Married At First Sight 2020 – Season Finale + Review

The season finale of MAFS was surpising, shocking and confronting but only half the couples had their chance on the couch.

In the last episode of Married At First Sight for this season, all the couples were brought back to meet with the experts and disscuss their time on the experiment and review the explosive final dinner party. Instead, only half the couples had time on the couch with the experts while couples in the cheating scandal weren’t held to account.

All 24 contestants were brought back for the finale to watch each other and their journey throughout the experiment. I thought it was extremely disappointing only half the couples chat with the experts went to air. While it is evident the couples that were shown had far more dramatic value, it was unfair and quite displeasing that six couples had no sit down conversation and review of their experiment.

KC and Drew, Poppy and Luke, Tash and Amanda, Natasha and Mikey as well as Chris and Vanessa did not take to the couch to discuss their time in the experiment and where they are now. Even with KC and Drew ending after there commitment in the final vows, they were not included in the episode. I also found it surpising that Natasha and Mikey as well as Chris and Vanessa did not have their chance considering their involvement with the cheating scandal.

For this review, I was keen to do a review of every couple on the experiment and reflect on their time in the experiment. Unfortunately, due to the way the finale was edited, I am unable to give a true reflection of how they went in the experiment as they did not have a final chat with the experts. For the six couples that had their chance, they were obviously chosen for the story lines both good, bad and ugly.

The main drama from this episode was about Stacey’s alleged ‘one-night stand’ with Mikey and also Michael being questioned about his alleged hook up with Hayley. From the beginning, their was evident tension between the couple when entering. By Michael saying “you had your chance to apologise this morning” and Stacey referring to him as “bro,” the strain on their relationship was obvious.

There were plenty of moments throughout the episode to signfiy they were in trouble but we had to wait till the end for them to sit down with the experts and reveal they are currently broken up. Unfortunately, most of the drama that went on was just repetition from last week’s dinner party and we had heard all of it before. The he said, she said ended with John Aiken calling a ‘stalemate’, which was quite disappointing considering how this entire situation has been a significant drama in the experiment. With no resoloution and no one held to account, this was extremely dissatisfying and left me wanting more clarification rather than nullifying the drama.

Stacey and Michael couldn’t get any further away from each other during their final chat with the experts, proving Stacey’s cheating scandal took its toll.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/Yahoo Lifestyle)

Seb and Lizzie were the other couple previewed in this episode to highlight the success the ‘power couple’ had in the experiment. While it is pleasing Lizzie found the love she is looking for and watching their montage was great, I again felt disatisfied they ended the episode having revealed no new infomation. The way the episode was promoted was that Lizzie was going to reveal she had fallen in love with him. Instead, she told the experts she is on her way to finding love and is keen to continue and build on the outside. In some ways, it is refreshing to not see the ‘fairytale’ finish that seems unrealistic, but the way MAFS hyped up this as the ending felt like it fell short. Again, I was left feeling dissatisfied as we no new details were revealed in this episode that I didn’t know last week. I also found it quite bemusing they ended the episode on this, ignoring the fact the experiment was not a success as one (maybe two) couples found love at the end of it.

As for the other four couples, we didn’t hear too much from Connie and Jonnie, but Connie spoke of her self-growth and Jonnie admitted he was glad he stayed for his own personal growth. Ivan and Aleks left the group extremely confused after admitting to finding love outside the experiment. Steve was told by expert Mel Schilling he indeed did reject Mishel, with their intimacy issues bought up again. While it was tough to watch for Steve, surely the more time he has to reflect on his experiment he can admit he did not ‘love’ Mishel. Hayley and David continued to be civil in their final chat with the experts, coming to the realisation they clashed a lot. David apologised for the toothbrush incident and admitted Hayley is not the monster he made her out to be. Hayley revealed her actions will affect her for a long time to come but has forgiven David.

All in all, I enjoyed this season and it provided everything MAFS is known for. With love, hate, drama and scandals, the season provided plenty of highlights. I wish the season ended on a higher note and the final episode explored all the couples journeys in depth rather than only focusing on the couples who were either successful and positive or drama-filled and unsuccessful. I am looking forward to hearing more stories in the coming weeks of where the contestants have ended up and who with.

I would love to hear what you thought of MAFS 2020 and the season finale in the comments here or on social media. In the meantime, stay safe and look after yourselves!

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  1. i love MAFS but can hardly watch it any more. If the word “like” was forbidden no one would have anything to say! Every other word out of their mouths is, “Like,” and shows a real lack of vocabulary. Amelia and Bennett are the ONLY exceptions! It’s a bad habit and offenders should be fined each and every time ‘like’ as a filler. It is equal to, “um.” Please, make them stop!


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