The Amazing Race Australia 2019 – “I Hope Fear Cripples Her”

It’s all over. New champions have been crowned, social media has been wild, and the 2019 season concluded with a week of shocks and surprises.

EPISODES 11 & 12

In the top four, Tom & Tyler are focused on making it to that final leg after 8 of 10 first place finishes. Viv & Joey and Tim & Rod are chasing a first place victory as well, at any time would be nice. Jasmin & Jerome, the only remaining team to finish a leg in first, are also after claiming another one in this leg heading into the final leg.

The teams learn that another U-Turn vote is up during the flight to Bangkok, and the alliance of Jasmin & Jerome, Tom & Tyler, and Viv & Joey seems certain to vote against Tim & Rod again after they agree to do so at the airport prior to the flight… Or so we thought. In fact, the alliance is blindsided when both Jasmin & Jerome and Viv & Joey vote Tom & Tyler because they are the biggest threats in the game, along with Tim & Rod, it’s enough to force them to complete both Detour options.

Tom & Tyler counting during their Detour task.

Tom & Tyler are first to reach the Detour, selecting the ‘Water’ option where they needed to memorise locations of landmarks on a map through a water cruise. Tim & Rod are next as they take on the ‘Wheels’ option where they needed to build a working tuk tuk together. Jasmin & Jerome follow them, but Viv & Joey are much further behind when they take on the first Detour option. Meanwhile, Tom & Tyler finish their Detour quickly, and are fuming when they learn they have to complete the other after the setback from the other three teams.

Tim & Rod are waiting for the results of their ‘check’ for the tuk tuk they built by the local advisor.

When Tom & Tyler arrive at the other Detour, it’s awkward tension rife in the air as no one talks to anyone. Tim & Rod are the first to launch out of there, being the first overall to complete the Detour segment and head to the Roadblock, where a team member must fit dentures into patients mouths. I know. Disgusting. Tom & Tyler do manage to surpass Jasmin & Jerome upon reaching the Roadblock as the latter team gets stuck in traffic.

Jasmin & Jerome stand by Tom & Tyler, as the latter pair are eliminated from the race after being betrayed by their alliance.

While completing the final task, Tom & Tyler openly mumble that it’s okay to U-Turn them, given they are told beforehand. They understand why the decision was made, but with the prior conversation saying otherwise, they’re just angry they were lied to. Understandable. Eventually, Tim & Rod are the first to check-in, with Viv & Joey coming in second. In a real foot race between Jasmin & Jerome and Tom & Tyler, it’s the deadly duo who manage to prevail, checking in at third, while the biggest threats and competitors of The Amazing Race Australia are eliminated after coming in last place.

A full list of the placements for the eleventh leg of the race are as follows:
1st - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
2nd - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings
3rd - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
4th (Eliminated) - Tom & Tyler, Footy Mates

In the final leg of The Amazing Race Australia, the final three teams: Tim & Rod, Viv & Joey, and Jasmin & Jerome, are hunting for that final pivotal point of their journey this season, and be the first to cross the finish line and become the champions of the 2019 season of the show!

Headed to the Northern Territory of Australia to compete in the final leg, all three teams reflect on their time on the race and are still in disbelief they’ve made it to the final few moments of the season. Jasmin & Jerome also believe they’ve got an advantage in the final leg purely because they’ve been all over the NT. All of them start out equally upon arriving in Darwin, and the first task forces them to find eight newspapers with headlines about the race.

Jerome skydives as part of a task in the final leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

Jasmin & Jerome are first to complete the task, and soon learn that the next one requires them to skydive out of a plane in Katherine, NT. Tim & Rod are close behind in second, and Viv & Joey bring up the rear in third. But Viv & Joey miss out on jumping out of the plane because of the wind factor. Beau announces that there was no penalty as the teams maintained their time difference, so I guess we take their word for it.

At the Roadblock, the teams had to select one person to race around a paddock and choose a dog to train and race around two drums. Choosing the wrong dog may be costly however, as not all are essentially going to listen as intently as another. Viv & Joey manage to overtake the other two teams immediately, before having to chase a horse and for the horse allow the team member to pat them. First out to the final challenge, Viv & Joey (and the rest of the teams) must complete a puzzle representing the six countries they raced to, although some are along a river bank that can only be collected by kayaking through.

Viv & Joey kayak in one of the final tasks of the final leg in Darwin, Australia.

Viv & Joey struggle in the kayaking portion, unable to find the seventh of seven puzzle pieces needed. Tim & Rod manage to find all seven, taking hold of first place upon attempting to complete the puzzle, something they were not at all confident in. Jasmin & Jerome then manage to find all seven too, surpassing Viv & Joey, pushing them to third place. All three teams work on the puzzle side by side, with each team using their own strategy and method to complete the essentially $250k puzzle.

Beau waits at the finish line with all of the previously eliminated teams cheering on whoever was going to cross the finish line first. All three teams are edited to be neck and neck. But we have our champions as we see Tim & Rod run through first, where Beau announces they are the first team to arrive and are the winners of The Amazing Race Australia, winning a quarter of a million dollars! Jasmin & Jerome are running in second, ultimately finishing as the Runners-Up. An incredible finish for them after a hard fought season. Viv & Joey do in the season in third, certainly proving everyone wrong simply on first impressions. I thought they were clocked two weeks ago. So I’m extremely impressed they made it so far.

Tim & Rod are both shocked and elated at winning The Amazing Race Australia for 2019.

Congratulations to Tim & Rod, they are the champions and truly excelled all the way!

A full list of the final placements for the twelfth and final leg of the race are as follows:
1st (Winners) - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
2nd (Runners-Up) - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
3rd (Third Place) - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings


Tim & Rod attempt to solve the puzzle, the final task before reaching the finish line of the race.

Wow. A really exciting week for The Amazing Race. Tim & Rod are well deserving winners, taking out the top pole positions in arguably the most important legs of the competition. They suffered their setbacks in a U-Turn in the penultimate week of the show. But they also played it smart early on by not ruffling any feathers, forming an alliance with the villains (Sid & Ash), and really just smashing through each leg is quick as possible. It’s a great finish for a great team, and they were my tips heading into the finale. They did prove me wrong though pre-season, as I had them pegged 4th-5th. So congrats to them on surpassing my expectations. Good on them for going so far.

Jasmin & Jerome were also an incredibly competitive team all season long. They played with the heart and their head, and often were a strong team in several of the foot races and tasks ahead. I really enjoyed watching them and I think they’ve done an amazing job to get so far.

Viv & Joey work in the first task of the final elg of The Amazing Race Australia.

Viv & Joey were my favs for the season! Just a really supportive and cheery team who really proved a lot of people wrong and showed that size doesn’t matter. They’re a great pair and we were really great TV. They also managed to escape some really close calls and were the underdogs for a lot of legs. They fought a good fight and it’s unfortunate they couldn’t close it out. In the end, they did a great job though so congrats to them!

Tom & Tyler, ah boys. Unlucky. I really don’t blame anyone but production for throwing a U-Turn in at this stage of the competition. And a voting one at that. It just seemed out of place. But the boys did well to fight back from it, given they weren’t U-Turned, it’s safe to say they win the race. Obviously Jasmin & Jerome and Viv & Joey needed to make the move to hopefully prevent them from winning the entire competition. They aren’t upset with being U-Turned however, but because they were lied to by their alliance at the airport. Why not be straight up? I kinda get it, because maybe that pushes Tom & Tyler just that little extra and puts them in front. But that’s hearsay, and I understand why they’re unhappy with the decision to be lied to. It’s gotta sting. But so much hate on social media after it, and we all know how I feel about social media hate. It’s just disappointing to hear that the boys are being condemned for reacting as the ydid and I think our admin in The Amazing Race Fans Facebook group, Michelle Pearce-Donovan, put it best: “They didn’t want to talk to Jasmin and Jerome because they were lied to, NOT because they were U-Turned. Everyone is SO quick to judge before looking at all the facts”. Rightly so.

In saying that, there’s also been equal hate for the teams that did break the alliance. Eh. I don’t know why people can’t go by the rules we’re taught in school where if you’ve got nothing nice to say about somebody then don’t say it all. Just leave them alone. Stop trolling omg. It’ll never stop. Thank you to social media for blessing us with that. But damn show support and love to the teams you are happy with, don’t hate on those you don’t like. Especially through a screen. It’s just not in good taste.

Anyway, a great season! Sid & Ash really were the stand out team as the villains and really played the card well. Femi & Nick, great comedic relief and a great team at that. Tom & Tyler, great physical beasts. I mean I could go through them all but we don’t have to. This was a solid season. Not the greatest, I don’t believe. But a good start. And applications are open now so it’s good we’re getting another season to bounce back with. I’m looking forward to more diversity, more talent, and more COUNTRIES!

I’m out.

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  1. How can a team that has been eliminated come in in front of another team this is a raciest decision yo need to take a hard look at your ethics I am disguised


    1. Hi,
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