Survivor: Island of the Idols Draft – Week 5

Anyone care for a swap? While the remaining castaways swapped tribes this week, our team of drafters are sticking firmly with our teams in hopes we can secure a victory. Let’s see how Week 5 changed things.

This season, I am joined by three former Survivor contestants to draft five players between us. They are: Carolyn Rivera, Survivor: Worlds Apart Co Runner-Up; Jessica Lewis, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X Contestant; and Bret LaBelle, Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X & The Amazing Race 31 Contestant.

Here are the current standings after Week 5:


As the remaining 16 players all reached the tribe swap stage, everyone received 3 points to their respective teams. Carolyn took out 12 for her four remaining players, Jessica also took out 12 for her four. I still have all 5 of my players, so grabbed 15 points. And Bret only caught 9, for his three players.

The results from the tribe swap turned out like this:

For Carolyn’s team: Missy and Noura swapped, leaving Karishma and Noura on Lairo, and Missy and Dan on Vokai. Keeping Carolyn’s split 2-2 per tribe.

For Jessica’s team: Only Elaine swapped, so Lauren, Tommy and Elaine formed three Vokai, while Tom was the sole Lairo member. Moving Jessica’s 2-2 split, to 3-1 in favour of the Vokai tribe.

For my team: Kellee, Jack and Jamal all swapped from Vokai to Lairo, moving my previous 4-1 advantage for the Vokai tribe, as a 4-1 advantage for the Lairo tribe, with Dean remaining on Lairo, and Jason being the sole representative for the new Vokai tribe.

For Bret’s team: All of Aaron, Elizabeth and Janet swapped, bringing Janet to Lairo, and Aaron and Elizabeth to Vokai. Changing Bret’s 2-1 split in favour of Lairo, to a 2-1 split in favour of Vokai, albeit with the same people on each side.

Following the swap, the new Vokai tribe went on to win both the Reward and Immunity Challenges, giving a total of 8 points to each tribe member. This meant 16 points for Carolyn, for having Dan and Missy. 24 points for Jessica, for Elaine, Lauren and Tommy. Only 8 points for me, with only Jason scoring those points. And 16 points for Bret, with Aaron and Elizabeth his Vokai members.

There was no trip to the Island of the Idols, so only the results of Tribal Council would remain in changing the standings. It seemed imminent that the five former Vokai members would vote together for on of the three Lairo members, and sure enough, the tribe decided to vote out Tom, subtracting 10 points from Jessica’s team.

This now leaves Jessica to put all her eggs in her Vokai basket, as she no longer has a Lairo tribe member. Could be great news if they keep winning Challenges, but a big risk if they lose and visit Tribal Council. My long streak with point grabbing is potentially over, unless Lairo manages to win some Challenges. Bret and Carolyn are still in alright stead as we know.

This keeps me in first place, Carolyn in second (almost reaching triple digits), Jessica in third, and Bret still in last.

The point system used for the draft is as follows.

This draft will be updated weekly as the season progresses.

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The recap and review will be up tomorrow, as well as pre-season assessments for The Amazing Race Australia.

Also, our hearts and prayers go out to Reality Review contributor Carolyn Rivera and her family, after some difficult weeks just prior. Our thoughts are with you!

Survivor: Island of the Idols continues on 9Go! at 7:30pm, Thursday’s, in Australia! Otherwise check your local TV Guide!


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