Australian Survivor 2019 Draft – Week 6

Drafting is a serious matter in Survivor. Wondering if your team that you picked before the game even begun will rise to the occasion and pull out idol plays and challenge wins makes it so fun. Or so I thought…

For this season, Sharn Coombes, Runner-Up of the 2018 season of Australian Survivor, has agreed to join me in drafting the cast of the 2019 season of Australian Survivor.

Turns out my early luck is dwindling because, for a third straight week, 2 of my picks were shown the door and now I’m left with two adversaries holding the torch for my team. Below is the breakdown for Week 6.

Here are the current standings after Week 6:


With the boots of two giant players in the game, Shaun and David, both Sharn and I lost 10 points respectively. I lost a further 10 points when John saw his exit in Tuesday’s episode, leaving me with Harry and Janine, two opponents for much of the game. And with Sunday’s teaser surrounding a showdown between the two, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be lucky if I make it out of next week with even 1 player. Sharn also picked up several extra points for the individual Immunity wins of David, Luke and Simon. Daisy finding an playing an idol gave her an extra 15 points too. Abbey won the Reward Challenge on Sunday’s episode, giving Sharn 5 more. But I did pick up 6 (and Sharn 3) when Janine, Harry and Abbey won the team Reward Challenge in Tuesday’s episode. No points were given to the people chosen to participate in the reward by the winners.

It’s a big gap now but what are the chances Janine and Harry somehow make the Final 2 and go on an idol and Immunity win sweep? Slim, but still possible.

The point system used for the drafting is as follows.

This draft is updated weekly as the season progresses.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s full recap and review of the events from this week of Australian Survivor.

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Australian Survivor continues Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10!


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