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The Circle 2020 – "I Have No Regrets"

Only four episodes remained for Netflix’s three-week event of The Circle. And with nine players still in the mix, it was going to be a culling until we reached the final one. SPOILER ALERT! Everything below spoils the cast, the format, and the events of the final four episodes of The Circle. Like, MAJOR spoilers…. Continue Reading →

The Circle 2020 – "My Door Is Always Open"

Week 2 of Netflix’s The Circle introduced new faces, new strategies, new catfishes, and new twists. There’s a reason why this show is becoming addictive worldwide, and let’s not ever forget this Reality Television masterpiece. SPOILER ALERT! Everything below spoils the cast, the format, and the events of the fifth through eighth episodes of The… Continue Reading →

The Circle 2020 – "Take Me To My Profile"

It’s the new Netflix Reality fix that’s unlike any before. The Circle, a true test of online personality, puts together players who solely communicate through social media messaging hoping to avoid being blocked and eventually win $100,000. No pre-season assessment. No cast analysis. The Circle is an impulse watch, I didn’t originally intend to do… Continue Reading →

Reality TV in 2019

From explosive fights to strategic powerhouses to finding love and to finding heartache, 2019 was a big year for Reality TV, so let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the year that was for Australian Reality TV. THE BEST… AND THE WORST Reality TV encompasses a vast range of different formats and themes… Continue Reading →

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