic, they hope to take home the win. Will Damian and Andrew seal victory?

I think these guys are not to underestimated, I see some good strategy being pivotal for this season. But I think they might be hyped up too much. If the boys are already deciding what’s good and what’s undesirable, perhaps they won’t adapt to what’s shown in front of them quick enough up against the other teams. I can see Damian and Andrew bringing out some great creations for the Brickman and viewers alike, but I also think they might hit their downfall sooner than anticipated. I see them going home early, but I’m down to be proven wrong.


Jennifer & Jodie

Jennifer’s a researcher and program co-ordinator, Jodie’s a stay-at-home Mum and ‘Lego Batman’ as a member of the Southern Bricks group in South Australia. Two varying lives but both with a passion and skill set to become the Lego Masters champions. Jennifer loves to experiment and innovate creative designs while embarking on Lego journeys, while Jodie’s run with Lego began when she was only six. From builds like Aquaman and a rotating display of scenes from A Christmas Carol between them, these two have years of experience both in life and in building that might see them ace the competition and pull out a victory. While Lego building can be fun and win them $100,000, both Jennifer and Jodie see the bricks as a tool for inspiration in both children and adults, developing spatial awareness and problem solving skills that can benefit anybody in their own daily lives.

I really like Jennifer and Jodie, I think their vibe and energy isn’t too high that their excitement will see them choke but they’re also both clearly passionate and prepared to win the game through some monster Lego creations. If they can stay grounded but conjure up some really amazing builds, Jennifer and Jodie have just as good of a shot to win as anyone else. I’m not sure if they’ll hold up against the other teams however, so will predict them to place somewhere in the middle. We’ll see how it pans out.


Jay & Stani

These two may be in their early 40’s but Jay and Stani’s Lego adventure began when they were only seven years old. Now, they’re working in a team to ultimately win the 2nd season of Lego Masters. Jay’s more detail-orientated in his Lego builds, while Stani likes to think big picture and think about the final outcome for his creations. Perhaps these two will go together and Jay and Stani might be the team to beat all season long. Both boys have a huge passion for Lego, truly obsessed with all things big build and devoting hours of their days working on some new pieces. Jay loves to challenge himself and be pushed out of his comfort zone to make builds legendary, whereas Stani is the perfectionist who focuses on every brick being precisely on target to his imaginary blueprints. They already agree that their skills are a perfect match, but there’s no doubt the Lego Masters stage will be the proving ground for that.

The Lego superfans are pretty cool, I think they’re a great casting choice and really have a nice bond between them that will be paramount to their success in the competition. They are in the right competition and plan to go all the way to the top, which is probably what they’ll end up doing. For some reason, and I can’t quite put my finger on it, these guys just seem to have the right things going for them that will put them in good stead early on. Will their skills truly make them a perfect pair? Time will tell. But I predict they’re a lock to at least avoid a few elimination and make the top five.


Tim & Dannii

Tim and Dannii have only one thing that the other teams don’t – they’re the only man/woman duo. We’ve to a bunch of boys and girls all working within their own sex, but Tim and Dannii are holding the flag for the couples. As high school sweethearts, the two have been inseparable since the moment they met. They hope their perfect team in life translates to a perfect team in the Lego Masters competition, and it just might be. Lego has become a major part of their lives, after Tim was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014, building was a key motivation to his recovery. Now that they have two kids, Lego is a staple in their home, with Dannii describing Tim as a big kid with an overactive imagination. Dannii herself enjoys that she is challenged to think critically when building Lego creations, and together they hope their past performance in Lego competitions will see them shoot to the top on the show that it really matters in.

These guys are so cute! Tim is literally legally blind in one eye after having his tumour removed, yet he’s got a knack for storytelling and building some truly amazing pieces that will no doubt take the Brickman and viewers at home on a journey itself. Their relationship and tight team mentality will be sure to benefit them all season long, and I’ll predict them to go all the way to the finale, possibly beating out all the rest and becoming the Lego Masters champions.


Trent & Josh

Trent and Josh have a decade’s worth of life experience apart, but the unlikely duo is hopefully the ticket to winning Lego Masters when it comes down to the nitty gritty. A combined love for the 80’s and fantasy, Trent and Josh believe being huge fans of Lego will steal a victory. Once believing Lego was for kids and not adults, Trent has learned to love his passion and embrace it, even starting a podcast about his enjoyment for Lego and other toys, sharing it with the world. Josh on the other hand loves a good challenge, and hopes to incorporate his personal style and touch to Lego builds through a complex and technical manner. At work, Trent is an accountant always adding up the numbers, a skill possibly perfect for a competition like Lego Masters. Josh is a school chaplain who’s biggest build ever is the Lego 1996 Batcave.

Trent and Josh really are the unlikely duo, we’re not here to deny it. I think Trent will definitely assume the leadership role in the team as well, with his passion for Lego clearly overshadowing Josh’s. But I like the team and I think they can do well. I’m nominating them as the wildcard pick, because I can’t call where they’ll finish. They’re such a different team to the others, either they’ll prevail or flail. Only time will tell!


Annie & Runa

The psychic and scientist duo, Annie and Runa have more in common than what you would expect. After undergoing brain surgery, Runa used Lego as a prominent tool to rebuilding her life and bringing back her personal focus with each brick. Much like Runa, Annie was diagnosed with a brain infection that expected to end her life before she turned 18. But she’s made it to 30 and is happily married with two kids, enjoying in Lego building like everyone else in the competition. Runa loves experimenting and building masterpieces on a large-scale, while Annie is going to use her psychic ability to predict what needs to happen next to pave the way to success for her and her teammate. Both Annie and Runa believe the possess the skills to lead them to winning Lego Masters, but will they be able to foresee a future that guarantees victory?

Both Annie and Runa have such inspiring stories and I’m excited to see how they work together in this competition and whether they’ll manage to make right to the end. There’s no doubt the psychic vs scientist story arc will be fun to watch, and whether Annie will be able to pinpoint future mistakes and avoid them from happening. But what’s for certain is that the ladies are here to win and will use their talent to get right to the end. I think they could be a surprising finale pick. Or maybe they’ll go out first. Flip of a coin for me.

So with Lego Masters back for a 2nd season airing on Sunday at 7:00pm on Channel Nine, we’re in for some amazing Lego masterpieces, incredible teamwork, and ultimately one duo that will become champions. Who’s your pick to be the winners in 2020?

I’ll be covering the season every week and Reviewing every moment, so be sure to stay tuned to Reality Review as we build our way to success!

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Lego Masters begins at 7:00pm on Sunday, continuing through Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm!


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