Married At First Sight 2020 – Week 4: “They Haven’t Even Had Entrée”

In one of the most dramatic weeks in MAFS history, a cheating scandal created a huge divide in the group and saw plenty of temper’s boil over.

The fourth week of Married At First Sight was easily the most dramatic week of the season so far. There is plenty to discuss, so let’s check out all the drama MAFS has provided this week.



The first episode this week had the second commitment ceremony of the season. The big talking point coming out of the ceremony was Tash and Amanda’s decison to both leave the experiment. While this outcome was inevitable, their chat with the experts wasn’t short of drama.

This couple’s discussion highlighted their communication problems, reverting back to their old ways and depicting the ‘toxic’ nature of their relationship. Despite the experts attempts to intervene, Tash and Amanda were involved in a heated argument about how they feel they have been treated. During their chat, MAFS ‘unofficial’ love guru Hayley attempted to stick up for Tash, resulting in Amanda telling her to “pipe it” and “shut the … up.” While this couple provided a lot of drama throughout their time in the experiment, their fights became extremely repetitive. I am glad to see this couple leave.

This comittment ceremony saw another two contestants wish to leave the experiment. The first contestant, Mikey, was fed up with Natasha after her comments about their sex life at the previous dinner party. Despite their blow up on the couch, Mikey decided to stay positive and look to make their relationship work.

The other contestant who chose to write leave was Mishel. In her and Steve’s chat with the experts, she dropped her ring which was a much different reaction to Mikey’s. When Steve decided to stay, Mishel was not happy at the fact she would have to remain in the experiment for another week. In hindsight, Steve’s decison would prove a good one.


This episode saw half of the couples have lunch with selected family and/or friends. The most interesting lunch’s from this episode were Hayley and David as well as Connie and Jonethen.

Jonethen and Connie woke up in seperate bedrooms after Jonethen spent the night drinking with ‘the boys’ despite plans for the couple to go bowling. Jonethen was left confused as when he messaged Connie about staying out, Connie only sent back a ‘thumbs up’ emoji. While I see why Connie was upset, I personally think a thumbs up means that you accept or agree. Connie however used the thumbs up as a sarcastic remark, which I do not understand at all. For me, I think a thumbs up is a thumbs up 👍. This led to an extremely awkward lunch where Connie stormed out and her mum told Connie to get her stuff and come home.

Hayley and David had another argument the night before their lunch, with David admitting he is “at the end of his road” yet again. Over their lunch, David was proven right as Hayley continued to cut him off while he was trying to speak. Hayley’s dad recognsied his daughters behaviour at the lunch wasn’t great, but warned David there is two people in a relationship.


The third epsiode of the week saw us witness the rest of the couple’s family lunches. The big thing to come out of this episode is Chris and Vanessa deciding to leave the experiment.

Vanessa and Chris’ lunch was doomed before it began, with the couple still sleeping separately since Chris has had ‘the man flu’. Vaneesa reached out to Hayley for advice before lunch about her how she feels about their relationship. The dinner itself was extremely awkward, that is the only way to describe it. Their friends could feel the tension and so could I. Vanessa ended up storming out after he avoided the question on whether or not he likes her. Despite Vanessa remaining positive at the end of the dinner, Chris admitted the lunch had given him no faith and is “100% out right now.” Much to Vanessa’s disappointment, the pair left the experiment.

After not speaking since the comittment ceremony, Josh and Cathy decided to move on and stay positive for their lunch. Despite making a pact to not bring up their issues, Josh did which made Cathy uncomfortable and put her under pressure from Josh’s mum. Cathy wanted to move on but was annoyed he ‘villainised her’ in front of his family. I have to agree with Cathy, Josh didn’t need to bring it up.

Natasha and Mikey’s relationship was still in tatters heading in to their lunch. After Natasha’s comments at the dinner party, Natasha’s dad warns the couple that if it is not worth it, it may be time to call it quits. This resulted in Natasha leaving extremely upset, but Natasha’s mum pulled Mikey aside to give him some advice and show a little more support towards Natasha.

This episode also previewed a cheating scandal, with David being informed that Hayley and Michael ‘hooked up’ over drinks while Stacey was in Adelaide to visit her children.


The last episode of the week held yet another dinner party, in which may be the most dramatic in MAFS history. All of the couples came in to the event with concerns after hearing rumours of the incident between Hayley and Michael. The dark cloud left over the dinner party saw Natasha and Mikey decide not to attend due to the fragile nature of their relationship.

Before I discuss the drama of the party, it is important to recognise both Hayley and Michael’s differing versions of their ‘hook up’. Michael was happy to admit to his ‘flirtaious’ and ‘inexcusable’ behaviour but did not own up to kissing Hayley. Hayley admitted to hooking up with Michael, and had a private chat with Stacey in an attempt to get her on side. In this chat, Hayley revealed Michael’s behaviour and how he said if David’s not giving her what she needs, he can give it to her. That is not what Stacey wanted to hear. Despite Hayley’s best efforts to get Stacey on side, the dinner party went in a different direction.

With both Hayley and Michael revealing differing details of their ‘affair’, it was Stacey who stood up and attacked Hayley, basically letting Michael off the hook. It was an understandable blast from Stacey as earlier in the series, Hayley made a pact with the girls to not get with each other’s husbands. Stacey also realised Hayley’s attempt to get her on side was to make her look better to the group and Australia.

During the first half of the party, Michael escaped the same scrunity as Hayley. As the night went on, Stacey made him more accountable and discussed how he has broken her heart. Then, all of a sudden, Michael just casually brings out the “I have loved you since the honeymoon” card. At this point, I was livid. There is no way he has loved her since their first week and after his drunken behaviour. Despite Stacey saying she has a lot to think about, I hope she stands up for herself on Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

Now for me, the worst part of this dinner party was when David’s ‘toothbrush’ incident was brought up. Hayley decided to bring her toothbrush that David scrubbed poo and dunked in toilet water as revenge for her actions. While I do not condone Hayley’s actions, David’s decision is disugusting. I don’t know how anyone could think that is acceptable or it could cross their mind. At least now we should be seeing the last of Hayley and David if they both decide to leave, as expected.

Hayley before throwing her toothbrush that David scrubbed the toilet bowl with at him.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/POPSUGAR Australia)

This Week’s Hot And Not Couple

Each week, I will pick which couple is flying high and the couple that has had the most trouble.

Hot: Aleks and Ivan

The fact this couple did not get a mention throughout this review depicts how strong they have been this week amongst all the drama. They have worked on their physical connection to go with their solid foundations and it is great to see a couple heading in the right direction.

Not: Michael and Stacey, Hayley and David

Couldn’t split these two couples and rightfully so. Just watch the final episode this week and it is easy to see why.

In the upcoming week, we are tipped for a dramatic commitment ceremony after the cheating scandal that has rocked the experiment. Monday night will also see two new weddings, including the return of Lizzie. It will be interesting to see how the new couples work with the rest of the group.

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Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 9!


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