Married At First Sight 2020 – Season Preview

It’s back! Channel 9’s hit reality show Married at First Sight is returning to our screens for its seventh season and is expected to be filled with even more drama and scandals than the last.

After dominating both television ratings and Reality TV fans conversations in 2019, Married At First Sight is back on Monday the 3rd of February and I cannot be any more excited! There is plenty to discuss, from key elements that have already generated a lot of hype to the cast selection, so let’s get started previewing the seventh season of MAFS.


For anyone who has not watched the show, each single who signs up for the experiment gets matched with a complete stranger. The first time they meet is at their wedding, and within minutes of knowing each other, must say ‘I do’. From here, couples enjoy their wedding and honeymoon before undertaking normal relationship challenges including moving in together. Each week, couples decide whether they will continue or leave the experiment in a commitment ceremony. During this ceremony, the couples sit down with the experts to seek advice and update the group on how their marriage is tracking.


This year, MAFS producers have made decisons that are sure to spark even more hype, speculation and drama than ever before. From the return of a unsuccessful bride, a rumoured scandal that stopped filming for weeks and the show’s first ever lesbian couple – there are already plenty of reasons to get excited for this upcoming season.

As illustrated in recent MAFS promo’s, it’s been confirmed former contestant Elizabeth Sobinoff will return for a second chance of finding love. ‘Lizzie’ is returning to the show in hopes of getting the ‘love she deserves’ after her union with Sam Bell ended dismally. For those who didn’t watch last season, she was not only fat shamed by her ‘husband’ on their wedding day but was also cheated on with fellow contestant Ines Basic. I hope for Lizzie’s sake, she has better luck this year.

The 2020 season of MAFS will include a lesbian couple for the first time. Tash and Amanda have been partnered by experts Trisha Stratford, Mel Schilling and John Aiken, who Nine confirmed will return for another season. This partnership has come after calls for the show to create a more diverse cast. I believe Australia will react positively to the move, hoping Amanda and Tash can form a successful marriage.

As reported on Yahoo Lifestyle, an insider source reported to the Hit Network’s Nick, Jess & Simon that this season is set for more drama than the last. According to the source, producers were forced to take a break from filming for two weeks due to the heated nature of the experiment. The source also alleged that this season will see more couple swaps then the 2019 season and that one participant was taken to rehab during the experiment. While this is only speculation, I have no doubt this season will be looking to create more drama and engage the Australian public even more in 2020.


There is already plenty of infomation circling the internet about the cast of MAFS 2020! In no particular order, here is some infomation about the season 7 MAFS cast that have already been announced.

The Brides

Cathy: A 26-year-old Logistics investigator from Syndey has huge trust issues after being cheated on in her past two relationships. She describes herself as ‘Youtuber and Meme Lord’ to her 3000 subscribers.

Vanessa: A 31-year-old pharmacy manager from Perth who has experienced bad bullying during school for her aggressive acne. Vanessa is insecure in relationships as a result, hoping her future husband can love her for who she is. She also dated former MAFS star Bronson Norrish.

Poppy: A 38-year-old mother of two boys who was left by her ex-husband when her children were six weeks old. Poppy is a photographer from Wollongong, NSW, who is looking for a dependable man for her boys to look up too.

Tash: The bartender from Adelaide is one half of MAFS first ever lesbian newlyweds. The 31-year-old is a former Miss Ink competitor and professional body-piercer is looking to settle down with a positive partner who can calm her.

Stacey: The 25-year-old law graduate from Adelaide is a single mum of two. After a broken engagement, she is hoping her future husband will be the one.

Amanda: The 34-year-old is the other half of MAFS first ever lesbian couple. The ‘strength and mindest’ coach from Melbourne says she hasn’t been able to find anyone who can ‘fully commit’ to her.

Mishel: The 48-year-old Brisbane teacher is a mother of two grown kids. After being cheated on by majority of her partners, she is hoping for better luck in this experiment.

Elizabeth: The 28-year-old returns in 2020 after her failed marriage with Sam Bell last season. Fingers crossed she has better luck second time around!

Hayley: A 32-year-old finance broker from Melbourne is looking for a husband who can see beyond her past. Hayley is a recovered drug addict who credits health and fitness for pulling her out of the darkness.

Natasha: The financial analyst from Sydney is an outspoken and bold businesswoman and has always fallen for older men. The 26-year-old is hoping MAFS match her with someone similar in age.

Connie: An aspiring marine biologist, the 27-year-old Melbourne retail assistant has been single for five years and feels awkward being around potential partners.

Aleksandra: A 26-year-old real estate agent and singing teacher from Perth. This is her second crack at reality television, having appeared on Network Seven’s dating show Take Me Out last year.

The Grooms

Steve: A barber shop owner from Melbourne, the 51-year-old was diganosed with testicular cancer eight years ago. He survived with the help of his much younger ex-girlfriend but is now looking for a woman closer in age.

Michael: A 28-year-old single dad from Adelaide who was a millionaire at 24, Michael is a company director of a very successful business. He hopes to find a wife who will help him become the ‘family man’ he needs to be for his toddler.

Chris: A single dad of two young boys, the 37-year-old youth worker from Adelaide has hope to build a picture perfect family unit similar to his parent’s 38 year marriage. Chris has already had two failed engagements.

Mikey: The 29-year-old operations manager from Syndey is pinned to be the cheeky, awkward and charming type of husband. The former private school boy has stepped up to help run a nursing home his grandfather founded.

Ivan: The real estate agent from Sydney has already made headlines for being filmed urinating on his wedding day. The 30-year-old Ukraninan-born has strong opinions which often offend people. What can go wrong!

David: The 31-year-old from Melbourne is a truck driver and former boxer. David is described as a ‘wannabe cowboy who is looking to lasso a wife.’ He lists his comeback to the ring after suffering a severe spinal injury as one of his proudest acheivements.

Luke: The 39-year-old maintenance supervisor from Melborune became a father of two girls at age 21. After growing apart from his wife and losing his next lover to his neighbour, he is looking for a faithful partner.

Jonethen: A 27-year-old project officer from the Gold Coast who doesn’t have trouble finding girls. He does however struggle to keep a relationship going for more then a few months due to the nature of his work.

Josh: The 28-year-old from Sydney is an industrial operator/truck driver and is described as a ‘ex-party boy’. After putting partying in front of his partners, he is hoping to change to find his true love.

Overall, the cast is set to create more drama this season than ever before. While there is already speculation about certain cast members intentions, it is extremely difficult to judge people on first impressions. I cannot wait any longer for this season to start, bring on Monday night!

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Married at First Sight starts Monday night at 7:30pm on Channel 9!


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