Married At First Sight 2020 – Week 8: “He Is Beating Around The Bush”

Between auditon tapes and final dates as well as a dramatic boys and girls night, all five remaining couples were tested in week 8 of MAFS.

For the first time in Married At First Sight history, the eighth week of MAFS showcased both a dramatic boys and girls night as well as each couple watching their auditon tapes. Here is the week 8 review of MAFS!



For the first time in MAFS history, both a boys and girls night was held which saw the return of contestants from this year’s experiment. The highlight was both Vanessa and Chris returning, keen to expose the truth of rumours regarding Michael kissing Hayley. From the minute Chris entered the boys night, it was evident Michael was instantly nervous. Michael was happy that Chris never actually saw the kiss in person and that he was “not found guilty.” For the girls night however, that is a different story.

It was all happy at the girls night until Hayley rocked up, on a mission to create drama and clearly unsettling Stacey. Vanessa eventually revealed her side to the Michael cheating story, Stacey continued to defend Michael to the rest of the groups shock. Despite Vanessa saying she saw them kiss 100%, she made up the fact she had a video of the alleged affair. Stacey said that Vanessa is a “pathological liar” and is no longer credible, wanting to shut down the case. Then it was Hayley versus Stacey, both going back and forward with insults making for great TV but an uncomfortable night for the rest of the girls. It was an interesting end to the episode, with Vanessa assuming that Stacey has a bigger secret to hide, that maybe she has hooked up with someone as well. This has me interested in the remaining episodes to see if their is any truth to the accusations.


Both the boys and girls night’s continued at the start of this episode, with Ivan now in the firing line at the boys night after he allegedly stitched up Michael and Josh at his final dinner party. Michael called Ivan “a pussy”, while Josh labelled him as a “spoilt little brat.” Ivan stood up for himself and said he never told Josh and Michael to stand up for him regarding Aleks behaviour in their relationship. It is hard to tell who is bluffing in this instance, but Ivan’s warning that “Michael’s time will come” and there is a big scandal to come at the reunion regarding Michael and Stacey has me excited.

It was round two of Stacey versus Hayley later in the girl’s night, with Hayley conintuing to disregard Stacey’s law credentials and bringing her children in to the conversation. In the heat of their argument, Hayley screamed “you were popping them out since you were 19.” Lizzie lept to Stacey’s defense, getting in Hayley’s face and labelling her behaviour as disgusting. Both Lizzie and Stacey stormed out of the room, with Lizzie saying Hayley won’t listen and Stacey doesn’t need to be involved with that.

Stacey VS Hayley 2.0: The feud continued during the girls night.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/WhatsNew2Day)

This episode also showcased two of the five remaining couples final dates, with both KC and Drew as well as Connie and Jonnie facing their last chance to impress each other. Both couples date’s were successful, with Connie and Jonnie taking me by surpise with how well their date went. Connie was ecstatic when she found out Jonnie adopted her a penguin, while Jonnie was equally impressed with the scrapbook Connie put together for him. He said the book “choked him up” and reminded him of all the good times they had together. It will be interesting to see whether this successful final week will change Jonnie’s mind about their relationship.


The third episode of the week showcased the three final dates for our remaining couples. The most entertaining date in this episode was Stacey and Michael’s, after he decided to put Stacey to the test if she could handle a ‘lowkey’ final date. Teasing Stacey with keys to a Lamborghini, they drove a much older car for a date on the side of the road. To make matters worse, it started raining but Michael was impressed with how Stacey handled herself (even though she was not overly happy). In the end, the pair spent the afternoon in a beautiful house overlooking the beach reflecting on their bumpy relationship and how far they have come.

Seb and Lizzie enjoyed their final date, with Seb planning to have their date at a wildlife lodge. Despite Lizzie’s worries that Seb is potentially wrapped up in experiment and has fell quicker than her, Seb reasured her. Lizze was also worried she doesn’t know how to make it work outside of the experiment, but Seb said he is willingly to work through it.

Mishel and Steve spent the day at Luna Park and for Mishel, this was the last opportunity for romance. A ferris wheel ride made Steve extremely nervous, but was the perfect opportunity to ‘seal the deal’. Despite a good chat, a kiss on the cheek did not satisfy Mishel and bought up her concerns over dinner. Steve still thinks he is putting in his best and they have time to develop on the outside, but I think he is really not into her and is trying to sugarcoat it.


Before the final dinner party of the experiment, another Married At First Sight first saw each couple get to watch each other’s audtion tapes and look at how far they have come. For contestants such as Connie, Lizzie and Michael, it showed their other half and themselves how much they have grown. For others, this created doubts about themselves or their partners leading into the final dinner party.

Connie was suspicious as Jonnie revealed in his audition tape he is extremely affectionate, but during the experiment has told Connie he wasn’t. Michael was concerned that Stacey revealed a lot of her expensive clothes and accessories came from her ex. But the major revelation coming out of the audition tapes was that Steve wanted to be matched with someone mid to late 30’s. What made matters worse was Steve’s attempt to cover it up, trying to hide the fact the comment was of any significance. He should have just told Mishel the truth when exposed rather than downplay his comment.

Mishel’s mood continued into the dinner party, with the experts noticing she was quite deflated and not happy. In the last dinner party of the season, the honesty box returned to force the remaining couples to face uncomfortable questions. Mishel and Steve’s honesty box questions led to another major hurdle, with a comment Steve made basically ‘breaking up with Mishel’. When being questioned about Mishel’s age, he said he had no issues and what she taught him is ‘second to none’. Steve then said he “learned how to date older women than he usually would date and that is the direction I will go.” Steve struggled to see how this comment indicated their was no direction for the couple, leaving Mishel to question any attraction towards her. He admitted he isn’t attracted to her but it is growing, with both Stacey and Connie saying he needs to open up and be honest. Instead, he said the reason for no attraction was due to her being short and tall girls are his usual type. Mishel knew it was a lie and it definitely looked like the case; I have no idea why he isn’t being honest with her or where his head is at.

Seb and Lizzie’s honesty box session was a little underwhelming, with Lizzie admitting she hasn’t fallen to the same level Seb is at yet. They both admitted they need more time before telling each other they love each other as neither have loved anyone else before. Connie and Jonnie spoke of their usual issues, with Jonnie grilled for his lack of effort and why Connie wasn’t worth fighting for. KC admitted she is committed to flying to Cairns every weekend or two to be with Drew, but Drew still has concerns she is materialistic which holds the couple back. Stacey said she didn’t fall for Michael just for his money, but is worried he will fall back into old traits and return to ‘the old’ Michael.

This Week’s Hot And Not Couple

Each week, I will pick which couple is flying high and the couple that has had the most trouble.

Hot: Seb and Lizzie

While their honesty box session was a little underwhelming as the ‘power couple’ of the experiment, for me it proved they have the most serious potential once leaving the experiment because they are working through their relationship at a standard pace. They haven’t just put on a showmance but they also have exlpored and developed feelings for each other.

Not: Mishel and Steve

It is pretty sad that a couple who have reached the last weeks of the experiment still haven’t been able to explore their physical connection. While I won’t ever completely know why Steve will not explore intimacy with Mishel, their relationship really looks to be just a friendship.

Sunday night is the night to see whether Stacey and Michael and KC and Drew decide to remain a couple outside of the experiment, as well as Connie putting her “heart on the line one last time.” I am interested to see what she will say after Jonnie has written leave for the past three commitment ceremonies. I am also eager to see whether Drew can see KC in his life or if she is too ‘materialistic’ for him.

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