Survivor: Island of the Idols Draft – Final Results

Drafting has been an exciting layer to the Survivor viewing experience for me, and everyone else that participates around the globe. I’m so happy Carolyn, Jessica and Bret joined me this season, and we now have the final results following the show’s epic conclusion yesterday.

This season, I am joined by three former Survivor contestants to draft five players between us. They are: Carolyn Rivera, Survivor: Worlds Apart Co Runner-Up; Jessica Lewis, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X Contestant; and Bret LaBelle, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X & The Amazing Race 31 Contestant.

Here are the final standings:


The finale began with all five remaining players visiting Island of the Idols, so each team received 2 points for the visit, with Jessica totalling 4 because she had two players in the finale. A hunt between Tommy and Dean for the last idol find was also on, and once Dean found the final hidden immunity idol of the game, another 2 points were put onto my team for winning the ‘test’, and then 5 for the idol itself.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff revealed it was combined with a reward, which Dean ended up winning, adding 15 points to my team.

At the following Tribal Council, Janet decided to play her hidden immunity idol, which added 10 points to Bret’s team. Dean did play his nullifier against her though, so 5 points were taken away from Bret again, while 10 points were added to my team because of Dean’s move. Janet was then voted out 4-1, subtracting 10 points from Bret’s team, and eliminating his final player.

At the final Immunity Challenge, Noura claimed her third Immunity win of the season, giving 10 points to Carolyn’s team.

At Tribal Council, she saved Tommy and sent Lauren and Dean to the fire-making challenge. Eventually, Lauren was eliminated and credited as a vote out, so 10 points were subtracted from Jessica’s team.

In a Carolyn vs Matthew vs Jessica Final Tribal showdown, Noura and Dean ended up becoming the Runners-Up, adding 15 points respectively to Carolyn and my team, while Tommy ended up being victorious and the Sole Survivor, adding 25 points to Jessica’s team.

In the end, Dean’s fourth quarter run really solidified my eventual victory, but all final five players really had some commendable point opportunities that benefited each team.

The final standings concluded like this:
1st - Matthew (226 points)
2nd - Jessica (216 points)
3rd - Carolyn (195 points)
4th - Bret (121 points)

This was really fun, thank you to the three fellow drafters for contributing to Reality Review!

The finale Review will be out tomorrow, and there are still some interviews to come out as December enters it’s final days and Christmas comes near!

The point system used for the draft is as follows.

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