Married At First Sight 2020 – Week 7: “It’s Our Main Form Of Cardio”

Another two couples have left the experiment and the remaining couples are feeling the heat after another drama-filled week.

The seventh week of Married At First Sight played host to the brides homestays, two commitment ceremonies, one dinner party and plenty of drama. Let’s take a look at week 7 of MAFS!



This episode held the first of two commitment ceremonies this week. In this ceremony, two couples decided to leave the experiment; Josh and Cathy as well as Ivan and Aleks. Despite both leaving, Josh and Cathy discussed the downfall of their relationship on the couch compared to Ivan and Aleks who chose not to attend. The experts revealed the news at the start of the night, with most couples angry and dissapointed this couple couldn’t discuss the events of the previous dinner party. I agree with the other couples anger, as they were forced to sit down and discuss their issues in front of their peers.

For the second week in a row, Jonnie decided to write leave and left Connie feeling more defeated. Jonnie admitted he didn’t know how long to force feelings and give her false hope. I agree with Connie when she says it is getting embarrassing, because she is committed to working though their issues and he says he is but then sends mixed messages.


This episode showcased the brides homestays. It was a rough start for Jonnie and Connie after Connie’s mum denied the opportunity for Jonnie to stay at their family home. Instead, they booked an AirBNB for the homestay. They would have been better off staying inside the whole time, with pub dinner and drinks with Connie’s friends unsuccessful. Even though it is pretty evident Jonnie’s lack of desire in this relationship, her friends line of questioning didn’t help either. This resulted in Jonnie leaving the pub and Connie worrying her friends had ruined the relationship.

Steve’s lack of intimacy was evident on Mishel’s homestay and was brought up over family dinner. Mishel’s mum asked whether they will be together after it and admitted she doesn’t see them married but just as good friends. Despite Steve saying he loves her, Mishel was left worried after her mums comments.

Drew and KC had an extremely awkward start to their family lunch, with a huge fight before the event leaving KC annoyed with Drew. KC confided with her family, forcing her mum to stand up for her over lunch. I see where KC’s family is coming from but also feel sorry for Drew as he KC was not held accountable for throwing his stuff out during his homestays and he was torn to shreds.


The brides homestays continued in the third episode and we got to see Seb get grilled by Lizzie’s mum. Seb felt personally attacked and I don’t blame him, Lizzie’s mum was extremely rude. The mum said his financial situation is not acceptable as he works as a personal trainer and construction worker; thinking they cannot last long term as Lizzie is more mature. I don’t believe she has any right to judge Seb nor should she have a say in what career he chooses.

This episode also had a dinner party that served feedback cards to ask the hard questions for each couple. Lizzie was questioned on why she thinks she is an ‘expert’, Michael defended his role in the cheating scandal and KC and Drew admitted to the group they have consummated their marriage. Both Jonnie and Connie as well as Steve and Mishel provided the real drama of the evening. Connie was wary Jonnie will get defensive in their feedback questions, which he proved her correct. After the group grilled Jonnie for his indecisiveness, Connie was left upset after Jonnie admitted he isn’t attracted to her. He then sent mixed messages again and said he still finds her attractive but admiited their is no flame there. He really cannot be honest with her.

Steve was absolutely bombarded with feedback straight up, being told he is coasting. Firing back, he said he came in to find love but was quickly shut down by Michael and KC for his lack of effort to improve intimacy. KC told Mishel that she “shouldn’t have to beg a guy to fall in love with you,” a comment which resonated with Mishel.


Coming into the second commitment ceremony of the week, the heat was on both Mishel and Steve as well as Connie and Jonnie. Despite a few hiccups throughout the week, both new couples have decided to stay and look promising going in to the final weeks. Michael delivered news regrading change of work plans, resulting in the couple having to live seperate for three months at the completion of the experiment. While Stacey is extremely anxious and holds obvious doubts she can’t control, she has kept faith and decided to stay.

Mishel and Steve were hammered by the experts, in particular John who was ruthless in his relationship assesment. He said that eight weeks on, they’re still friends and not got out of the friend zone. He said they are not going anywhere now and in the future and called bluff on their relationship. While some may think his comments were harsh, I think Steve needed to hear it to challange him. They both decided to stay and it will be interesting to watch this couple in the last stages of the experiment.

Before even going to their chat, Connie asked Jonnie for help on the couch full knowing what was coming. Connie was extremely anxious and looked the most uncomfortable I have ever seen anyone. She looked broken, and Jonnie’s decision to write leave for the third time in as many commitment ceremonies basically wrecked her. After this further embarrassment, she could barely control her body. Once it was her turn, she admitted she was ready to leave but made the last minute decison to stick around after they have come so far. I am surprised she hasn’t just left yet.

Jonnie and Connie in trouble during the commitment ceremony.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/Nova)

This Week’s Hot And Not Couple

Each week, I will pick which couple is flying high and the couple that has had the most trouble.

Hot: Seb and Lizzie

Realistically, this couple look the best and possibly only chance of making their marriage work in the outside world.

Not: Connie and Jonnie

Connie should really write leave, it is getting embarrassing for her and Jonnie is already out the door.

Evidence is here and truth is revealed! That is what MAFS have teased for Sunday night and Michael looks in trouble after a video is set to be released of him kissing Hayley. I cannot wait to watch the reunion of the contestants this Sunday night and see the drama unfold.

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Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 9!


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