The Circle 2020 – “My Door Is Always Open”

Week 2 of Netflix’s The Circle introduced new faces, new strategies, new catfishes, and new twists. There’s a reason why this show is becoming addictive worldwide, and let’s not ever forget this Reality Television masterpiece.

SPOILER ALERT! Everything below spoils the cast, the format, and the events of the fifth through eighth episodes of The Circle.


To recap, players must communicate through an online social media platform called ‘The Circle’, where they can build bonds, trust, relationships, and even enemies while the play the game that is The Circle. At scheduled points in the show, the players must complete the ratings where they rate their fellow players from 1 to whatever. The top two players with the highest ratings become the influencers, where they can discuss and select one person to block from the game and show. Those that become blocked, are thus far replaced with a new contestant. Also, once they are blocked, they may visit another player to meet face to face, and find out if they’re real, fake, whatever. That’s the basics.


The five new entrants to The Circle, introduced over the fifth through eighth episodes.
TOP ROW (L-R): Alex/Adam & Bill.
BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Sean & duo – Ed and Tammy.

ALEX LAKE takes on the role of Adam in The Circle, a hotter, fitter, younger looking version of himself. And Alex is here to play let’s not get it twisted. With a wife at home, he’s becoming a whole new person on the show because the flirt card is HIS TRIGGER and he pulls it way too often. If the girls are noticing Alex’s flirtatious method, he doesn’t stand a chance.

BILL CRANLEY is the only one of the mix to be true to himself, and only himself. He’s just there to be himself and bring his down to earth personality to the others, believing genuine connections and genuine social media presence will catapult him forward. Can he make enough of an impact so far in the competition though?

SEAN TAYLOR is all herself, if only what’s inside is what counts right? Otherwise, Sean’s borrowing her more attractive, skinnier friend’s photos to display on The Circle, but name and personality is true to Sean, and she intends to keep it that way. Sean may not look like a winner at first glance, but with a more noticeable social media presence, maybe it’ll pay off.

ED and TAMMY EASON are pairing up under one account, Ed‘s that is. Ed’s brought his mom along for the ride that is The Circle, and she’s hoping to keep him in check and ensure he’s thinking with his head and not with… the um… downstairs region. Given that two heads are better than one, at least Ed and Tammy can work together to make sure their conversations are straetegic enough to get them further in the competition.


Shubham chats with ‘Rebecca’ through The Circle, on The Circle.

This show is fresh. Each episode is kept alive, with a strong cast, strong premise, I’m very impressed with the simple entertainment The Circle has been able to deliver. And I use simple because it just flows so naturally. I’m so drawn to what happens so easily. Once again, the whole catfish era and social media presence is amazingly touched on. If you wanna read about my comments on the show’s format itself, check out the previous week’s review here. Whereas last week seemed to have very few moments that dragged, this week, not so much. I was a lot more invested into the conversation because it didn’t come across as small talk so much. Everyone is pretty comfortable, so watching them talk naturally really makes those otherwise tedious moments so much better.

Looking at who got blocked this week: first up, Mercedeze/Karyn and OMG I actually didn’t expect this when the episode began. I thought Karyn had her game down and locked, was looking at an influencer spot, but then that damn game where they could write anonymous messages popped up and damn everyone called her OUT for being a catfish. I didn’t even think it was that noticeable other than her pics being hella filtered. But when Sammie and Shubham became the influencers, it was done for her I could tell. She was just too big of a threat because of her straight forwardness. She was a great character, not the best player, but solid TV. Her relationship with Chris, I love. He’s a real one. Sad to see her go but lol at everyone’s reaction to learning she wasn’t real. Perfect.

Joey looks to the television while interacting with others on The Circle.

Miranda was the next one to go in a shocking twist for me, I can’t believe Adam/Alex survived to be honest. Like, really? The guy did good with his last minute bros chat, and got lucky Joey and Shubham were in charge to keep him in. Miranda was robbed, I really liked her. She kept it real, she kept it fun. She wasn’t the most entertaining player, but damn I actually really liked her. Did I think she could win? Hell no. She didn’t have the connections. But it sucks to see that she believed she did with Sammie and Joey etc. Then she visited Joey to face the guy who practically sent her out and damn did she score well with that kiss from Joey. I’m wondering though. Did Joey really have feelings for her? A guy like him, the way he’s acted thus far, I think if he was interested in her he would have kept her. Did he pounce because she was in front of him? Probably. I don’t think he’s that much a strategic player, and if he was, Chris should have gone home. He’s a good player. Miranda was not a threat. So a bad choice for Joey, I think, 1000%. And while he hasn’t vocalised any regret, I’m sure he’s reconsidering. Damn I wish Miranda told him she rated him first, which helped him become an influencer, only for him to basically get her blocked too.

On to Shubham who’s racking up the ratings thus far. Really impressed with his ability to go from last to the top two in every consecutive week. He’s a threat and he’s gotta go! Honestly Chris and Shub are my picks to win. They’re the most lovable. But Shub seems to be the bigger threat simply because he’s consistently rated well. He’s a very smart and strategic player, and like, based on the standards of social media and the game itself, the only ‘non-attractive’ person in the show. And yet, he’s the one that rates highest every time. Just something to consider.

Chris. My word. The best person to come out of this damn show. If there’s anyone that’s funnier or just more amazing than Chris than tell me who because this guy is TV gold and was born to be on this show. I do think he’s a big threat, he gets along with everyone but will it be too noticeable so people cut him early? He’s made his way into an influencer position, maybe he can do it again? He’s been close, but never close enough since. If Chris does go, it’s definitely because he’s strategic public enemy number 1. And all our hearts will die when it happens too.

Rebecca/Seaburn I think might have their goose cooked. I mean, so close to being an influencer every time. The only that helps him is that he’s an original player. That bond, hard to break. The nice act is flailing, people aren’t buying it. And while he’s fun to watch. It’s not working as desired. I think I’ll be quietly shocked, at this stage, if Seaburn wins, as Rebecca.

Sammie’s the last, like, actual girl standing. Tammy’s partnered with Ed. Sean is using photos of someone else. And Rebecca is Seaburn. So Sammie’s really holding the flag for authentic females on this show. I can’t think of anyone better to hold that flag. Sammie is extremely strategic, vastly social, and is sitting in a very good position. No one hates her. Granted, no one loves her either. Joey’s her number 1, probably. And given she’s an original player, I say she’s got a good chance to stay around. She has been the influencer twice, which shows people are still rating her high even if she drops the week after the fact. I think losing Miranda doesn’t help all that much, but I’m confident in Sammie. She’s really great to watch on this show, up there with Chris as my two favourites. I’m hoping for a Sammie win.

Alex jumps in excitement upon his arrival to The Circle.

Alex/Adam. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m not so sure about his strategy. He’s a married man, and he’s come in as the more attractive guy but dude’s playing too hard I think. Shocked he stayed, yes. Good on him for connecting with the boys who just happened to become the influencers. But WAY too flirty. Like, overkill. And he thinks he’s got Rebecca/Seaburn on side but bro, you don’t. Sammie isn’t vibing with it. Seaburn isn’t with it. You’re going home dude. I actually think Alex can be a perfect goat to take to the end so someone else wins. If Seaburn was smart, I think he’d try to ensure Alex stays so he rates him higher and can win. Because I don’t see Alex making the connections necessary to win. I don’t recall much interaction with Sean, Bill and Ed. So I don’t think he’s even tried to get an intruders alliance going. Alex has come out of the gate TOO hot, and he’ll leave the game deflated and win-less.

I like Bill. Good guy. Kind of like the Adam we all wanted that isn’t fake. Very genuine and very down to earth which I think are certainly good qualities to win, probably. Along with all these newcomers though, it might just be too late in the game to make an impact that’ll see him win. But he’s lovable. So unless people target him because of that, I think he’ll stick around. He seems to be alright with the boys, so if he keeps that connection going he’ll be alright overall I think.

Sean I’m having doubts about. I liked her at the start, then she got a little annoying, then she was just okay, and now she wants to spill her secret to all the girls! WHAT?! If you’re going to come onto this show lying about something, anything, you gotta keep it up because there is NO WAY Sammie, Rebecca and Chris are keeping this to themselves. Even if they did, she can’t win now. These three know that secret and it just has a bad look about it. I’m really thinking Sean cooked her goose before it even went in the oven. She’s at the bottom of my winner predictions (right next to Alex, like same tier), I think she’s done.

Finally, Ed and Tammy. These two are gonna be a laugh. Ed’s really cool. His mom’s really cool too. I really thought this was going to be some good pair that would be super strategic and his mom would interject and take over. But it doesn’t seem like it. She has some words to say, but otherwise it’s predominantly Ed just being himself, with a little guidance. There’s not this big ‘two person’ thing that’s really making an impact. It’s just Ed and a guardian angel. Maybe that’ll help. Maybe. But unless we start seeing some conversing about strategic relationships and who will be better allies, it ain’t going to last. At least Ed is interesting though, so I think he definitely can stick around for as long as possible. Four episodes left though, I’d be surprised if he and Tammy pulled out the win.

So that’s that on everyone. And given the show literally revolves around these players, it’s hard to comment on much else. The games are fun, something extra and new. Keeps it fresh. The ratings are probably my favourite, the suspense and watching Seaburn consistently get second is HILARIOUS. I liked the twist to make Joey and Shubham save two people rather than eliminate one. It was interesting, and as I say, fresh. And Episode 9’s title literally says, “Instant Block”. So you tell me there ain’t going to be fireworks! But I’ll tell you what. I’m sick of these people that leave visit their friends, lol. Like I get it. But, where’s the drama? Face to face drama is what I want! Other than Alana confronting Sammie after the first block, there hasn’t been one like it yet. Although, I love that Miranda and Joey kissed. That was a moment that was worth watching over seeing her storm in angry on someone. Oh well. Poor Miranda.

In summary, heading into the final week and final four episodes of The Circle, the threats I think are really on Shubham and Chris, with Sammie close behind. In the middle of the road I think we’re looking at Joey, Bill, Seaburn/Rebecca, and probably Ed (and Tammy) once they have been around for over 24 hours. With Sean’s confession incoming, she’s heading down to the back of the pack and likely gone soon, along with Alex/Adam just playing too hard too fast to make him a very unlikely winner.

This is such a fun show. It’s not too much, it’s just enough to really get things moving, wheels spinning, catfishes caught etc. Binge fest this Wednesday is ON. I look forward to it.

The Circle concludes this week on Netflix with the final four episodes to be released on Wednesday! Who’s caught your eye thus far and will they be able to win it? Let me know in the comments and be sure to like Reality Review’s Twitter and Facebook pages!

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