Married at First Sight 2020 – Week 3: “Steve Throws A Tantrum, Michael Throws A Grenade”

From a couple leaving the experiment already to a groom stirring the pot, week 3 of MAFS again had a bit of everything.

The third week of Married At First Sight saw us witness the first commitment ceremonies of the season, the couples moving in together and the introduction of ‘intimacy week’. Let’s check out all the major MAFS events from this week.



The first episode of the week premiered the first commitment ceremony of the season. The big talking point for all couples coming into this ceremony was whether Hayley and David would stay or leave the experiment. After the eventful dinner party, both David and Hayley had plenty to say regarding the start of their marriage and each other.

In their sit down with the experts, I thought their chat was a train wreck. Topics discussed that were prevalent in Week 2 included Hayley smoking and her comments regarding David’s wage. This led to David saying he is “here with someone who is a recovering drug addict”, which John stood up and told David he cannot say that. I personally think Hayley and David both need to get over their concerns and start fresh.

The other couple that were a talking point at this commitment ceremony was Tash and Amanda. This couple have struggled due to their lack of chemistry and clearly different personalities. Amanda said that she believes she is on ‘friends at first sight’ with Tash due to her lack of interest. While I understand Amanda’s desire to progress the relationship, it is hard to force feelings. Despite their differences, the couple decided to give themselves another week.

Tash and Amanda during the first commitment ceremony.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/9Now)

For the rest of the couples, this first commitment ceremony gave them all the opportunities to raise any issues as a couple. It also gave the chance for strong couples to show off their relationships early success.


This episode introduced a brand new stage to the experiment, ‘intimacy week’. This put couples to the test by moving in with each other and encouraging them to open up through various challenges.

The main event from this episode was Poppy’s decision to leave the experiment. After the couples struggles sharing an apartment and Poppy still missing her kids, the pressure took it’s toll and the pair folded. When watching this couple, it was shown that Luke was the one trying and Poppy was not putting in the same amount of effort. It is hard to judge as I can’t put myself in either of their shoes, but with them leaving it will give more air time to more successful couples.

Tash and Amanda’s relationship standstill continued, with the couple moving in to seperate apartments after another argument. They arranged a meeting with John to suggest ways for the couple to move froward. The couple were a lot more positive after the discussion and again tried to be positive about their relationship potential.

The rest of the couples had good weeks, with Hayley and David improving and Josh and Cathy the clear standouts. The episode ended with another strong couple Stacey and Michael falling out after Michael returned from a ‘drunken’ night acting ‘obnoxiously’.

Just as Stacey and Michael were looking as one of the strongest couples, Michael is now on ‘strike 2’ as he went out for drinks and returned home acting ‘obnoxiously’. Despite Stacey eventually forgiving him after his efforts to make it up to her, I can’t help but think Michael needs to change his behaviours when drinking.


The third episode resumed and showed the aftermath of Stacey and Michael’s falling out. Just as they were looking like one of the strongest couples, Michael is now in trouble with Stacey. Despite Stacey eventually forgiving him after his efforts to make it up to her, I can’t help but think Michael needs to change his behaviours when drinking to prevent this recurring issue.

Amanda and Tash attempted to resurrect their relationship, organising a vegan cooking date that really didn’t change a thing. I wish this couple could get along but realistically that is a lot to ask. They are both so different in most aspects, and despite their best efforts, their days in the experiment appear numbered.

Connie and Jonethen were the other couple who had troubles in this episode, with Jonethen forced to sleep on the couch after breaking Connie’s rule about his phone usage. Jonethen believes this rule isn’t realistic, forcing him to say “this is a relationship not a dictatorship.” This led Connie to questioning how serious he can take their relationship. I can see where both are coming from but thankfully, the couple apoligised and moved on.


The last episode this week saw us witness the second dinner party, with past frictions between Michael and Steve as well as Natasha sharing Mikey’s private details creating the most drama from the event.

The couples were excited to catch up and share details regarding their intimacy week experiences. Amanda chose not to enter with Tash as she doesn’t want to ‘fake’ it and act like the relationship is going well. Mishel told the girls that being with Steve feels like they have been “married 30 years.” Natasha also overshared infomation regarding her and Mikey’s sex life, telling Michael and Stacey how Mikey got a leg cramp and ‘lasted 10 seconds’. Michael announced that he was going to tell Mikey, which he did, casuing havoic later in the evening and resulted in both Mikey and Natasha leaving the dinner seperately.

Michael was involved in the other big drama of the night, stirring Steve up and further driving a wedge between Mishel and Steve. While Steve handled this entire situation poorly, Michael’s ability to stir the pot would have producers cheering but left fans like me fuming. As I watched, all I could think was how Michael could really be fine with driving a wedge between two couples and watch them as their relationships weaken.

This Week’s Hot And Not Couple

Each week, I will pick which couple is flying high and the couple that has had the most trouble.

Hot: David and Hayley

This couple has gone from my not couple last week to showing significant improvement. I have been impressed with their commitment to starting fresh and giving the relationship a fair go. While Hayley probably isn’t qualified yet to become ‘Dr. Hayley’ and be the season’s offical advice giver, it is impressive how far they have come in the space of a week.

Not: Jonethen and Connie

Since Poppy and Luke left the experiment and Tash and Amanda are barely a couple, my not couple for this week was Connie and Jonethen. Connie struggled with Jonethen’s phone usage, creating plenty of doubt inside her head. Jonethen’s comments regarding this issue and during an intimacy week activity didn’t help their chances, only further annoying Connie.

Sunday night’s commitment ceremony is tipped to have drama deluxe, with the promo revealing four contestants decide to leave and Lizzie will return. Bring on another week of MAFS!

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