Survivor: Island of the Idols Draft – Week 9

Double trouble was to be served this week on Survivor, as two castaways were sent home after a split Tribal Council twist returned for the second time in history. Here’s how the double boot impacted our draft.

This season, I am joined by three former Survivor contestants to draft five players between us. They are: Carolyn Rivera, Survivor: Worlds Apart Co Runner-Up; Jessica Lewis, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X Contestant; and Bret LaBelle, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X & The Amazing Race 31 Contestant.

Here are the current standings after Week 9:


When the episode began, we saw Karishma manage to find the rehidden idol after Janet played it at the previous Tribal Council, which saw an immediate addition of 5 points to Carolyn’s team for Karishma’s find.

When the players arrived at the Immunity Challenge, they were told by Jeff that they’d be separated into two groups with each group having their own Individual Immunity winner, and vote out someone from their own group. Also, as the Challenge was a test of endurance, the last person standing overall could win a team reward for their group, of PB&J sandwiches.

The groups were as follows:

On purple, Dean, Aaron, Dan, Janet, Noura, and Lauren.

On orange, Tommy, Elaine, Missy, Karishma, and Elizabeth.

Noura and Elaine won Immunity for the respective teams, adding 10 points to Carolyn and Jessica’s teams, respectively. Also, as Noura carelessly threw her ball in the air after winning, she forfeited the reward for her team, giving it to orange, which gave Jessica 6 points for having Tommy and Elaine on her team, Carolyn 6 points for having Missy and Karishma on her team, and Bret 3 for having Elizabeth on his team.

At Tribal Council, the purple group unanimously voted out Aaron for being a physical threat in Challenges, which subtracted 10 points from Bret’s team. At the next Tribal Council, a 3-2 vote split on Missy and Tommy saw Missy exit the game, which removed 10 points from Carolyn’s total.

Luckily, I remained untouched with Dean this week. Also unluckily, I stayed untouched with Dean this week, keeping my total on 158. Carolyn grabbed a huge chunk of points for the idol find, immunity and reward wins, although lost some for losing Missy as a player. She did manage to take the lead however, and sits firm on 163. Jessica remains in third, but narrowed the gap to only a couple of points, sitting on 156 and breathing down my shoulder. Bret remains in last, and took a step back this week with Aaron’s elimination, and his total stands at 126.

Carolyn finally loses her second player, keeping a three-person advantage, as does Jessica. Bret’s knocked back down to 2, and I still have my one. It is worth noting that the lesser number of players, the more likelihood they’ll stay in the game and not subtract those big 10 points. So Jessica and Carolyn, watch out, Bret and I are coming for you.

The point system used for the draft is as follows.

This draft is updated weekly as the season progresses.

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The recap and review will be out this weekend, and the Top 5 will be returning after its absence in last week’s review.

Survivor: Island of the Idols continues next week at 7:30pm on 9Go! in Australia on Thursday. If you’re not a part of the continent of Australia, check your local TV Guide.


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