Married At First Sight 2020 – Week 2: “You Look Like A Little Weasel”

Fans of MAFS have been treated to everything this week, witnessing the last few weddings and honeymoons as well as the first dinner party of the 2020 season.

The second week of Married at First Sight had something for everyone. From seeing the success of newlyweds to couples already falling apart, this week saw us meet majority of the cast and get a glimpse of the initial group dynamics. Let’s take a look at how the week unfolded!



In the first episode this week, we got to meet the next two couples; Connie and Jonethen as well as Ivan and Aleksandra.

Connie and Jonethen:

Despite Connie being worried her future husband won’t find her attractive and Connie’s mum expressing her displeasure with the situation, Connie and Jonethen’s wedding was a success. Although there were awkward moments, the couples’ vows reassured each other and led to a dream wedding. The only other thing to note about this wedding was Jonethen’s attempt to mingle with Connie’s mum and family was extremely awkward.

What the experts said:

The experts believe Connie needs a man to bring her out of her shell, as she is introverted and can’t see her positive qualities. They think Jonethen’s warm energy has the potential to support and ease her. The experts have also partnered these two as Jonethen is attracted to intelligence, which Connie has.

I have high hopes for this couple, and if they can continue to grow and support each other they should be able to make it far in the experiment.

Ivan and Aleksandra:

Before the wedding, it was fascinating to watch both Aleks’ and Ivan’s preparation. While Ivan was worried whether his parents would embarrass him and sprayed deodorant on his feet, Aleks’ parents weren’t supportive of her decision and chose not to attend the wedding. This couple had a successful wedding and reception, sharing good banter and chemistry. Ivan was tested when his mother decided to perform a song at the reception, in which Aleks urged her husband to feel privileged to have his parents attending the wedding.

It was important for Aleks to put Ivan in his place without getting angry. By her explaining to him, Ivan was able to empathise with her. I was impressed and surprised with how Ivan handled the ’embarrassing’ situation; proving he is different to the way he was depicted on Nine’s promos. If Ivan can continue to compromise and continue to work with Aleks, they have serious potential for long lasting love.

What the experts said:

The experts paired this couple as both newlyweds are real estate agents and share similar European values. As Ivan has developed traditional conservative values and a strong need for control, the experts believe Ivan needs a woman like Aleks who has a strong personality to keep him in line.


In this episode we had our last two weddings, with Mishel and Steve as well as Michael and Stacey; saving the most cringe-worthy and awkward wedding to last.

Steve and Mishel:

While Mishel was extremely nervous for her wedding day, Steve proved to be an extremely comforting and reassuring husband. His ability to ease his bride created a positive start to the wedding day, until Mishel found out that Steve has cheated in the past. Despite Mishel being visibly shaken by the bombshell, Steve reassured her it was a “stupid error” from 17 years ago and promised it would never happen again.

I am glad Mishel could give Steve a chance and still could see him as genuine. She was reassured by the rest of her family which helped, but it would take a lot of courage to give someone a chance after all but one of her previous partners have cheated on her. This couple seem to have what it takes to go the distance.

What the experts said:

The experts believe this slightly more mature couple can bring some fun to the table. As Mishel is highly emotional, the experts think she needs a man who is grounded and can embrace her personality. They believe Steve can calm her and is an honest person she can trust.

Stacey and Michael:

The promos were correct in saying this wedding was the most awkward and cringe worthy wedding of the season. Despite Michael ‘frothing’ over Stacey’s appearance, the ceremony and photo-shoot were filled with nothing but awkward conversations and a clear lack of eye contact. The reception wasn’t much better, but Stacey’s bridesmaids urged her to get to know him and attempt to break her walls down. In a private chat away from the reception, Stacey did admit to being rude and only giving the day “50%”.

It is also important to note that Stacey was positioned to look like she only was interested in Michael after her friend found an article on the internet highlighting her husband’s wealth. While it looks bad, it is hard to say whether Stacey was edited to look like a ‘gold-digger’ or if she changed her tune after hearing Michael was a successful businessman.

What the experts said:

The believe it is important for Stacey to have a man that can provide stability and is family oriented, after suffering losing both her father at a young age and brother the day she gave birth. They believe Michael is a charismatic guy that will have the patience and family values to build a future with Stacey.


The third episode saw us witness the rest of the newlyweds’ honeymoons, giving us a chance to see how each couple are together.

Connie and Jonethen:

This couple set off to Broome, Western Australia excited for the honeymoon. Connie and Jonethen both mentioned they were hoping to grow on their physical connection. As revealed by Dr Trisha Stratford, this couple have one of the highest physical compatibility out of this year’s cast. After missing out on a passionate kiss during their time in the pool, Connie felt reassured on their final night of the honeymoon when the couple enjoyed a passionate kiss at dinner. This end to their honeymoon made this couple a lot stronger coming into the first dinner party.

Ivan and Aleksandra:

Ivan and Aleks went up to the Gold Coast for their honeymoon. The only drama they had over the course of their time away was Ivan and his phone. Ivan was seen taking business calls during their time together and luckily for Aleks, his phone got stuck under the seat of a car. Despite being with out his phone for a while, Ivan handled the situation well and Aleks was very happy to see the softer side to him and enjoy more quality time together.

Mishel and Steve:

This couple went to Queenstown, New Zealand but did not enjoy the best honeymoon possible, due to a disagreement on how Mishel handles situations. After rejecting a few activities Mishel was keen to do, Steve organised to take her skiing in an attempt to give Mishel the adventure holiday she wanted. Despite Steve enjoying his day skiing, he was not impressed with how negative she was and her whinging. The situation escalated over a drink later that day, arguing that he wasn’t sympathetic to her throughout the day. Mishel eventually apologised, and is glad Steve brought it up so she can work on her delivery.

Stacey and Michael:

Michael and Stacey’s honeymoon saw them take off to Fiji. After a good first day and the couple becoming more comfortable, that night saw Michael act as an “asshole” to Stacey and resulted in her walking home while Michael stayed to have a few drinks. Despite none of the night being caught on camera, it was evident how angry Stacey was the next day. Instead of apologising when Michael woke up, he chose to go for a run which upset Stacey. This resulted in Michael saying “Stacey is the most stubborn person I have ever met” and Stacey telling her husband she hopes “a shark eats you” after he attempted to find an activity for the day.

Michael apologising to Stacey after his behaviour towards her the night before.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/New Idea)

I personally can’t comment on whether Stacey was overreacting or not as we didn’t see Michael’s behaviour. Luckily for this couple, they moved on from this setback and enjoyed the rest of their honeymoon. Stacey admitted to Michael about her family losses and after he handled it well, they enjoyed the rest of their trip and became the first couple to consummate their marriage.


This episode saw all of our couples head to Sydney for the first dinner party of the experiment. It was the first chance to see all the couples together in a group dynamic.

In preparation for the dinner party, most of the couples were eager to meet with the group without having to worry about any relationship drama. Despite a rough honeymoon, Amanda and Tash discussed entering the dinner party together as a couple. All couples entered the dinner party together and were complimented by the experts besides Tash and Amanda, who were noticed to be extremely separate as well as David and Hayley who entered the party on their own.

David entering the dinner party by himself.
(Image Credit: Nine Network/MSN)

It was interesting to view the way David and Hayley dealt with their situation as the group were all curious for answers. David entered the room first and was straight away quizzed on what had gone wrong. Despite most contestants in previous years attacking their partner, David held off talking about what happened with Hayley until she was their which was a respectful move. While Hayley arrived and was visibly uncomfortable, she explained to the girls briefly some information. When the girls told Hayley how respectful David was, I could see a shift in Hayley’s mood.

Once the dinner was under way, Steve played the role to try and encourage Hayley and David to continue with the experiment. While he got vibes that Hayley doesn’t want to separate, David explained the comments that upset him. Later that evening, Hayley stole David away for a chat and was extremely affectionate. While I believe the alcohol had a lot to do with Hayley’s mood change, David was quick to shut down any rushed decisions. Despite Hayley telling her husband she is here for the bigger picture, David told a select section of the group he is shocked regarding her turn around and has a lot to think about.

The other couple that struggled not only throughout the first dinner party but majority of the experiment is Tash and Amanda. Despite their plan to present a united force, it was clear Tash has no interest in Amanda and instead spent her time with all the other girls, much to Amanda’s disappointment. Tash was clearly having the time of her life, including sitting on other girl’s laps and enjoying deep and intimate conversations with other brides at dinner. Luke asked Amanda whether she finds Tash’s flirty behaviour weird, and Amanda admitted she is not worried or jealous, but annoyed.

I personally think Tash’s behaviour at the dinner party was appalling. While she may not have a connection with Amanda, she is a married women and shouldn’t be flirting with other girls right in front of Amanda without any care in the world. I feel for Amanda as I know she is prepared to make something out of this experiment. I can’t see this couple resurrecting anything.

The only other drama that came out of this dinner party involved Hayley, who had words with both Amanda and Ivan. Hayley told Amanda that she “hates her so much right now” when discussing how people don’t want what they said they want on paper, while Hayley told Ivan that he looks “like a little weasel” after he approached her late in the night. This did upset Aleks as she was hoping Ivan would stay out of any drama that night. Despite Ivan’s apologies, Aleks was keen to drop it and discuss the matter later.

This Week’s Hot And Not Couple

Each week, I will pick which couple is flying high and the couple that has had the most trouble. For this week, Michael and Stacey impressed me with their ability to turn their honeymoon around, while David and Hayley have plenty of work to do if they have any chance of continuing their relationship.

Hot: Michael and Stacey

I was impressed that this couple could turn around what was a horrendous first night of their honeymoon. The experts could see they were loved up at the dinner party and so could I, Stacey and Michael enjoyed each other’s company and look to have a clear connection. They joked in a couple interview that they rate themselves as the number one couple, which is a significant change to what we saw of them at the start of this week.

Not: Hayley and David

Being the only couple to not rock up to the first dinner party of the season as a couple, it was hard to look past Hayley and David as the couple who look in the most trouble. Despite Hayley’s advances at the end of the dinner party, the way she dealt with David’s rejection and his reaction to the rest of the group shows how this couple are well and truly NOT on the same page. I am excited to see what this pair decide to do on Sunday night because it is anyone’s guess.

Overall, we have both successful partners and couples in trouble coming into the first commitment ceremony of 2020. The week 3 preview of MAFS highlights how this Sunday, the ceremony will force struggling couples to ask whether they’re committed to making it work and will face hard questions. I am also looking forward to hearing the couples who are on the right track, hopefully setting the series up for both exciting drama and some successful relationships.

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Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7pm on Channel 9!


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