The Amazing Race Australia 2019 – “We Gotta Get There Quick”

Were the kings of the race dethroned this week? And which two teams were sent out of Australia’s ultimate racing show? Let’s dive into Week 3 of The Amazing Race Australia.


Departing from Vietnam to Mongolia, it was refreshing to see a night start. God I love a night start. Jasmin & Jerome are on the hunt for that first place spot in this leg, but Tom & Tyler are confident in keeping their streak alive.

Viv & Joey’s sheer height became a disadvantage early on as they couldn’t find the clue sitting at the first Route Information point of the leg. Hayley & Mikayla (allegedly) steal Sid & Ash’s taxi as both teams sit towards the bottom of the placings. Karma? Maybe. Lol. Meanwhile Jasmin & Jerome did manage to find a first place position and extend their lead as they breezed through the early portions of the race.

Sid & Ash gain the help of a local Mongolian worker to order a taxi to the next destination, a taxi later ‘stolen’ by Hayley & Mikayla.

Chris & Adrienne’s lack of communication and unity still cost them at several points throughout the episode. And Tom & Tyler helped Hayley & Mikayla out to bring them back to the front of the pack, leaving Sid & Ash even more pissed than they were before when their taxi was stolen.

Jasmin & Jerome receive their next clue after drinking a bowl of sour milk.

Goat milking versus goat catching was the Detour this week, which put Femi & Nick in the lead for like, the first time all season. But struggling with how to use a compass proved disastrous as an incredible comeback by Jasmin & Jerome and Tom & Tyler saw the former team manage to take back their lead in a nail biting finish and ultimately place first in the leg. After a camel injury saw Chris put in a really hard way, the argumentative firie and farmer duo were seen eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.

A full list of the placements for the fifth leg of the race are as follows:
1st - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
2nd - Tom & Tyler, Footy Mates
3rd - Femi & Nick, Psychiatric Nurses
4th - Sid & Ash, Dating Influencers
5th - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
6th - Hayley & Mikayla, Sisters
7th - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings
8th (Eliminated) - Chris & Adrienne, Married Alpaca Farmers
Chris & Adrienne are officially eliminated from The Amazing Race after an injury suffered in the final moments of the leg.

Another chapter in Mongolia, the extreme heat conditions were a massive factor into the early portion of the leg. All seven teams were equally struggling to find their next clue in the sand. Luck and strategy helped Sid & Ash get to the front of the pack at the start, with Tim & Rod not too far behind them. Meanwhile, Hayley & Mikayla and Femi & Nick struggled to get any luck on their side as digging took them four hours before they were issued a penalty of two hours at the Pit Stop because a time limit was set to find the next clue.

Joey competes in the Roadblock challenge in the sixth leg of thee race.

A wrestling song Roadblock saw each team’s best singer (I use the term loosely) put to the test, and then a Detour choosing between dancing and delivering really became more physical then possibly predicted. Tim channeled his inner Britney Spears putting him & Rod in first place, but Viv & Joey couldn’t hack the dance steps, forcing them to change Detour’s and waste so much time. Sid’s frustration with not succeeding in every second really limited his & Ash’s pace, although they remained towards the front despite some struggles.

The back of the pack was headed by Femi & Nick and Hayley & Mikayla, as the two quickly realised their penalty might not be any problem if they both arrive at the Pit Stop 6th and 7th.

Sid & Ash managed to check in first at the Pit Stop, with Tim & Rod, and Jasmin & Jerome following suit. But as Viv & Joey slowly slipped to the back of the pack, it was between them and the penalty goes as to who might sit at the end. Femi & Nick arrived at the Pit Stop in 5th, but because of their penalty Viv & Joey took out 5th place, with Femi & Nick in 6th. This left the sisters Hayley & Mikayla to arrive last, and thus become eliminated from the race.

A full list of the placements for the sixth leg of the race are as follows:
1st - Sid & Ash, Dating Influencers
2nd - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
3rd - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
4th - Tom & Tyler, Footy Mates
5th - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings
6th - Femi & Nick, Psychiatric Nurses
7th (Eliminated) - Hayley & Mikayla, Sisters
Hayley & Mikayla are eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia in 7th place, after a rough start in the leg.


Taxi races and foot races were common throughout this week, especially in the exciting three-horse race to the bus early in Monday’s episode. Watching Tom & Tyler not sit at the front, Femi & Nick work their way to the top, and Chris & Adrienne just completely fall out of it was hilarious. Then there’s the race to the Pit Stop as well, between Femi & Nick, Jasmin & Jerome, and Jasmin & Jerome. Twice, as Sid & Ash, Tim & Rod, and Hayley & Mikayla also had their race to the finish.

Chris & Adrienne’s final farewell was emotional. It’s never great sering a team going out because of an injury, and realistically, they probably could have stayed in it. Despite the dysfunctionality of the team, it did not ultimately become the trait that sent them home. Put them back at times, maybe, but it’s certainly worthy to note that it wasn’t why they were eliminated.

Chris suffers an injury that would eventually eliminate him & Adrienne, after being thrown off his camel in the last portion of the leg.

Then there’s Hayley & Mikayla, and yeah, I was wrong about thinking they’d be the ones to take on Tom & Tyler for the first place spot and seeing them go home is quite surprising. They were an otherwise cohesive and strong team. Now, no more all-female teams remain. And considering all-female teams are the least represented in the American version of show as winners, it seems the trend remains to be broken.

Tom & Tyler are really starting to lose their grip. The Mongolia legs really didn’t do any favours for them but I still think they’ll manage to make it to the finale. They’re still a strong duo, but also a kind duo. Watching them help the sisters out, kind gesture. And I think their alliance is still on with Viv & Joey. I don’t see them going anytime soon, and they are great guys to watch on television, just not four first places in a row lol!

Onto Viv & Joey, what happened? These guys were really big contenders for me but it’s only a matter of time before I think we’ll see them depart. Just some big mistakes have really cost their chance to make it the front of the group and if they keep this pace up they’ll only be eliminated eventually. I do love them though, so if they do manage to defy my thoughts, watching them actually take out the crown would be awesome! The mighty siblings are probably my favourite team out there right now.

Car trouble? Nope. Camel trouble. Femi & Nick misread their compass directions while in Mongolia in the final stages of the fifth leg of the race.

I’m also really enjoying Femi & Nick. Thank god they finally made it to the top end in leg five, even if compass issues saw their first place grab slip out from underneath. The boys have a good fight in them and they communicate very well together, compared to some other teams. I think they’re a strong duo and I would not be surprised if they were the underdogs to take the whole damn thing out. But, perhaps their end does come near. Considering the strong showings we’ve had from the other teams, it’d be tough to place Femi & Nick as the winners. I’d love to be surprised though.

Sid & Ash. Well. I find it absolutely hilarious Sid fumes over the sisters taking his taxi when he knows full well he’d do the same. I do love the pair, but yeah, hypocrisy ain’t a great look. Nevertheless, watching them win a leg is great and I am very excited to see them stay in for a bit longer. I do think their heated arguments will be their downfall though. Sid gets frustrated quickly, and I get it, I’m like that too. But Ash isn’t able to calm him down and together they run into obstacles because of it. They manage to bounce back, but it’s only a matter of time before their luck runs out and we’ll see them defeated in a narrow finish at the end.

Jasmin & Jerome are awesome too! Up until leg six we really saw them work well as a team and manage to pull off that incredible comeback in leg five. But a little bit of arguing in Tuesday’s episode might mean they’re gonna struggle later on. Also, with a battle between them and the influencers teased for next week. They’re gonna struggle to overcome the sheer ruthlessness of Sid & Ash. I’m enjoying what they’re bringing and their consistent fight. I’d love to see them represent the show as the first winners of 10’s edition of The Amazing Race Australia.

Tim & Rod are awesome, but I think I’ve probably seen the least of them out of everyone left. They don’t ruffle feathers. They don’t dominate. Which means they’re playing GREAT! They’re also having fun as most of their confessionals explain the greatness of the race and whatever little challenge they’re doing. They work well together, much like Femi & Nick, but I’d edge these guys as the slightly more stronger duo of the two. I’m waiting for a breakout episode from them were they take out a first place win. But they’ve been close so far so I’m content with second places for now. A very strong showing for the couple.

Tim & Rod dance during the ‘Dancing’ option of the Detour in leg six, advancing them further along the race.

Beau hasn’t been as forced on us as he has in the past weeks. Which is good in a way. It keeps it more about the teams. He’s still a fine host for the show, and I think he’s growing into the role quite nicely, as is production with how they structure the challenges and map the show. I do wish we would have seen more countries by now, but I’ll suffice for few countries if there’s a great cast and great moments. Hats off to 10 for doing really well with this revival, and managing to gain some big numbers in the ratings this week. I look forward to a second season, especially after the great content delivered this week. These last two episodes were my favourite by far.

The Survivor content will be out this week as the two hour episode hits Australian screens tonight. I’ll be back with more of The Amazing Race Australia soon!

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The Amazing Race Australia continues 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10!


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