The Amazing Race Australia 2019 – “You Can’t Turn The Scales”

Another week of sabotage and tight-nit alliances saw the race really heat up between teams and within teams. Let’s check out what happened in Week 2.


Now with only nine teams remaining, the teams were sent to their next country destination, from South Korea to Vietnam. All on the same flight to Hanoi, there was a chance for each team to jump to the front or back of the pack.

Tim & Rod seek help from a Vietnamese local in deciphering their clue.

In a first for the season, a U-Turn was offered, with Jasmin and Jerome coming back to bite Sid & Ash for sabotaging them earlier in the race during the first leg. Despite the setback, Sid & Ash powered through and sought revenge on their new enemies.

Jasmin & Jerome elect to U-Turn Sid & Ash, forcing them to complete both Detour options.

Tom & Tyler saw their third consecutive leg win of the race, with Viv & Joey falling right behind them, for the third consecutive time. Jasmin & Jerome managed to claim fourth place, but their victims to their U-Turn Sid & Ash were only two spots behind in sixth. A tough roadblock saw Rowah & Amani finish in last, but after Beau announced it was a non-elimination leg, the Mum and daughter duo were spared, for now.

A full list of the placements for the third leg of the race are as follows:
1st - Tom & Tyler, Footy Mates
2nd - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings
3rd - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
4th - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
5th - Hayley & Mikayla, Sisters
6th - Sid & Ash, Dating Influencers
7th - Femi & Nick, Psychiatric Nurses
8th - Chris & Adrienne, Married Alpaca Farmers
9th - Rowah & Amani, Mother and Daughter

Staying in Vietnam for the entire leg, Rowah & Amani needed to complete a speed bump for finishing in last in the previous leg. Chris & Adrienne saw their partnership really tested, with Adrienne’s competitiveness clouding her judgement at times.

Viv & Joey sit in their taxi as their driver struggles to arrive to the destination quickly, costing valuable time for the consistently successful team.

Viv & Joey struggled early with a taxi mishap, unable to find their feet. A Fast Forward was offered to the teams, with Tim & Rod attempting but later abandoning the ticket straight to the Pit Stop. This prompted Jasmin & Jerome to go after the opportunity, albeit too little too late to put them right at the front of the pack.

Tom & Tyler managed to gain a lead late in the race granting them yet another first place win. While Tim & Rod relied on their new alliance with Sid & Ash to keep them in the top eight. Eventually, the safety from the previous leg couldn’t prevent the inevitable for Rowah & Amani, as they were eliminated from the race for good.

A full list of the placements for the fourth leg of the race are as follows:
1st - Tom & Tyler, Footy Mates
2nd - Hayley & Mikayla, Sisters
3rd - Sid & Ash, Dating Influencers
4th - Jasmin & Jerome, Indigenous Parents
5th - Tim & Rod, Newlyweds
6th - Chris & Adrienne, Married Alpaca Farmers
7th - Viv & Joey, Mighty Siblings
8th - Femi & Nick, Psychiatric Nurses
9th (Eliminated) - Rowah & Amani, Mother and Daughter
Beau informs Rowah & Amani that they’re the next team eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia, finishing in 9th place.


Well we can’t ignore the sheer excellence of the Footy Mates. Managing to collect 4 out of 4 first place finishes is extremely impressive, albeit boring television. I can’t tell if the boys are simply just killing it, even when they do fall behind in some legs, or if the format of this season isn’t giving anyone else much of a chance to get ahead. And I’m going back to the equalizers here. Where’s the flights? The wait times for one event. Yes, we saw this in Monday night’s episode, so I’m thinking it’s definitely the boys getting a whole lot of luck and doing well at the challenges. But, I’m not solely giving them all the credit. I don’t think really ever was a chance for those at the back to catch up after the Vietnam flight.

Hayley & Mikayla celebrate an emotional victory after a tough Roadblock.

Not to be forgotten, the sisters are also doing very well at the race and really should be considered up there amongst Tom & Tyler as favourites to win it. Let’s not forget Tom & Tyler got extremely lucky at the first Roadblock this week, by finding a coin in their first attempt yet poor Mikayla had to suffer over and over until luck finally came her way. I’d love to see these girls be the ones to dethrone the boys, and I think they’re the most likely team to do so.

Viv & Joey saw another impressive run in Episode 3, but disaster in Episode 4. Their alliance with the Footy Mates is still holding strong though, and considering they’re a strong team regardless, I’d say they’re looking alright to last a few more legs, disasters permitting.

Finally Sid & Ash make it to the front of the pack! Sitting in 3rd, I’m hoping they can keep it up and meddle with the teams behind them rather than sabotaging to catch up. What they’re doing is really minor anyway. It’s a game. And granted they aren’t stealing from the Nuns, they’re just misleading some teams so it’s not a huge deal. They have got an alliance with Tim & Rod though, so with enemies comes allies. I think they’re going to make it through next week because their communication is actually better than some other teams (hello Chris & Adrienne). But I do see a villainous downfall coming. It might be Jasmin & Jerome, it might be all the teams banding together, or it might just be themselves tripping over their own feet. I don’t know. But without them the show wouldn’t have some juice to it.

Sid & Ash’s alliance with Tim & Rod is tested when they work together to figure out the destination of their next clue.

Jasmin & Jerome and Tim & Rod have stayed pretty consistent with being in the middle of the pack. The former of which seem to be working for themselves and not really open to joining forces with anyone, but they’re a strong duo so I don’t think they need any help at this point. Making enemies with Sid & Ash though? Mmm. I get it, yeah they sabotaged you. But, it wasn’t personal. I think they’re making it personal now. More power to them and maybe it sends more of a message to all the teams than just Sid & Ash, but I like them and their tenacity. Tim & Rod saw their highest placing in Leg 3, and I think they’re capable of getting to the very top. They’re really strong and aren’t really being recognised for that, so I see them manouevering their way through.

Chris & Adrienne bicker during a challenge in the fourth leg of the race.

Chris & Adrienne are problematic that’s for sure! I can’t see any world where these guys win! I love Adrienne’s fight and determination but damn their communication is off the charts. They NEED to hone it in and bring themselves back together as a team if it’s ever going to work. They’ve never reached anything over 5th place, and I don’t think they ever will. Something’s gonna go wrong and it’s only a matter of time before Australia blames Adrienne for it and Chris is left with his tail between his legs. Likeable team? Yes. Winning material? No.

And finally Femi & Nick, boys, you gotta pick it up! They’re so entertaining to watch but we need them to stay in it if we want anymore. I’m not sure what it is. But they’ve been second-last for 2 out of 4 legs now. That’s gotta stop. They need to regroup and refocus and catapult themselves further up the ranks. I really enjoy watching them and how they bounce off each other. They seem to be communicating pretty well together but maybe it’s those challenges that’s stumping them. Um. Face mask painting… Lol! Either they’ll fizzle out soon or find a gap to sneak through. We can only hope.

Beau’s doing an alright job. It’s just different to what we’re used to I think. Him testing all the challenges, is, a choice… But hey good on him for getting amongst it. I haven’t got much to comment on. I am missing flight scrambles and night time travels though. Trying to get one of five spots on one flight with the next flight taking off two hours later used to be a real fight. I just think some really iconic moments of the American version are being missed this season. But it is the first season of a revival, so you’ve gotta try new things. Australian Survivor did, Australia’s Got Talent did, so I get the choices that are made like staying in the same country for two legs.

What I am hoping for is for the ratings to pick up! This is still a pretty good show and the casting really has been excellent, not only for its diversity, but the personalities are interesting too. There’s room for error, and things to fix, but I really don’t want to see this become a one-season stint. The main premise is there, and it’s delivering.

That’s this week’s review for The Amazing Race Australia, be sure to tune in next week as we head to Mongolia!

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The Amazing Race Australia continues Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10!


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  1. Great Job with writing a review after each show is played on The TV
    Great seeing your Prospective of the happenings and what could be
    I am also enjoying the show and the achievements of the contestants

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