Married At First Sight 2020 – Week 5: “He Is Warm Piss In A Plastic Glass”

The introduction of two new couples and the pressure on existing marriage’s to grow has shaken up the experiment.

The fifth week of Married At First Sight was a big one, with two couples entering the experiment after another two decided to leave. Let’s check out week 5 of MAFS.



The first episode this week was the commitment ceremony, with two couples deciding to leave the experiment. Both Natasha and Mikey as well as Hayley and David left, but both for extremely different reasons. Natasha and Mikey left the experiment as friends, deciding to leave on a positive note. David and Hayley had plenty to say, with Hayley even writing stay as an attempt to ‘punish’ David after the toothbrush incident.

After a fiery chat with the experts and conceding their relationship is toxic, it came as a surpise to everyone when Hayley wrote stay. For the first time in MAFS history, the experts forced a couple to leave the show as the two staying is, “not in the spirit of the show”. I believe this was the correct decision; if Hayley got her way and stayed I would struggle to watch the rest of the week.

Another dramatic conversation with the experts was Stacey and Michael’s after the cheating scandal. Michael continued to deny kissing Hayley and only could remember his “childish and flirtatious” behaviour. While I know nothing about what happened, I, like most of Australia think Michael is full of it. Stacey however doesn’t have the hard evidence as a lawyer to convince her. Despite Stacey writing leave, Michael’s commitment to overcoming the situation means we will watch this couple for another week at least.

The only other contestant to write leave this week was Connie, after feeling like her and Jonethen are “worlds apart” due to their communication styles. This couple along with Josh and Cathy as well as Mishel and Steve were given sound advice on areas to improve for the week. All three of these couples need to continue improving or their relationships could develop into either a friendship or create hostility between them.


Thankfully, after such a dramatic commitment ceremony and half of our couples leaving the experiment, it was a pleasant sight to see two new couples enter the experiment. This episode we were introduced (and re-introduced) to KC and Drew as well as Sebastian and former MAFS contestant Elizabeth.

The two new couples to enter the experiment: Elizabeth and Sebastian, KC and Drew.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/Mamamia)

KC and Drew:

This couple had an instant attraction when married at first sight, setting the scene for a great wedding day. They were feeling quite comfortable with each other until KC found out he has a girl housemate, raising suspicions after her previous experiences dating in LA. Drew reassured her and the couple are keen to build on their initial connection.

What the experts said:

The experts see KC has dated a lot of men caught up with prestige making her quite anxious when it comes to dating. They see Drew as a creative and genuine guy, who is a country boy at heart. They believe Drew can calm KC due to him being grounded and in it for the long haul.

Sebastian and Elizabeth:

Lizzie’s return to the experiment proved to be a success in the early stages, marrying Sebastian who seems to be an extremely genuine guy. The new Lizzie did find it difficult throughout the day to not have flashbacks to her previous experience on the show, but Seb put her to ease by saying he found her attractive on the last season. The reception went well for Lizzie, enjoying herself but Seb found it harder to win over Lizzie’s protective family. All in all, this couple look extremely strong.

What the experts said:

The experts believe these two are both quirky enough to make a great couple. They believe Seb has a high emotional intelligence and sensitivity that will comfort Lizzie who loves to talk about her feelings. They also think Seb is a great listener who would honour his partner, which is essential to allow Lizzie to overcome her past experiences.


The big talking point to come out of this episode was Steve admitting to Mishel he is not overly attracted to her. Despite having a good day on the water and their gradual improvement throughout the show, Steve thought he needed to be completely honest with her now he has given their relationship a good go. Mishel took offence to this and believed Steve should have told her earlier and not been telling, “the rest of Australia.” I can see where both of them are coming from, but there are really no winners here. I completely understand why Mishel is devastated, she clearly likes him. For Steve, he obviously didn’t want to tell her straight away like Tash did to Amanda previously. Definitely no winners here.

The other major argument in this was Jonnie admitting to Connie he is unsure about their relationship and can see, “heaps of red flags.” For Jonnie, all their arguments have piled up on him and doesn’t know whether he has been lying to himself and if he can see a future at all. Connie was shocked by this revelation, under the illusion their relationship was moving in the right direction.

For new couple KC and Drew, KC’s concerns regarding Drew’s female roommate only escalated after finding out he took his teddy away for their honeymoon. I think KC needs to stress less and Drew shouldn’t bring a toy from his roommate when he is with his new wife. I don’t know how Drew thought bringing a teddy to his honeymoon is a great idea, particularly another girl. In saying this, there really may not be anything else to worry about.

Stacey also decided to forgive Michael after his cheating scandal, looking to build on their relationship. I am interested to see how they will go as this cheating scandal for lots of couples would be an instant end.


The final episode for this week showcased another dinner party, which had a different dynamic with the addition of two new couples and most couples in a stable condition besides Mishel and Steve.

Mishel and Steve’s discontent proved to be the major drama of the night right from the start. This couple were the first to enter, sitting on opposite couches in complete silence. Thankfully, once the other couples arrived the pressure on these two eased and they could confide in their friends. The couple stayed separate for most of the night, until the girls urged Mishel to try and sort out her issue with Steve.

Mishel exclaimed her side of the story, with majority of the group unable to fully side with her as they don’t believe Steve has done much wrong. Ivan and Jonethen were vocal in support of Steve without telling Mishel she was wrong. Once Mishel kept going, Steve proved to be a ticking time bomb, storming out of the dinner party. Despite Josh’s best efforts to help ease control Steve’s frustration, Steve decided to leave the dinner party. As I said before, there were no winners here, but hopefully she can let it go and resurrect some sort of relationship with Steve.

The other tension evident in this week’s dinner party was Josh and Cathy’s displeasure with the status of Stacey and Michael’s relationship. Josh admitted he thinks Michael will cheat on Stacey again, but Stacey still is giving Michael the benefit of the doubt as she doesn’t have hard evidence. Stacey was on edge however throughout most of the dinner party, evident with her cold responses to KC at the beginning of the night.

This Week’s Hot And Not Couple

Each week, I will pick which couple is flying high and the couple that has had the most trouble.

Hot: Sebastian and Elizabeth

I am glad Lizzie is happy second time around, looking extremely happy with husband Seb. If she can continue to put the demons of her last experience on MAFS behind her, there is no reason this couple can’t go the distance.

Not: Steve and Mishel

After Steve stormed out of the dinner party and Mishel’s failure to let go of her husband’s comments, this relationship seems to be over. It will be interesting to see the lead up to Sunday night’s commitment ceremony and whether they can both understand where the other is coming from.

I am looking forward to seeing how the two new couples will go in the next week and see a few existing couples attempt to build their marriage further.

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Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 9!


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