Survivor: Island of the Idols Draft – Week 12

One week left. One massive Tribal Council elimination. And one Survivor first. As viewers head into the finale of Survivor: Island of the Idols, myself and the team of drafters are looking at who’s going to hold the flag for each person heading into the million dollar episode.

This season, I am joined by three former Survivor contestants to draft five players between us. They are: Carolyn Rivera, Survivor: Worlds Apart Co Runner-Up; Jessica Lewis, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X Contestant; and Bret LaBelle, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X & The Amazing Race 31 Contestant.

Here are the current standings after Week 12:


It seems like production opted to hit the merge half of the game with either a Reward Challenge or an Island of the Idols visit. This week, it was another Island of the Idols chapter, where Dean was randomly picked as the next person to meet Survivor champions Sandra and Rob.

At Island of the Idols, Dean had a choice of three advantages to win if he would end up winning the test that the two legends would grant him. The test? A coin flip… Game changer. Anyway, Dean decides to go after the idol nullifier, and after winning the coin toss, he left the island with more power, more knowledge, and bragging rights for victory of a 50/50 shot. This meant 9 points were hand delivered to my team after a few weeks of nothing, for visiting, winning, and claiming an advantage in the game.

At the Immunity Challenge, Dean also managed to pick up his first win, which sent a further 10 points over to my team, giving me a worthy boost up past Carolyn and into 2nd place.

Elsewhere, Janet managed to find the rehidden idol (another extension to the women finding idols this season), which put 5 points onto Bret’s team for the accomplishment.

At Tribal Council, a tearful goodbye for one of the biggest jury threats in the game was in order for Elaine, which subtracted 10 points from Jessica’s total, bringing her back into the 100-point zone.

After Tribal, a Survivor first shocked the camp and viewers at home, as Dan was ejected from the game for another incident that occured off screen and with a crew member. This was a shocking and unprecedented decision before the game began, and of course I did not prepare for the possibility while making the Drafting Scores. So I’m making the executive decision to only remove 5 points from Carolyn’s team, as it comes down to a production decision, much like a 5-point subtraction for a medical evacuation.

Heading into the grand finale, Jessica leads the draft with 193 points. She also is the only drafter with two people remaining in the game, which means she’s got double the chance of having points removed, but a more likely chance of holding the winner, runner-up, or claiming even more points to her total. I have jumped into 2nd place with 177 points to my name, Dean’s the flag holder for me in the finale. But given he’s managed okay in the previous four weeks, here’s hoping he can bring it home. Carolyn isn’t far behind in 3rd, with 168 points and Noura as the sole representative. She’s proven herself capable of winning physical challenges, but can she win it all and give Carolyn the boost to the top? And finally, in last, Bret with 124. Janet’s going to have to pull off some big point scores to catapult Bret into a victory, but it’s not looking great for the true king of comedy in podcasts – check out any podcast with Bret, they’re to die for!

Something I noticed heading into the finale was that I did not separate any point scores for Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up, this may be amended for any future drafts, but for this season, both Runners-Up, whether one receives more jury votes than another, will walk away with 15 points for their respective teams.

Good luck to all! This has been an incredibly eye-opening and socially important season, but there’s still a game at hand and a Drafting Champion will soon be crowned! Who’s team are you on?

The point system used for the draft is as follows.

This draft will be updated for the final time after the finale has aired next week.

There are a few more interviews lined up for December as we celebrate Australian Reality TV! And of course we’ll talk about this week’s episode of Survivor and the first ejection in history in the Review out tomorrow.

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The Survivor finale airs LIVE at 12pm (AEDT) on 9Go! in Australia on Thursday, otherwise the regular 7:30pm slot is still your chance to catch the three-hour finish to this season!


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