Australian Survivor 2019 – Sharn Coombes’ Assessment

Runner-Up of the 2018 season of Australian Survivor, Sharn Coombes, weighs in on the second chapter of Champions vs Contenders!

The new season of Australian Survivor premieres tonight at 7:30 on Channel 10 and Sharn Coombes now has the opportunity to watch Survivor as both a superfan and former player of the game.


Sharn was a fierce strategist and physical threat throughout Australian Survivor in 2018. She entered the game on the Champions tribe during its first instalment, after a very successful career as a top criminal barrister and prosecutor. Her accomplishments include winning a record breaking four individual immunity challenges (tied with fellow contestant Brian Lake), finding two hidden immunity idols, and orchestrating numerous blindsides.

I was granted with the opportunity to speak with Sharn about the events of her season last year, and I am delighted to feature her as a special guest to Reality Review ahead of the new season. She joins me in assessing this cast of Champions vs Contenders before it begins.

You can read Sharn’s pre-season assessment below:

“I am loving the new line up for Champions v Contenders 2019! Whilst there are some similarities in terms of the areas of expertise within the Champions tribe as compared to last season, I do get a sense that the dynamic within this tribe will not be the same as last season, which will definitely have an impact upon the game as a whole.

I think the fact that the Champion survivor player is Luke Toki, a previous Australian player, as opposed to Russell Hantz, who was experienced in the U.S game, will be a huge point of difference for the Champions this season. Luke understands the dynamic of the Australian game, and it’s differences.

Russell did not quite grasp that, to his own detriment, and did not last long enough to get the opportunity to make any real impact within the tribe, being the 2nd boot of the season. So the expertise of a previous player was eliminated early on last season. If Luke stays in the game longer than Russell did, then in my opinion, he is sure to make waves!

My prediction for the Champs is if they don’t work together cohesively early on they may come up short against the Contenders. My faves, and picks to go deep for the Champs are Luke, Pia and Abbey, with my ‘dark horse’ pick being Anastasia. The woman is a memory expert, and champion ballerina. Mental strength and incredible physical ability in one package! Both should serve her well.

As for the Contenders – what an amazing tribe! This group immediately strikes me as focused, strong, and with a score to level. They appear genuinely hungry for the win, with real depth to their tribe. With the likes of AFL star Shaun Hampson and Tsunami Survivor Sarah Ayles, (amongst others) who possess great physical ability (Hampson) and mental toughness (Ayles) the Contenders are equipped to do well.

They will want to put the Champions in their place quickly and prove their strength and tenacity. I think they will likely be successful at challenges and we won’t see them at tribals as often as last seasons Contenders were.

My faves and picks to go deep into the game are Daisy, Shaun, Matty, with my dark horse selection being Harry. I like that he is an ice-cream man! You can win a lot of hearts with the promise of ice-cream. Yum.

Whatever the outcome, whether it is a Champion or a Contender that takes out this season – it sure looks like it’s going to be a ripper! I wish the 2019 cast all the very best. Survivors Ready!…..”



Thank you to Sharn for providing her expert analysis on the cast this season. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

If you would like to watch Sharn’s season of Australian Survivor, head on over to 10play where every episode of Season 3 is available to watch now!

Australian Survivor starts tonight, 7:30 on Channel 10!


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