The Amazing Race Australia 2019 – “Just Call It An Axe”

Six teams remained but only five came out alive. We have the full review of Week 4 for The Amazing Race Australia, just for you!


A late start to the morning meant Tom & Tyler began the leg in 6th place, behind everyone else.

Tom & Tyler’s rough start saw them grab a much needed sleep-in, albeit beginning the leg in last place. But the boys know how to put their catch up shoes on, as they quickly passed two team to sit in 4th place.

At the Roadblock, racers needed to unscramble six letters that they see high above while flying in the sky, but the alliance of Viv & Joey and Tom & Tyler might be over already, with the former team worried about sharing information with them because they believe they can’t beat the team in a foot race. A wise decision, quite frankly. As Jasmin & Jerome help the mighty siblings, tension comes between the pair as Jasmin believes Jerome gave them too much information, which in fact, is true, considering Jerome gave Viv & Joey all six letters.

Tom & Tyler end up helping Tim & Rod when they are missing a letter, potentially forming a new alliance in the final six racing teams. But Sid & Ash are also keen on starting a new alliance, this time with Jasmin & Jerome. Despite Sid’s nicest and kindest offer, Jasmin & Jerome are not having it and completely refuse to work with them, but they don’t say that to Sid & Ash’s faces.

The first Intersection of the race was implemented, forcing two teams to work together during this portion of the leg. Tom & Tyler, who were out in front , must otherwise wait for another team to join them. Sid & Ash, who arrived almost equally with Jasmin & Jerome, offer to pair up with them to put the boys behind, but they decline and work with the footy mates. Sid, fuming, must now wait for another team to progress any further, which ended up being their mates Tim & Rod anyway.

Tim & Rod watch an emotional video message from home, where their mothers explain how proud they are of the team, and give details of their next clue.

Viv & Joey and Femi & Nick are the final teams to complete the intersection, but it’s Tim & Rod who are the first to dash out in front, and a surprise iPad message from their Mums bring them to tears. They even give the team their next clue, as do all the loved ones, with Tyler’s Dad, Viv & Joey’s brother, Femi & Nick’s sisters and friends, Jasmin & Jerome’s family and son, and Sid & Ash’s….. (yeah, we didn’t see who it was, if anyone at all…).

Sid & Ash are told by Beau they are still in the race, despite finishing in last place.

Eventually, Tom & Tyler manage to beat Tim & Rod to the Pit Stop and claim their first place victory back after a two-leg break, while Jasmin & Jerome and Sid & Ash battled to stay out of last place, it was the Influencers who saw Beau at the finish last. However, he revealed it was a non-elimination leg, sparing Sid & Ash and proposing another battle between them and the deadly duo for Tuesday night.

A full list of the placements for the seventh leg of the race are as follows:
1st - Tom & Tyler, Footy Mates
2nd - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
3rd - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings
4th - Femi & Nick, Psychiatric Nurses
5th - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
6th - Sid & Ash, Dating Influencers

With Tom & Tyler quick out of bed this morning, a Roadblock was first up seeing one team member conquer a true leap of faith. And Beau gives us a demonstration too, which was pretty cool quite honestly. Sid & Ash, who have now been granted a second chance in the game, are on a quest to ensure their placement remains within the top five.

Scream of joy and terror were consistent through the teams during the Roadblock, with the next task promising a fast forward, that the footy mates decide to take to secure their first place podium position for the leg. Sid & Ash however went the wrong way to the Roadblock, so they were already set back for time, not to mention the Speed Bump which forced both of them to take on the Roadblock. It’s looking to be a massive effort from them to get out of the possible last place finish.

Sid & Ash speed to pass Femi & Nick while driving in this early stage of the leg.

While Sid & Ash sought help from Tim & Rod on their comeback trail, the newlyweds decided to give some, but not all, information. A strategic tactic indeed, proving that they are playing the long game. The help brought them on par with Femi & Nick and Viv & Joey, and when an opportunity presents itself, Sid & Ash decide to overtake the boys to put them ahead of the trio. BUT the speeding rule appeared to be broken, potentially harming the team later in the race (spoiler alert – it does).

The Detour saw the teams visit a primary school and complete either a building or cooking challenge to advance in the leg, with Jasmin and Jerome arriving at the Detour last and well behind. Meanwhile, Tom & Tyler eventually finish their Fast Forward challenge sending them straight to Beau at the Pit Stop, and ultimately another (sixth overall) first place finish in the leg.

Viv & Joey struggle to complete the final task before the Pit Stop in the seventh leg, risking their place in the ultimate race.
The Influencers are officially eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia after a penalty for speeding saw them set back from staying in the game.

A mistake and struggle with heavy lifting by Viv & Joey saw them lose a potential second place pushing Sid & Ash into the position when they reach Beau. But a one hour penalty was issued, because of their earlier speeding, and they watched as each remaining team checked in before them. Viv & Joey even managed to get back in time (with only 50 seconds to spare), and arrive in 5th, which sent the influencers packing after a monster effort and entertaining journey the entire way.

A full list of the placements for the eighth leg of the race are as follows:
1st - Tom & Tyler, Footy Mates
2nd - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
3rd - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
4th - Femi & Nick, Psychiatric Nurses
5th - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings
6th (Eliminated) - Sid & Ash, Dating Influencers


Another exciting week of the Race this week, although if much of that wasn’t attributed to Sid constantly fuming when things don’t go his way I don’t know if this show would be as entertaining. I am enjoying it, yes. And the casting is not the problem. I don’t even think it’s Beau, because he’s growing on me. But there is something off. I think it’s just a little dry. The competition element, the tasks, the risks. They’re not there for me. I like the constant flights, the night tasks, late and early starts and finishes. All of that seems to be missing, and generally the Tuesday night episode is just stuck in the same place as before so there’s no hustle and bustle that flying can propose. I’m sure this is GREAT for the racers, but as a viewer, the production side is not my favourite. This is the beginning of a revival, so I can only expect this from a ‘new’ show starting out and finding its feet. I am 100% confident changes will be made next season, and they’ll make the show a whole lot better.

Tom & Tyler read a clue that would eventually send them to another first place finish in a leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

Anyway, Tom & Tyler are crushing it. They’re back in the driver seat and have recorded a massive six first place finishes. They’re great guys, really fun. I am liking what they are bringing. Yeah, they keep winning. Boring, but not as much as before because the first time saw them claw their way back and become powerhouses despite a sleep-in, and the second was attributed to the Fast Forward. But, they’re doing good. And I can only commend them for being the nice guys the entire time, helping others, and still managing to fight forward to the top every time.

Tim & Rod are the bridesmaids for the third time in a row, and there’s only a matter of time before I think they’ll win a leg. They’re playing really well, making friends with everybody, strategic decisions when necessary, and they’re quite capable physically in these challenges. Just when you’d thought Viv & Joey would be the runners-up, this couple’s here to prove otherwise. Good luck to the team, I’m sure we’ll see more from them soon and I really do hope they’ll knock the boys off their pedestal.

Femi & Nick are something else y’all. How these guys have managed to outlast everyone else to make it here is quite phenomenal, considering some extremely close calls. But, an underdog finish might be in the works and if they make the final there’s no doubt in my mind they’d be serious contenders. They’re working extremely well as a pair, and are getting a grip of navigation and tasks that they otherwise couldn’t manage too well previously. Loving what they’re bringing thus far, and can’t wait to see what else is in store. Please let these boys survive Week 5.

Jasmin & Jerome kinda didn’t have the best run this week. I mean, what happened? Did they just deflate? I’m not actually sure. I thought these guys could be real contenders but I actually think we might see them miss the final. Just a prediction, honestly it’s a bit of a toss up between them and Femi & Nick. I’m pretty confident Tom & Tyler will see a finals race, along with Tim & Rod. So while I’m putting money on Femi & Nick, I would not be surprised if it’s Jasmin & Jerome that make finale week. Going back to their performance this week however, an unwillingness to work with Sid & Ash was hilarious, although I’m not sure if really a great decision at the time. Sure, it didn’t affect them, but I’m not sure if it was entirely smart. Maybe they’ll pick themselves up after a sub-par effort this week, and could even grab a second first place finish. Maybe.

Jasmin & Jerome refuse to work with Sid & Ash (who are sitting in the car on the right), after the sabotage and U-Turn against each other from earlier in the race.

And there’s Viv & Joey. I love the siblings! I really do. But they’ve only struggled and struggled as the weeks have gone on and I honestly believe their time is gonna come up next week. PLEASE let this not be true! I love the team! And they’ve put such a huge effort in every leg. But they were at their best at the start, and a downward spiral doesn’t look to be lifted anytime soon. They do have one advantage, they work very well as a team and support each other through struggles like we saw in the last episode with Viv and the giant bucket of water. Perhaps that’s the key to see them advance to finale week. I doubt it. But if they can do it, I’ll be on their train to win it. Come on guys. Let’s take home the ‘W’.

Oh Sid & Ash. What an adventure. I really enjoyed this team even if Sid’s spats were hilarious and misguided considering the tactics they would implement at times. But omg that penalty… Were the 15 seconds in front for driving really worth it? Clearly not. Especially considering there was less than a minute between Viv & Joey and their penalty being over. The block to the Pit Stop in Monday’s episode I believe is valid, because it’s to stop them from coming last against Jasmin & Jerome. But when you’re in the middle of the leg, with only one team directly behind you and another all the way back. I don’t think it’s worth it. There would have been opportunities to take over. It’s just a costly mistake in the end and not a decision I’d make. It’s gonna suck to see them go, they were great TV and pretty good racers for the general part of their performance. But it doesn’t surprise me that what sent them home was their own ego and colossal mistake. It wasn’t struggling in a Detour, or a race to the finish. This was on them. Unlucky.

The penultimate week of The Amazing Race Australia sure looks to be a good one. I can’t wait to see who will make it to finale week, and make the final predictions for those remaining teams. See you then!

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The Amazing Race Australia continues next week on Monday and Tuesday, at 7:30pm on 10!


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